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88 Responses to “About”

  1. Chris Cho Says:

    Hi, first off I love your website, it give allot of insight into the Russian Women’s society. I myself am an asian american and I am wondering what is the typical rusian woman’s attitude toward interracial relationships? Thanks.

  2. American Bitch Says:

    Real truthful blog about the kind of guy who goes for mail order brides.

  3. kzarz Says:

    American Bitch,

    The name says it all. Real truthful name.

  4. kzarz Says:


    I am also an Asian American and I did not enocunter any problems when I visited Russia. Oh, there were alot of curious looks but the Russian people in general love to meet new “exotic” looking people. And so the conversations that I have had with Russian men and women were very interesting and fun. I find that most Russian women are very open-minded. When I asked my wife if there was gong to be a problem with me being Asian and having a better tan than her (I am filipino), she asked why I would ask such a stupid question. That means “no”. It’s only a problem if you make it one.

    I would definitely start up communications with several Russian women and see what happens. Better that than wading through the STD-infested American ho’s known as the American dating scene.

  5. rw_man Says:

    Hi Chris.. You got no worries man.. It’s what’s on the inside that counts more with these ladies.. Just make your plan and pull the trigger.

    Cheers, GL

  6. Dennis Moser Says:

    Hi, I happened upon this site while browsing for mercedes parts ???? Who are you? Your writing style is magnificent. While ultimitly invasive to the soul, you have a kind and guiding methodology with a descriptive clarity that embraces the minds eye. Reading your thoughts and experiances takes me back to when books were written for the intellectual romantic. Books I could not put down. Books so good that I would call in sick to work to continue reading.

    I was a Marine guard at the Moscow embassy during the Reagan years. Talk about a crowd pleaser! You should have been there then. I,unfortunitly, did not have the opportunity to experiance that great land as you have. I have traveled extensivly and really do realize that America is really an extension of DISYNYLAND.

    However, you and I hold many verified facts about the american woman in common. I was so beaten down by the state of this femnazisim (this phrase was coined by many of my divorce lawyers) That I litterly had to walk thru the forest alone and naked to come out the other side whole again.

    Unlike you and many others, I went to the other side of the world. I have a fine retierment home in the Phillipines. As a nurse of many years I have had the privilage of knowing many euoropian and asian ladies that have allowed me to maintain that “family” is not a dead art.

    Not in a significant relationship yet. (by design). I still work and play in the Seattle,Wa. and Vancouver,BC area. And I must say Vancouver,BC is a very Europian city. Femnazism dissolves as one travels north of the U.S. boarder.

    How would I approach a woman of quality in Russia? Hmmm, silly me, the same way one would approach any human being. Acceptance and honesty.

    Thank you for the very fine site and the magnificent writting style.

    Regards Dennis

  7. rw_man Says:

    Hello Dennis and Welcome.. 🙂

    You are too kind sir.. I appreciate your words very much. I think you and I have both walked through a few forest in our lives… And it’s funny what you can accomplish as a Man when you go through Love..Loss.. to Love again..

    We’ve all been there and I just wanted to make sure some of the guys who come after us can see the bigger picture..

    Please keep participating and sharing your endorsement of this information with your friends. We’ve been banned in quite a few places so really the only way this can spread is through guys who understand this reality like you.

    When I catch up with a few things I’ll chat with you some more.. some interesting things you have shared..

    Cheers Man..

  8. vper1 Says:

    Hey rw_man,

    Just found your blog and I commend you greatly.

    Have you heard of Sam Fryman by chance? You might be interested in some of his works:

    A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women


    A Women’s Liberation Guide to Men

    They can be downloaded freely at

    Or if you’d like I can just e-mail them to you. Either way keep up the good blogging!

  9. rw_man Says:

    Hi vper1..

    Afraid I don’t know who this Gentleman is. When I get some time I’ll check him out..

    Thanks again for your personal endorsement vper1.. Please tell your friends..


  10. Aaron Says:

    Awseme website rw_man. Nothing beats it. This could be the new male gospel.

  11. Canajun Says:

    Hello and thanks;
    I also stumbled upon your site via the St.Petersburg City website. You subject matter and point of view seem to reflect my exact experience with the women of North America.
    I have two divorces now behind me to prove the case you so eloquently make in your feminist observations. My anger, manipulations and outright hate shown is unfathomable.
    I have been writing and talking to many ladies around the world and have found the most genuine from Russia. I am currently communicating with a wonderful woman and plan on visiting next spring, and any advise is appreciated.
    I think I’ve run the gamut on scammers and desperate ones, but one never knows. Your blog is heartening and insirational.
    Thank you.

  12. rw_man Says:

    Hello Canajun and Welcome Aboard!

    Thanks for validating the material in this blog with your own experiences. As difficult as two divorces were well at least your still not locked into something far worse by being married to them..

    I’m very happy to hear that you have also travelled a bit and that you also find the Women of Russia to be in a league of their own.

    They truly are.

    The trick as always is to navigate these unpredictable and turbulent waters carefully in order to make you’re way to paradise island so to speak.

    In anycase if you want to communicate with me offline just email me at galacticlove at

    Thanks again and please tell your friends!


  13. Trip Says:

    The truth is out there…

    thank you for sharing it !

  14. Cooper Says:

    This blog posting was of great use in learning new information and also in exchanging our views. Thank you rw_man

  15. rw_man Says:

    Hello Trip and Cooper..

    Thanks for your great comments.. I hope you are able to make use of the info here to propel your own relationships and lives forward.

    Cheers! GL

  16. canajun Says:

    Hey GL, just another note from the site of the Crying Wolf that has targetted you. Another thought. She is living in Africa, seems to have unlimited resources to access and information on the internet, and she is asking for money. Does this theme sounds familiar?
    Just a thought. Her theme is deffinately something worthwhile, but I sense alittle more to it than that.

  17. Dio Says:

    I am linking you. Could I ask for a link back?

  18. rw_man Says:

    Hi Dio.

    Got you covered on my links page..

    Thanks for linking to me too.


  19. Luke Skywalker Says:

    “Your financial support is the physical fuel that keeps my life going.”

    GL, that made me think of something. There are a lot of leftist millionaires and billionaires who like to pour a lot of money into leftist websites to promote the breakup of our culture.

    But… what if people on our side started giving a whole chunk of money to websites like yours in order to help heal the culture.

    And even though the leftist millionaires and billionaires have more money than we do, every dollar we give will go a lot longer than every dollar they give because most people are traditional in their hearts, and traditionalism is the true nature of the human being (a fact that you have eloquently laid out arguments for).

    Now my parents are very charitable people, and every year, they give a lot of money to animal shelters, education for poor children, etc.

    But as for me, instead of doing that, I am going to give a lot of money to people just like you (and you yourself) who are defending our culture and our freedoms against the corrosive forces of Feminism and Cultural Marxism.

    Now I have almost no money right now to give away, but I do have about $9.50 left over in an old PayPal account that I used to use for buying sheet music and programming materials over the internet for college violin lessons and programming classes.
    And I really can’t find anything interesting to buy over the internet with that money, so it is going to go straight to you so that it can be used to combat Feminism and Cultural Marxism.

