It’s always great to have friends like Jenya.

She’s working on a serious architectural project right now but I still managed to catch her online.

We were on skype and just catching up when I noticed she had a different profile picture up that was just melting my screen.

From that point our conversation went something like this..

Me:  “Wow Jenya when did you have that awesome photo of you taken??”

Jenya:   🙂

Me:  “Can you send me that photo along with any others you have?”

Jenya:   🙂   🙂   (files are being sent)

Me:  “Jenya these photos are incredible!  You look so beautiful in them and I want to post them on my site..”

Jenya:   🙂   🙂   🙂

Now did you ever have one of those moments where you know someone so well that you knew exactly what they were thinking and feeling even if you had no visual or verbal cues at all?

Well my relationship with Jenya certainly falls into this category.

It’s interesting because there are many times when I am with a Russian Woman like Jenya and very little if nothing is said..

There is only this calm and peaceful vibe that feels almost like a deep meditation.

And this is especially the case when she turns to look at you and if feels as if she’s gazing into your very soul…