I know a 25 year old Russian Lady in California who’s happily married to an American Man.

She just told me that she’s expecting her first child and that she and her husband are both very happy.

As she started sharing this with her friends she noticed two very different responses to her joyous news.

Her Russian girlfriends were universally ecstatic and filled with excitement.

Huge smiles with equally huge bright eyes greeted her declaration.

Some would openly weep with joy as hugs, kisses and many compliments were proudly spoken and dedicated to her.

And my own experience in Russia totally validates this.

Because when the announcement of an impending arrival is made there is an incredible emotional energy in the room and you can’t help but feel a deep appreciation for this all important celebration of life itself.

If you are ever able to witness it, you would understand just how close Russian women can be to each other.

Beautiful and nurturing to behold.  It is a tight-knit and loving sisterhood that always makes me smile and gives me hope for humanity.

However, when the news of her pregnancy started making the rounds with the American Women she knows..  It generated a completely different reaction.

  • I heard the news..  ARE YOU OK?!?!?!
  • Oh my God??  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!?!
  • Are you SURE you are happy??
  • Are you going to keep IT???

My newly pregnant friend said she felt like some tragedy had befallen her and these grim expressions of “concern” were no different then if someone in the family had just died.

She’s a sensitive young lady and this line of questioning was making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Nasty little insecurities began to creep in about the health of her unborn child or about her ability to be a good mother.

Furthermore she was under the impression that these women were treating her like some poor unwed teenager instead of the responsible and mature young lady that she is.  Perhaps it just wasn’t appropriate for a beautiful 25 year old to consciously have a baby with her husband and be happy about it.

I told her to relax and just realize that this was just another very unfortunate aspect of Feminism in the US.

I wanted to ask her a question.

“Were these American Women in their 20’s and 30’s?”

She was very surprised at my line of questioning but confirmed this to be true and asked why I wanted to know?

“It’s because many American women in this age bracket have real identity issues and are indoctrinated to shun children at all costs.”

“That terrible.” she said.

“Yes it is.” I answered.

I continued.  “You know fertility clinics are a big business because they have long lines of women in their 40’s who all of a sudden become quite desperate for children…  Often with or without a man.”

She was shocked by this.  And even as I tried hard not to sound too cynical there was no real way to sugar coat the truth of this.

This was supposed to be her happy moment and she probably didn’t need another serving of societal garbage heaped on what should have been her parade.

However as it turned out she said she was very grateful for the insight.

After a few more minutes we gave our parting well wishes and hung up the phone..

At that moment, I felt that as she retired for the evening she was probably going to hold her husband just a little bit more closely during the night.

Certainly she had a greater desire to protect a newly lit flame residing in her womb..

.. against the chill of a lifeless political wind that wished to extinguish it.