    I’ll send it over once I get done with classes and work today. It will be one of the best batches of $9.50 I ever spent.

    –Luke Skywalker

  20. rw_man Says:

    Bless you Luke.

    I certainly do my best. 🙂


  21. mathmania Says:

    I am really thankful for your site. I have been exploring the world of Eastern European women online for a while now, as I’ve become disillusioned with the relationships I’ve had recently and knew I needed to expand my horizons (literally and figuratively). I have very much enjoyed your site and learned quite a bit from it. I am now on my own quest to find the love of my life, whereever I may find her. God bless and keep up the great work!

    – G

  22. Red Canadian Says:

    Hi, Rw_man:

    Thanks a lot for creating this amazing website. I’m a Chinese Canadian, but my dad grew up during the cold war, so he can speak Russian and was in USSR. I was trying to talk more with some international Russian students when I was doing my Master Degree in the university, we got more common sense about the country, the culture, the history, etc. I become an engineer because I like Kirkovski and Migeryoung, no real Canadian girls know USSR sent the 1st satellite and astronaut but a Canada grow-up Ukrainian girl. I do like Canadian girls, but my family background let the Russian Canadian to be my favorite. That’s why I’m here.

    Just want to say :”Excellent jobs! Well done!” . At least I do appreciate your job, it’s a space for all of us who enjoy the amazing culture and the magnificent ladies!


  23. rw_man Says:

    Hi Red Canadian,

    Thanks for your great comments about my site.

    The Russians are very proud of their Sputnik and Yuri Gragarian accomplishments as they should be. However I do wish that they would look more forward to their next great accomplishment and not be so tempted to rest on any laurels of the distant past.

    Another space race would probably be a very good thing.. and so far the Russians have the lead as far as space tourism is concerned for example. I hope they keep that momentum up and I wish them all the best in this department.


  24. Anna Says:

    Hello there,

    I believe I should first apologise for interrupting a purely “boys only” blog. But it’s an interesting stuff to read!!! I’d even sign my name under some of the posts.

    GL, my personal greetings to you!! If you go on promoting russian ladies with a same pace, we’re likely to have our demographic situation here in Russia fixed in some middle term perspective. Bring us some quality men here :-))
    Good to know that some of you still fancy some good old fashioned courtship. And please do NOT mail us by order 🙂

    St. Petersburg

  25. Canuck Says:

    Hello Anna.

    You, my dear, are so sweet. Real girls, real Russian girls especially, are always welcome. GL is a bit busy currently with his beloved. So, while I myself make arrangements to go to Russia to live, I’ll take the liberty to do what I know he’d do… which is to encourage you to visit and comment.

    Feel the love, dear one, feel the love.

    It’s wonderful to be truly appreciated isn’t it?

  26. Canuck Says:

    Hello Анья.

    GL is a bit busy currently with his beloved. So, I’ll take the liberty to do what I know he’d do… which is to encourage you to visit and comment.

    It’s wonderful to be truly appreciated isn’t it?

    Feel the love, dear one, feel the love.

    And by the way, there is a huge demographics problem in the West too. Very few Real girls.

    Which is why I encourage Real men who want true happiness with a Real girl to relocate to Russia.

    I love your city, by the way. My God, it is cultural heaven! I’ll be there later this year with my own beloved.

    P.S.: Yes, GL is to be congratulated for his efforts. Most especially you and so many of your wonderful fellow Russian girls deserve your own fine Real man. So, I too continue to speak about “a little slice of heaven”… Russian girls.

  27. Canuck Says:

    GL… At times there seems to be a wordpress loading issue. Malware, or who knows. Anyway, #25 is redundant. Thanks.

  28. Anna Says:


    thanks for a really warm welcome. Since girls are allowed, I think I’d post some more…

    You know, some guys would surely not agree with you about “little slice of heaven” since some feel themselves pretty much well around american ladies. I guess they just know some special places for fishing 🙂

    I am not the one to judge since I’ve never been to US, but what I see on TV or talking to my foreign colleagues and friends makes me believe that there’s a certain dual background for women power.
    In your case its massive culture, FMCG market that is actually globally turning round female demand for over 30+ years, and feminist philosophy that with time from a good intention turned into some riduculous doctrine “who should pay and after how many dates its okay to get laid not harming your independant reputation”.
    In our case its a bit different. Women here never gave up femenine way of thinking. We have become independant, we learnt how to make money when most man were struck by financial crisis, we were raising kids and making our succesfull cariers when noone was there for providing and protecting, but in every single women’s soul here lives an unshattered desire to love, to be loved and stand by her man.
    We have our own Paris Hiltons here though 🙂

    4 years ago when I was one step away from graduating the University I was doing a city guiding and translating as a part time job. Back then I witnessed loads of mediocre man comming from all over the world to fetch some marriage material in Russia.
    In most cases all they saw was a pretty face, slim figure and puppy eyes…ladies were instantly marrying, packing bags and fleeing Russia…guys seemed to be satisfied with the hunt…a week in Russia and you get a loyal, intelligent, smart and cute lady in your bag. It was really like shopping… both sides the buyer and the seller finally met…should you ask me what was the outcome…I do not know…the statistics though does…95% of such marriages ended up either with divorce, broken hearts, or even worse…

    Those of us who didnt take that extra quick path towards happines/self distraction (underline one,pls) still hope to find that special someone without entering this shamefull bargain. The paradox is that when russian women finally feel mature and strong enough to not fall for every single loser who comes here for sweet lovin’ they face a wall.

    Thanks to those who created a certain image of scummer which is in most cases neccessarily originating from Eastern Europe we are not allowed to most international dating sites and communities.
    Thanks to those who bargained quantity vs quality when leaving the country in 90’s russian women is percieved as loyal, beautiful and silent to abuse.

    I am not saying that its an absolute truth. No! I know dozens of couples who’re happily married, raising kids and none of them gives a sh*** where they both come from. But I also know people, guys and girls, who were smashed with this experience…

    The conclusion to this flood of thoughts would be: let no cultural or social prejudice guide you towards your way to find that special someone, let it be a pure feeling of incompleteness that will force you to go round the globe to find your other half…


  29. Canuck Says:

    Hello Anna!

    Very excellent to read your extremely thoughtful words. All of it is true.

    So, fundamentally you desire a Real man who does not choose you without great care and thought, yes?

    I include this link for you my dear…

    Natalia, a Ukrainian, who we know and cherish here, is soon to begin possibly the finest meeting site on the web. I have called what I see coming the second generation of Internet meeting. Much more knowledge. Much more care in the choosing.

    I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to let you know when she officially begins.

    Through this here and her site and others like it, what was culural ignorance, is being replaced by cultural know-how or knowledge. And this knowledge will eliminate many of the misunderstandings and misperceptions about both Russian girls and Western men.

    Included in the second generation of how to meet, should be much longer stays in Russia, in my opinion. A person is not shopping for a car. And real life demands more time and much more knowledge and respect for who is the true Russian girl.

    And likewise, it can give more opportunity to better learn who is a Western man. Thanks to our Western Freemason controlled governments such longer stays in the West for a Russian girl are much more difficult, if not impossible.

