June 2010

I know a 25 year old Russian Lady in California who’s happily married to an American Man.

She just told me that she’s expecting her first child and that she and her husband are both very happy.

As she started sharing this with her friends she noticed two very different responses to her joyous news.

Her Russian girlfriends were universally ecstatic and filled with excitement.

Huge smiles with equally huge bright eyes greeted her declaration.

Some would openly weep with joy as hugs, kisses and many compliments were proudly spoken and dedicated to her.

And my own experience in Russia totally validates this.

Because when the announcement of an impending arrival is made there is an incredible emotional energy in the room and you can’t help but feel a deep appreciation for this all important celebration of life itself.

If you are ever able to witness it, you would understand just how close Russian women can be to each other.

Beautiful and nurturing to behold.  It is a tight-knit and loving sisterhood that always makes me smile and gives me hope for humanity.

However, when the news of her pregnancy started making the rounds with the American Women she knows..  It generated a completely different reaction.

  • I heard the news..  ARE YOU OK?!?!?!
  • Oh my God??  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!?!
  • Are you SURE you are happy??
  • Are you going to keep IT???

My newly pregnant friend said she felt like some tragedy had befallen her and these grim expressions of “concern” were no different then if someone in the family had just died.


John Perkins is a most interesting man.

He is the author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and he essentially blew the lid off of how our secret economic, and political foreign policies are used to subdue and control emerging 3rd world economies.

Although I try to avoid politics in this blog I think it’s critical that all of us wake up and educate ourselves as to how our world really works. Deep awareness is the only way we can enact real change.

When you go beyond the intentional propaganda of “Main Stream Media” you end up discovering that many things in this world appear on the surface to be “good” (such as Socialism, Feminism or World Bank Development Loans) because they are supposed to “help a disadvantaged group” but end up being rolled out for quite the opposite purpose.

They are the stealth tools for overt control of our society.

In this blog I’ve paid particular attention to the Evils of Modern Feminism simply because it’s a social, political and economic movement that is designed to steal traditional feminine identities away from Women and demonize Men.

Both Men and Women have genetic predispositions and  traditional roles that have served the relative stability, growth and happiness of humanity since time eternal.  So one of my goals has always been to expose the real Feminist Agenda and warn women that adopting a belief in Modern Feminism is a futile and mostly tragic exercise in self-denial.

So how does a guy like John Perkins fit into all of this?

Well his life story reads like a spy thriller where he was working for the dark side trying to infiltrate 3rd world cultures and exploit them for Western economic domination.  His entire life to this point was dominated by the ultra masculine roles of conquest and the seductive spoils of victory.

(click the above link and listen to his story.. I promise you won’t be disappointed)

But at some point he had a spiritual awakening and realized that the cultures he was trying to subjugate also held the keys to personal and global transformation.   (I can certainly relate to this.)

And in the case of the following video, these native people also had an important prophecy about the feminine spirit..

Olga is a new friend of ours who also happens to be a fitness nut.

(Shouldn’t we all be as well..)

She’s recently graduated from her university where she studied English and she’s ready to see what the real world is like.   Aside from a 4 day a week fitness routine you can also see that she is a real softie for cats..  (aren’t we all..)

Masha introduced her to me and I thought she was a very sweet girl so I asked her to share some of her photos for all of us to enjoy.


I get the feeling that the camera really loves this girl.

Even as she busily prepares for her final exams in mid June that will finish off her university studies she still managed to have a few more photos taken.

I guess the photographer had her strike some classic modeling expressions and poses this time.

And although I think these images are awesome, the real Jenya I know is best represented in the last photo.


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