    I refer you to the archives of your Russian NTV for some previously broadcast information about the general topic.

    You possibly have already seen this story?

    Information about Litvinenko and Berezovskij.

    My point is that they wish to control more than Russian oil. And learning their character can help you to understand why there exists much of the obstruction in Russian girls’ entry to Western countries, for longer than a 2 week visitor’s Visa.

    You already know that your man and you both will require much more time to learn about each other before you can confidently commit to a marriage, yes?

    So, the obvious point is that it’s up to the man, to make these longer times in Russia. It is now the only way. And thanks to the Russian government, it is still possible.

    The men on this site should never lose awareness of this, or take it for granted.

    I have understood for a long time that Western men, Real men that is, and Russian girls can make each other truly happy.

    It is a pity that some of the Russian men who are not so fine, could not be introduced to our Feminazi’s. They could both make very interesting couples, yes?

    And yes, I fully appreciate and respect that there are many good men in Russia. Just not enough of them.

    “silent to abuse” No Real man will ever abuse you Sweetie. He is human and can become upset. But abuse? Not if he is a Real man. This, in fact, is one of the biggest tests of true manhood… the inner strength to be stronger in our hearts than the anger which can come. I will repeat, Sweetie. No Real man will ever abuse you.

    “not agree with you about “little slice of heaven” since some feel themselves pretty much well around american ladies”…

    Yes, it’s true that some are truly happy. However, this is very uncommon. Why? Because of the current values and design of Western society.

    Imagine that you were asked to take the role of a man. And the man take the role of the girl. How can this possibly create enduring happiness?

    The evidence of its impossible success is all around us in our many, many divorces and broken lives.

    In other words, Anna, this is a temporary illusion. Just as with men who think that true and enduring love is only a one week Russian tour away.

    Did you notice these words on GL’s site above in the welcome to the men?

    ” the Thinking Man’s guide to these enigmatic ladies.”

    In some philosophies, girls’ hearts are explained as water which must be slowly warmed. You may even be already aware of this. I know that I have heard about the Russian flower who must be slowly opened, from my Russian girl.

    Much time and much thought, much care and much knowledge. Then, there can be much enduring happiness.

    I really enjoy your sense of humour. The reference to the “fishing”.

    “let it be a pure feeling of incompleteness that will force you to go round the globe to find your other half…”…

    Yes, Anna, I could not agree more. Which is part of the special miracle of Russian girls. The beauty is both inside and out.

    Please feel free to continue to give your opinion and comments. I’m sure that in time, you will “feel the love, my dear, feel the love.” We are all huge fans of Russian girls.

    And now that I have found my own half, I wish similar happiness for my Russian sisters.

    I soon arrive. And my intention is to remain for a lifetime. So, I don’t use the word “sisters” lightly. Such jewels should be cherished.

    I can assure you Anna, that the love of a half is beyond your imagination. It is much more powerful than even the love of a Soulmate. However, it’s not so common though.

    I had to wait for a long, long time to find mine. Perhaps in time I’ll share more of how special it can be.

    Only to encourage you to remain true and patient enough to your own desire to find your man.

    Россия, покажите мне мое счастье. Покажите мне мою половину.

    This was my prayer. And now I have my answer.

    Perhaps your man now prays this prayer too?

  30. Anna Says:

    I keep rambling on this blog all working day long! I even shirked a meeting I had scheduled last week…shame on me…:)

    Few comments if you may let me…I gotta warn you its hard to read such mess of thoughts though…

    ““silent to abuse” No Real man will ever abuse you Sweetie. He is human and can become upset. But abuse? Not if he is a Real man. This, in fact, is one of the biggest tests of true manhood… the inner strength to be stronger in our hearts than the anger which can come. I will repeat, Sweetie. No Real man will ever abuse you.”
    I might have chosen a not very good word to explain what I mean. Its kind of a mental abuse, not physical. Let alone I’ve never experienced one myself.

    My point is that some guys perceive this traditionalism and loyalty to real “man-woman” relationship in a perverted way. They believe they do a world of good to woman by taking her out of this God’s foresaken country and therefore she should be grateful to him for the rest of her life by playing her traditional role despite his own unforgievable faults and behaviour. This is, of course, almost never the case if people are in love and do take time to know each other prior to any comitted relationship.
    I guess all I wanted to say that a path to happiness is never a week long journey and cheap both emotionally and financially. You know how we russians say “barefooted, pregnant and cooking”. Its a typical descrition of a woman totally surendered to a world of men (not Real men, mind you)…
    Well, if you’re up to this kind of gal you better look elsewhere, not Russia. But if you’re ready to slay dragons for the one who’ll be true to you for better and worse, who’ll stand by you and love you for who YOU are and how YOU make her feel then you must be ready to invest a lot of effort into this journey. Effort does not mean loads of cash, its rather sincerity and your primary wish to get to a promise land of true womanhood.

    Those who seek for an easy getaway are most likely to end up being pretty much disappointed by Russian ladies (real russian ladies)…we’re to be tamed like wild horses by love and care and not to be bought on a bride mall 🙂 I guess this refers to any woman, not neccessarily Russian. Just that US girls seem to forget about it and care mostly for your assets not heart…

    I am done…a good day spent at work actually doing no work at all 🙂

    See ya, guys!


  31. Canuck Says:

    “I guess all I wanted to say that a path to happiness is never a week long journey and cheap both emotionally and financially”

    Yes, Anna, very good. And thank you for concurring with my point of the need for much longer times in Russia… like a lifetime. lol

    “Those who seek for an easy getaway are most likely to end up being pretty much disappointed by Russian ladies (real russian ladies)”

    Thank you for verifying why we know we can much more trust Russian ladies than Feminazi’s who will do anything on a bed.

    “You know how we russians say “barefooted, pregnant and cooking”.” Before the Cult we too had this same axiom. And my dear Anna, this is my girl’s, her pleading to me. And the last time I checked she is definitely a Real girl and definitely a Russian Real girl. Are there any other kinds? Did I misunderstand your comment, my dear? This is a good or bad picture, “barefoot, pregnant and cooking”? Again, it is she who pleads to me for this. I swear. She calls this same axiom, her liberation of her life to her life’s purpose.

    “Effort does not mean loads of cash, its rather sincerity and your primary wish to get to a promise land of true womanhood.”

    Heh, you guys, are you getting this? This is much too excellent! Anna, are you consciously aware of what these words do to a Western man? I’ll be your agent and only send to you the best 10%. lol

  32. Anna Says:

    what the heck?! My post disappeared when I havent finished it yet…

    a liberation to her life’s purpose…well, you are maybe right here…dont misunderstand me, Canuck…
    If she’s pregnant thats excellent, if she knows how to cook – even better, barefoot – well, that might look sexy as well…:-)
    My bottom line would be not to contradict to this axiom (hey, we are all grown, emotionally mature people here, and we do recognise a difference between absolute insane exaggeration and sharp metaphor, right?)…
    I just wanted to underline that if you want a submissive, totally surrendered to your will companion when hopping on a plane in search for your Russian princess you’re probably going the wrong way. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FEMINISM!
    I am as a member of this russian gene pool would just say that we are interested in you, but at the same time knowing how things go in western part of the world, it’s a real frustration seeing some guys comming here for a bitter revenge against their severely abused manhood…
    Now I hope you get the point.

    And remember Russian lady is a neck turning the head (which is YOU) towards any direction she scans to be right from somewhere deep down inside her soul deeply rooted to her nature and womanly instincts…you wont even notice how you end up doing what is good for the sake of family values and happiness…or just end up buying her yet another fur coat even if she has 10 of them already and living up in a South (you know how we are…we never have enough appropriate clothes to wear…) 🙂

    Again, there’s no right or wrong side when talking about dating, mating and loving. Its about two people uniquely completing and giving their best to each other. Just bring out the best in you when approaching a girl for good, because all mean and poorly hidden mischeavous intentions are easily scanned. And hey!!…we do know how to bite back, just that it hurts more, because a woman in rage often plays it low…

    P.S. I’d give up my 10% share for GL 🙂

  33. Canuck Says:

    GL? You probably have a Russian axiom for this comment… “Birds of a feather flock together”, yes? Well, there’s such a thing as GL and his local “Buddies, including a newly arrived Canadian who decided to relocate… I know he reads. And … Hmm.

    “I just wanted to underline that if you want a submissive, totally surrendered to your will companion when hopping on a plane in search for your Russian princess you’re probably going the wrong way. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FEMINISM!”

    No, of course. We are not looking for somone to walk on, a doormat. But it does have very much to do with power, pure emotional strength. And yes, definitely Anna, this kind of emotion is not built in one simple week. Yes.

    Such a one week relationship is more of a gamble than the following of hearts.

    “And remember Russian lady is a neck turning the head (which is YOU) towards any direction she scans to be right from somewhere deep down inside her soul deeply rooted to her nature and womanly instincts…you wont even notice”

    A man’s defence of negative manipulation is the cynicism of life experience and the passage later in life to being a Real man.

    No Real man jumps or plays puppet. But, he will, with a smile on his face, do out of innocence and kind love, what no team of wild horses could force him to do. The honey and vinegar formula.

    On the other hand you may also be referring to his girl’s ability to see with steely eyes what is innately best for him and his family both? And this is the issue of trust. Do I truly trust her enough to believe that her “suggestion” is what is truly best? Or is she taking me for a ride?

    When his ego doesn’t get in the way of the truth; then, his answer becomes evident.

    Case in point… A disingenuous Russian girl married an American man with no love in her heart. But a plan. She almost arranged the conditions. The marriage later had some very big difficulties. While on an estranged visit to her mother in Russia…”You are buying me a car or I will not return from Russia with our child”.

    A boy, “What colour of car.”
    A Real man, “Stop phoning me, I have a date.”

    “Just bring out the best in you when approaching a girl for good, because all mean and poorly hidden mischeavous intentions are easily scanned.”

    Aw, my dear, if only it were always so honourable. Early life is men’s raging hormones. 30-42, women’s raging hormones.

    But I understand, you speak about necessary respect.

    “or just end up buying her yet another fur coat even if she has 10”

    So, a good Russian investment is a furrier business?

    I have seen girls buy so many clothes. It has been many times explained. And still remains a mystery.

  34. Anna Says:

    you know, Canuck, its really hard and at the same time interesting to comment your posts.

    “On the other hand you may also be referring to his girl’s ability to see with steely eyes what is innately best for him and his family both? And this is the issue of trust. Do I truly trust her enough to believe that her “suggestion” is what is truly best? Or is she taking me for a ride?”
    Yes, I refer exactly to it.
    Should I quote you? Here goes: “”What’s the saying, “Get more with honey than vinegar?” Already my house design has been altered and I like it even better. My choice of auto has been altered and I like it even better. No really. ”

    Neck and head come from a russian proverb, actually. Its not about manipulation at all. And what I read in between the lines of your post that “puppet role” would probably come first to your mind. The issue of unconditional trust will never arise untill you’ve checked her up to see if she’s truly validated and eligible to be trusted. I might be naive to certain point though…but…Do we all have become so much bitter cynical and eville?…

    In your recent post I find some answers for me:

  35. Canuck Says:

    “Do we all have become so much bitter cynical and eville?”…

    Bitter is usually the response to being disillusioned. In this case, the subject is Feminazi’s. You want an honest answer? Alright…

    Bitterness is the stage that all Real men go through in their period of enlightment in the West when they learn that the Cult has stolen too much from their lives and leaves them with little hope of “ever” finding true and enduring happiness wirh such a creature.

    A wise man evolves to the next stage which is cautious. Extremely. The more of the dark side of girls he has seen and experienced, the more he becomes cautious.

    In my case so cautious, Elvis is leaving the building, the country. I’ve decided that the values and design of Western society creates too much negative dynamics on the happiness quotient. Almost impossible to find the kind of happiness I require within such a society.

    This is the society of narcissism. Eurasia is the society of dire need. I refer to emotionally as well as to being their “strong and extremely reliable provider”. Her job is already, perhaps the most difficult… the successful raising of children. And yes, the father definitely also has his role. A child with no father at home, will always be different due to this absence.

    However, I refer to Eurasian girls who really need men. Good ones. Are there narcissistic men here as well as the girls? Of course. At least until a Feminazi teaches him about life.

    Am I bitter about having taken so long to come to this conclusion? This can only be when there are no alternates. And I understood more than 7 years ago, that I should think outside of the box, the country.

    But, until a year ago, “the neck hadn’t yet turned my head” in this direction of seeking a permanent life in “The Motherland”. Is it better for me? God yes! So another example of the wisdom of a beautiful Eurasian neck.

    Both my career and my business give me nearly complete freedom to live wherever I want, whenever I choose. Some unforeseen events happened before my “definitely going to be a Russian” stage.

    There are always reasons. I’ve evolved in many ways during this time.

    In some ways this can be explained as a man embracing being a Real man and learning to be his best possible self on his way to having everything. I am critical of many things as you’ve probably gathered, regarding social and civil issues. Of myself I am ruthlessly critical. No-one is as hard on me as me.

    Cynicism is when a man is not enough of a Real man and he does not rise to the challenge of what has caused his disappointment. You refer to the “bitter, cynical, angry, complaining man” syndrome.

    Some men simply rise to life’s challenges. And so to answer directly… No not bitter, not cynical. But entirely aware of the dark side of girls. And so part of my aura is the knowledge that a rose has thorns and to know how to prevent the cuts.

    Eville? Yes. Entirely. Not evil in this sense. But eville in that I am more than capable of using my experiential knowledge to get what I want in life.

    I can love an innocent child or a pet with great compassionate care.

    A girl? With abandon until “the moment” that it’s clear that it’s over. Or until that “second” if it’s something she’s done.

    Possibly I can say “next” faster than anybody I know. Most men and girls go through a “period” of much, much longer emotional withdrawal. With me, no longer than a day. When it’s done, it’s done. So… “next” immediately.

    I truly believe that for a man especially, emotional dissociation is one of his greatest allies. Men are known to linger in depression very long after a failed relationship. And I know that next you may refer to rebounding. No. Completely dissociated. In lightning speed. Like an electic switch.

    All or nothing. Now or nevermore.

    To learn quickly and be more aware for what will come, makes a man more hopeful and optimistic. And this speed in moving on is the salvation of all men who are different than those who remain in the mourning or the loss of a relationship for much longer.

    I used to linger. Not now. Not ever again.

    When a Feminazi comes into my sphere, yes I become almost instantly guarded. A Feminazi will never touch my life again. Never.

    Shelli, our most recent narcissist, holds the perception of we men here, that we are as the first generation of men who came to Russia after Perestroika. Slobs who were totally out of their league. The history of divorced, bitter and angry men happened here in the West, after they brought home the “tragedy waiting to happen”.

    From time to time, I have seen some of them leave comments here. They quickly move on to another blog where the other men seek to commiserate that “it was all the girls fault” and to beware of the “bad” Russian girl.

    Most men who are comfortable being here, are seeking knowledge. They are smart enough to “not” be this kind of man who I’m sure you’ve already seen too much of.

    And this type of man holds his personal happiness so important in his life, that he will make whatever changes to himself, his life, or his knowledge so that he can have his true and enduring happiness.

    GL refers to the “think James Bond”. In other words, a “Lady’s man”. In every sense of the word, he speaks about bringing only the best we can be to such girls as you.

    My dear, a Real man can cut the head off a chicken and then moments later give his child a warm hug. He does not carry the chicken’s blood to his child.

    I call this being strong to the world and always soft to one’s family. I have seen some of the most physically and emotionally strong men in my life, who are as a little boy with their tiny, “weak” girl. It is amazing to see this.

    These are some of my impressions of the Real men here as well as what I saw as some concerns regarding the kind of men who are here. As well as what each of us would encourage in other men who consider seeking a truly feminine girl in Eurasia.

    We don’t support disrespect, slobs or fools. We all know that you deserve much, much better.

    So, now the question is how to bring “the best” of both worlds together? This is the challenge.

    “its really hard and at the same time interesting to comment your posts.” Thank you for letting me know about the ‘hard’ to understand. I’ll try and make them more understandable.

    By the way, why do you call yourself Anna and not Anya? And congratulations regarding your knowledge of English. Were that I knew Russian as well as you know English.

  36. Anna Says:

    Deep & well written. I kind of feel like dropping the subject since I have nothing more to say. You’ve made your point and its hard to add anything else especially since we’re blogging in quite inappropriate discussion category for such serious issues.
    You truly are a very interesting guy to talk to!
    Concrete, somitimes harsh in what you have to say and very energetic. Thanks, Canuck.

    As for my English. Well, I am 26 and started learning it at the age of 5 I believe. Thanks to my parents, teachers, friends, job and environment I love this language and keep on learning it since I am way far to be fluent.

    As for name – Anya/Anuta/Annushka – its sort of unofficial and more sound to a russian speaker. Anna (Анна) is more like east-west. At work I am even called by both first and patronymic…gets very official at times..Go figure…:-)

  37. Canuck Says:

    Thank you Annushka. Especially for helping me with the clarity issue in writing.

    I hope two things for your sake. One, that you understand how deep is the desire of many Real men to be their best for Eurasian girls.

    And two, I sincerely hope that you find such a good man! I’ll send to here whoever I understand is a fine enough man for a Russian girl. But this issue is a very large one. Millions of fine men should know about girls such as you. I’m confident that then there would be much more happyiness.

    Perhaps we are developing a template for this larger solution? Who knows? I would love to see more happiness among Russian girls.

    Certainly please do tell your friends that they are welcome if they would find it helpful.

    And yes, it is always very, very interesting to communicate with a Russian. So much depth of intellect and general wisdom. Russia and its wisdom create a great people–generally speaking.

    The sound of a Russian girl speaking Russian is amazing. A truly beautiful language and sound.

    Your English is nearly flawless. Kudos. Modest too… Go figure…:-)

  38. Khankrumthebulgar Says:

    The reality of the situation for US Women is grim. With 12% of US Men marrying FW last year more and more American Men are saying no to AW. And with 22% of those who are single saying they will never Marry in the US. That removes one third from the pool. Add to that those who are incarcerated, disabled, unemployed,substance abusers, mentally impaired, and finally Married. The pickings are slim for our delusional Women.

    Michael Noer’s article “Don’t Marry Career Women” created a fire storm of controversy. To reduce the demand for Foreign Wives, the FemNags introduced IMBRA. A feeble and stupid attempt to regulate market demand for pleasant, feminine, agreeable companionship for Men. Which American Women are no longer.

    Now it has gotten so bad. The US Government is preventing US men from leaving who owe Back Child Support. Endentured Servitude has been restored in the US. It has become a Sex Prison for Men. Unfit to raise children in.

    Keep up the good work. Life is about being happy. Who cares what the Feminists or Left thinks. Screw them.

  39. Rexpat Says:

    “Guys: a word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.”, Michael Noer…

    Uh, Michael… no thanks. You marry the fat, ugly Western stay-at-home.

    And I’ll marry my beautiful, lifelong slim, long blond, amazing Yana.

    “But a downright frightening story written by my colleague, Michael Noer, on our Web site today [do a forbes search]… OK, call me a cougar. I’ve been working since the day I graduated from college 20-odd years ago. I have two grade-school-aged children.[Too bad they didn’t have a real mommie. Good thing about the income though. Give ’em some for the necessary therapy of emotionally neglected turn key/StrangeCare kids. I won’t even bother to inquire about breast or bottle fed.]…. Note to guys: Start by going to the gym [Ya Babe, I’m all over it. Daily. What about your own Hagen Dass butt?]”, Elizabeth Corcoran…

    Wow, if his comments are frightening; then, better get your whiskey and Valium out, Liz, for what you see here.

    I swear, if I have to push the plane to the take off strip, I’ll do it.

    P.S: We spoke today as usual. Before she slept she sent me this SMS: “______, I miss you very much.”

    Any guesses what Lizzy sent to her man?
    “No. I told you, I won’t shave my armpits anymore. And as for the rest of it, don’t even go there.”

    Happy trails guys.

  40. Rexpat Says:

    Just to be clear about the Michael Noer article…

    Yes, that he recommends stay-at-home wives. Wonderful.

    However, it is who is at home that I dispute. Whether the cow is in the field or in the barn, it’s still a cow, albeit with less attitude… perhaps.

    And it was excellent to see the grander picture of the impact of foreign girls to the West. Excellent.

    Y’all have IMBRA. In Canada they revoked the 90 day fiance Visa. Neither of which will be more than an irritant in the grand scheme of things.

    Rather than keeping my girl out, they succeeded in losing someone near the top of his field. Congratulations to “us” and to the lunatics who think they can play politics with the heart of a Real man.

    Carry on…

  41. axinia Says:

    By the way, rw_man,
    Have you seen I have given your blog two awards and also put you on my blogroll (at 1000petals):

    Thanks for your wornderful work full of love and dedication – such a gem in a crazy modern world!

  42. rw_man Says:


    You are too gracious..:)

    Thank you so much for your recognition. I regard it as a special honor and hope that many more real ladies like yourself will come forward and embrace the charms and feminine charisma that true womanhood gives you.

    You ladies bring that slice of heaven we all desire down to earth.

    Cheers! GL

  43. jim Says:

    Hello i am so new to this and have been corresponding with yes a Russian woman. i have much to learn about them in general in all levels. is there solid info i can start with about if this is a good thing for an average guy to follow up on/ I could not afford travel to this beautiful country of ruusia so will this be a hinderance to the process etc..

    Jim Costi

  44. Krisjana Says:

    Hello, I was just wondering how you wound up, or came to be living in Russia? I’ve actually been considering moving from the U.S. to Moscow, and find myself at a total loss of how to go about it. I’ve asked around, and have been told that my best bet is to go down to Brighton Beach and marry a Russian man. I’m Russian by heritage, but have no family still living there; the last stragglers emigrated in the nineties. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated (and no, I don’t plan to come to Russia and taint your wonderful women with MTV and American Feminism… I just want to leave the United States, and get back to my roots.)

  45. rw_man Says:

    Hello Krisjana,

    If you are interested in going to Russia you could possibly start teaching English somewhere but you will need an outside source of income to support yourself since it will not be enough to live off of.

    Keep in mind that you can also do this in other CIS countries like the Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and so forth. You will find many Russian Girls in those countries too so just choose what is the best option for you.

    I appreciate the fact that you are looking for your roots and your identity as a woman and I deeply respect that.

    You also might want to consider trying to find Russian Girl friends where you live and to start a social group to gain more insight into why and how there character and personality is so different from their Western counterparts.

    I’m interested in learning why you wish to leave the US? I understand this from a Man’s perspective but from a lady like you I find this to be very interesting.

    Thanks for your comment and good luck..


  46. Dave Says:


    I was very interested in your site.

    I am glad that I found it. I was hoping you could assist me with regards to finding reputable sites in which to search for dates only with the purpose of developing relationships.

    I came across one particular site, but I am so wary of the fake scams etc. that I’m not sure if I can trust it.

    Do you perhaps know of its reputation? It is called “”.


  47. rw_man Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the comment. I hope you are taking the time out to read through all of the posts here. You will find a lot of information that might be valuable to you like this post on meeting Russia girls on the internet.

    As far as your mentioned dating agency I’m sorry but I have no idea of it’s status since I don’t involve myself with those sites.

    Anyone else who knows about it is welcome to chime in.. but my criticisms of this type of matchmaking model are well known..

    Good luck with your search and be careful.


  48. Dave Says:

    Thanks – your comments and info. in this blog are very informative.
    Problem is though, that the only web sites that seem to have ‘substance’, are ones where a subscription is involved.
    Is this something to look out for, or is it merely a way of making it a ‘premium’ site in your experience?
    As for smart ways of meeting russian woman, I am actually presently in the country, but find it hard to meet woman due to the language barrier etc. Any suggestions for my circumstances?

    Thanks again for this great service – much appreciated.

  49. rw_man Says:

    Dave go hire yourself a beautiful translator and go walking around with her.

    I’m sure you will have a great time and meet tons of great ladies this way. You need a local guide and she will be it.

    As far a subscription sites go I really don’t know anything about it.. I guess all of you can be glad that this blog is a big passionate hobby for myself at this point. 🙂

  50. Alana Says:

    Hi, thanks to the images on your site, I know something more about my origins. I’m adopted and look nothing like my family, altho I was told I look Russian. After looking at your photos, I feel like I’ve looked in a mirror. Thanks again,

  51. rw_man Says:

    Hello Alana,

    I’m very happy to know that you feel a connection to your original roots through this site.

    I’m sure you have an interesting story to tell in relation to your search. And I for one would be happy to learn more about it.

    Thanks again, GL

  52. […] rage. * Miss Faithful vs. Mr. Chastity Belt Why needn’t have jealousy for a Russian Woman * Miss Homemaker-Selfless vs. Sir K. III Domostroy Russian Women attend to the attentive, and revolt against “slave masters” * Miss Unconditional […]

  53. Paul Schafer Says:

    Hi rw_man,
    Well, I just came upon your blog, and am fascinated. It’s ironic that for the past three years I’ve been looking for someone from the US or the UK, living in Russia or one of the FSU countries, to get their perspective. And, now I find your blog. The irony is that I’m moving there (Sevastopol, Urkaine) myself… in two months from today in fact.
    I’ve become hooked on Russian women after some “Agency” internet “dating”, two trips to Kazakhstan to visit a terrific lady, and another trip to Turkey to meet another. Of course I found the Russian women elegant in the truest sense of the word. The more I learn about them the more intriquing they become.
    Through a series of connections with a language school in Sevastopol, I’ve been offered a job there. For nearly a year I’ve been conducting weekly English classes with my Ukranian students over Skype, and have established some wonderful friendships with them and others there. They seem almost as excited as I am for the date of my arrival.
    I’m sure you won’t be surprized to hear that they have been sharing a video of me among their single lady friends, and are insisting on finding me the perfect Russian wife (oh darn!!)
    Anyhow, you made a comment in one of your entries that a good way for a man to meet a Russian woman would be to come to a “Russian” country to learn the language. Of course you are right. Such an experience would do wonders for any man truly interested in meeting a Russian woman. First, any Russian woman will be both surprized and flattered that a man would take the trouble to learn her language. And, second, as an example, I can tell you that among the 1000 students at the school where I will be teaching (we offer Russian language training as well) there are hundreds of beautiful, intelligent, English speaking Russian girls who would be delighted to meet and help an English speaking man to learn their language.

  54. sean Says:

    Your Masha photo has been Hijacked. Go to I guess this is a typical scam site.


  55. sean Says:

    I dont see any other way to email you, so I had to leave message regarding hijacked photo in reply area. Erase this when you get message I guees.


  56. rw_man Says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for letting me know. I went to that site but I couldn’t find Mascha’s photo on it. In anycase I don’t know if it’s a scammer who’s using her photo to pretend to be her or if this is something from that agency itself.

    Keep being vigilant..

    Thanks again..


  57. rw_man Says:

    Hi Paul Schafer,

    My apologies for not getting back to you for so long.

    I think you pretty much nailed it..

    Like I’ve said many times before..

    Once you experience these women for real..

    There is simply NO TURNING BACK.

    You are “Screwed” in the sense that you will probably never be satisfied with what you see in your local neck of the woods.

    But you are “Saved” when you realize that yes.. you do have a new direction now.. and a pretty decent chance at a bright future too.

    Good luck to you in the Ukraine. I hope you don’t get too distracted while you are there and visit back with us and report on all of the lovely scenery you are experiencing there.

    Take care,


  58. Randall Says:

    I went over and looked for Mascha as well, there are just too many pictures on that site. I did see a girl I know from Louisiana and a model in Florida that does boat shows. I feel almost like I know Mascha and it I don’t like her being used like this. I will keep looking.

  59. T. Says:


    I thought you would like to know that your video of Masha has been hijacked too.

    So much for that agency and its trustworthiness!! Hope it helps.


  60. rw_man Says:

    Hello T.

    I think it’s hilarous in a way that someone would stoop that low to try to hijack Mascha’ image and video. Desperation on the side of the scammers reaches a new low.. Thanks for spotting them out and letting us know.


  61. T. Says:

    Anytime 🙂


  62. Kirk Bowers Says:

    Hello, I Just wanted to say that I love your blog!

    I am a Canadian Guy who has lived and worked in Russia for about six years.

    I am very happily Married to a Russian Girl and for people who have never had the opportunity to meet a Real Woman! I suggest they take the effort it is worth it!

    I have lived in Moscow for 5 wonderful years but I have been living in Volgograd since January of 2008.

    I have finally recieved my Temporary Residency and I hope to eventually get Permenant Residency! so I will never have
    the need or the worry of the dreaded Visa Run to Helsinki or Kiev to get another multi
    entry one year business visa.

    Anyways I just wanted to say that I enjoy your Blog very much and Its been helpful and informative!


    Best Regards,

    Kirk Bowers

  63. Matthew Says:

    Hi, rw_man.

    This is an incredibly interesting perspective on something that I have been aware of for quite some time: evil women, to put it bluntly. Maybe some perspective is in order: I’m nineteen, turning twenty next week. I went to a public school (that was absolute hell in more ways than one). I read this and other blogs (for example, “What American/Western Women Don’t Want You To Know”, and others like it and the men’s movement in general) and I feel kinda left out.

    It’s as if I missed a memo. I always hold doors open for women, I try to be as nice and as courteous to them as I possibly can. Just one problem: they’re all a little nuts. (Okay, not ALL of them are nuts, but a good many more than I would consider tolerable, in my experience.) Not only that, but I feel as if I missed a necessary course by the name of “how to court a woman”. I would like to meet a ‘traditional’ woman (whatever that word means, depending on different contexts) close to my age, but at the same time, the idea of courting one seems intimidating.

    Care to point me in the direction of something that might help? I really like your blog!


  64. Manoah Says:


    “Not only that, but I feel as if I missed a necessary course by the name of “how to court a woman”.”

    There is a great anthology put together specifically for those like you who has a great interest in traditional courtship but find the necessary source knowledge to be scarce. Here it is:

    “Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar”
    Readings on Courting and Marrying
    Edited by Amy A. Kass and Leon R. Kass


    “I would like to meet a ‘traditional’ woman (whatever that word means, depending on different contexts) close to my age, but at the same time, the idea of courting one seems intimidating.”

    The best chance you’ll have with finding a traditional woman is in the framework of Russian culture. Immerse yourself in there culture and you’ll come to understand that your courtship, chivalry is much appreciated and highly valued instead of ridicule that you’ll certainly be faced with in the West. Trust me, I’ve been there; many have and they all share the same experience.

    And after you do find a good traditional woman and get married; there is another good anthology that will help along the way of maintaining a good marriage. And that is:

    “The Book of Marriage: The Wisest Answers to the Toughest Questions”


  65. Matthew Says:


    Thank you so much! I’m sure those books will help me enormously once I scrounge up the money to buy them. 🙂

    Thanks for your warm and friendly reply.

  66. Manoah Says:

    Welcome Matthew,

    Growing up, I’ve always wondered what it takes to make a relation and marriage a success. I’ve always been a romantic and had idealistic views of marriages. But seeing my relations, uncles and aunts, having trouble with their spouses, the reality proves otherwise. So then, I sought to find an answer. And these are two fine books to begin with.

    While you may scrounge up the money to buy these books, the value that one gets from the advices and wisdom found within these pages are by far greater than what anyone of us would have to pay for the asking price. Finding love in a suitable mate is the biggest gamble in life. Make the correct choice, and we become better happier persons; make the wrong choice, it can become an anchor dragging us down. With understanding and wisdom, you’ll gain a valuable tool in refining your search for the right one.


  67. stuart Says:

    It will be interesting to write to people who live in Russia or want to come to Russia to live or even just to visit. I’ll be able to warn them about Russian women, Russia and pursuing their dream. I hope you won’t throw me out of the discussions, though, as my intentions are purely honorable.

  68. Richard Says:

    Hey there stuart,
    So what advice do you have for someone who first wants to just see some of the FSU and maybe try to make a few connections at the same time? How long would a good first visit need to be if I wanted to see some fine architecture, do some out of the way shopping and maybe visit some schools and hospitals? What do you think I need to watch out for if I am intending to travel with my young daughter and maybe one other friend?
    Thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

  69. Zain Says:

    the only thing that may get bad is when the beloved Russian lady get to know what so called “rights” when she fly to the US or Canada with you, there goes the divorce cases and all the expenses that may follow. but in general; they are loyal when treated nicely.

    I have never seen in my life women so sweet and open minded and at the same time has no attitude toward men as the western women “US,CND or even UK” in those nations the men are seen as enemies in Russia in the other hand women see men as partners and one can’t live life unless there is a man in her life.


  70. Zain Says:

    God how it would be so fabulous when our women understand the real meaning of being a female “a true one”, I don’t care if you are independent when you don’t clean your own house, I don’t care if you are independent when you see sex with me is favor you give to me, I don’t care if you are independent or not if you see me “a man” as one an enemy and two as walking bank. I don’t want your independence. but when Natasha came along in my life I realized what I have been missing all my life.

    here is Natasha, a highly educated woman, has no atittude toward house shores, has no attuide toward me, in her eyes I am a man and she is a woman, she speaks to my mind when I need a friend, I can speak with her for hours in many subjects, she speaks to my heart when I want love.

    in the other hand, my poor old pal.

    married to American woman, she never slept naked next to him in any night since they got married “in her pajamas to keep him away ” , talking about sex, he can’t have it more than once a day “and why the heck did she marry him”,

    God it would be fabulous when they go back as women in our 50’s.

    The main problem is that western women are spreading there “feminist poison all over the word”

    I pray that the Russian girls don’t get infected other wise we will head down town china.


  71. Liviana Says:

    Well it is an interesting read.

  72. Andy R. Says:

    I LOVE this website! Thank you sooo much! I really wish I could go to Russia. 😦 The women are so very beautiful, and you people are so awesome!

  73. Todd Says:

    Okay, this might sound stupid, but how would you recommend acquiring a pen pal with one of these ladies. I am not interested in getting married or starting a relationship. Rather, I would like to get to know more about their culture directly from them and give them insight into mine. Any Ideas?

    1. Jim Says:

      Try a site dedicated to learning Russian language. Until now it has worked for me when looking for friends in other cultures. I am interested in the language but pen pals will usually be happy to talk about their culture.

  74. Super Channel Blog Says:

    The negative comments from many North American women are fueled by their inability to understand the true reasons why ‘their’ men are rejecting the sisterhood.

    I don’t know about Russian men, but in many Asian countries I’ve visited, the Asian men are similarly frustrated when ‘their’ women desire North American men as husbands.

    The North American women rationalize that their men are after nothing but sex and subservient women. The Asian men believe it’s all about money and rich Americans.

    Those men who have Asian wives know it is something else that brings them together.

  75. Walt Says:

    Well, do they have personalities as well? I will admit that they are quite attractive, but do they wear well over time in terms of interpersonal relstions? I have read too many Russian novels perhaps. Also, I just finished an article on “Night Witches from World War II. So, I just want to check. 😉

  76. WARREN Says:

    What is the ‘something else’ that brings American Men and Asian Women together. I just finished reading a survey in a leading men’s magazine that concluded that the majority of American Women when offered a real “true love” relationship over financial security prefer the real love relationship by something like a 3/1 margin. When I read the the thumbnail Bios of the Russian Women at the dating website that I have joined that doesn’t seem to be the case. When their preferences in men are listed looks and age are not deemed as important as attentiveness and financial stability. Many express the desire to be treated like a fairy tale princess. As far as wearing well over time; Of the videos and photos I have seen of Russian/Ukraine Women ages 45 and up I would say about 1/3 of them look very good; Not like they are impoverished at all. (Models and not real life women, perhaps?)

    1. Richard Says:

      There is a very important fact of life that must be considered when you quote any survey regarding modern North American women. That fact is that modern NA women wouldn’t recognize a true answer if it weighed 500 pounds and hung around their neck. Think about it logically for a moment; if NA women overall had dignity, integrity, and traditional values . . . . would any of this even exist? In a word, NO.
      Men around the world go to great lengths to avoid ending up with NA women because their history paints a clearer picture of the truth than any popular, main stream, advertising built magazine survey ever could. Women from almost any country on Earth are more desirable than the ones here in the US and Canada. The women here are shallow, selfish, egotistical, maniacal and dishonest.
      As far as NA women holding their beauty verses Asian or European women, it seems that most Euro women are known for aging better. However, please remember that we men aren’t much better at the process of aging than the women are so it is far more mature to worry about keeping your self in good shape and good health. Concern over how they will age is a very poor measure for choosing a life mate. It makes us look as vain and empty of core values as the NA women are.
      Read a few hundred profiles of NA women in mainstream dating sites some weekend. It is all about 2 things. Do you have “chemistry” which really means looks now days, and do you have money. I have seen at least a hundred women make some version of the statement, “Chemistry is vital so if you have no picture, expect no reply”. Really? Chemistry? Sorry ladies but “chemistry” in a relationship isn’t visible in a photograph. Having been a professional photographer for about 40 years now, I can swear to that statement in a court of law.
      I have met very few women in any walk of life, from any background or country on the planet who doesn’t put security at the very top of her ‘wants and needs’ list. That is a character trait in women that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years and it isn’t likely to change any time soon. That said, everything else on their list comes after money which is where they see all stability and security coming from. And since the 50s, NA women have been taught to marry (and divorce) for profit, just like a side career. So, in conclusion, a NA woman’s security is their first priority and your finances are that security. Accept it or deny it; it doesn’t matter. The truth is the truth and this particular truth is solidified with decades of divorce statistics.

  77. WARREN Says:

    TO Richard: I think you need to re-read what I wrote. I had to go back and re-read it myself to make sure that I indeed said what I intended to say. I too have had very bad luck with American Women which is why I joined the Anastasia/Russian/Ukraine dating website to begin with. Now to deal with your letter point by point. My comment about aging well was made in reference to the idea that these women were impoverished (i.e. malnourished) and somehow desperately trying to claw their way out of their poverty by any means possible and that is why they wanted to leave Russia. Judging from the photos and videos that I have seen this is clearly not the case. It was NOT, as you implied, because I favored looks over everything else. Regarding how well men age, Most middle-aged women that I have asked this question told me that men definitely age better than women; Unless they are obese in which case even a young fat man would still be very unattractive. I will not dispute the idea of chemistry. There really is such a thing and it produces the ‘Love at first sight’ phenomenon. I have experienced it myself and it really has nothing to do with looks. (One girl that I am thinking of actually sort of looked like a frog when she smiled, a CUTE frog mind you.) I was so smitten by her to this day I can’t forget how she made me feel. There are many books that have been written on this. One is, ‘The Chemistry of Love’ by M Liebowitz; Another is ‘The Alchemy of Love and Lust’ by T. Crenshaw, and finally ‘Why we Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romance’ by H. Fisher. True Chemistry has nothing to do with money. Have you never wondered why some of the best looking women seem to go for that guy with the “Rugged Good Looks” (if I could use a kinder phrase.) No, what attracts women to men is a mystery to me. That is why the very First sentence that I originally wrote was a query as to just what that “something else” was (refer back to my original letter). Regarding the money/love point I was trying to make I will simply put the question to anyone out there who would care to answer. Would you prefer to be in a loveless relationship with someone who provided financial security or would you prefer to have a mutually satisfying love relationship that provided complete emotional security but not financial security? My experience with women has taught me that IF GIVEN THE CHOICE OF EITHER OR (which is exactly what I said) Any thinking Woman desires emotional loyalty and fidelity from her mate even above financial security. A man who would give his life for the woman he loves would certainly give her his paycheck even if it is only a pittance. If she considers herself as something purchased by the highest bidder; Who would want such a woman? Of course she would prefer both but that WAS NOT THE QUESTION. Elena Petrova has written a very good book on Russian Women. She also owns a Russian/Ukrainian dating website and she would concur with my statement about the ‘Russian Princess’ mentality. Remember She KNOWS that American Men want Russian/Ukrainian women and it is in her best interest to educate American Men as to what to expect. To be blunt with you, I think she knows more about Russian Women than you do and even she will warn you of the danger that your Russian wife will become Americanized and be just like the kind of woman you were trying to escape if YOU are not careful in your choice. Her website is ELENA’S MODELS. I refer you to her website and to her book. ‘The truth is the truth’ as you have well said. I challenge you to read the Russian lady’s bios for yourself. ATTENTIVENESS and Financial STABILITY are very important to her as are real love and commitment to her and to her children (again, READ the Bios.)I am searching over there. I have corresponded with many ladies and have not found one yet that I would make the trip for BUT having said that I am still convinced that my odds are better for finding the wife I am looking for over there. I am not trying to be unkind here but if you communicate with a Russian/Ukrainian woman and use this type of language to describe American Women she will at worst think you are a misogynist and at the very least boorish and/or uneducated. To restate, My original letter was not intended as a critique of Asian, Russian or American Women. It was intended more like a contribution to the discussion in this forum on Russian Women. I would very much like any Russian Women who have read this exchange between us to contribute their insights to debate.

    1. Richard Says:

      I don’t know how you could have possibly read all of this into my comments. I addressed some of what you said from a different perspective and in no way demeaned you or what you believe in.
      What I said about aging was referred to in your post, “Of the videos and photos I have seen of Russian/Ukraine Women ages 45 and up I would say about 1/3 of them look very good”. I was simply saying that I agreed but that how well someone “holds up” over time should be of little consequence. I never accused you of placing undo importance on it, nor did I say or imply that you personally hold looks above everything else. I was merely stating a thought about it from my point of view. I also didn’t comment on the part about these women being impoverished because I don’t believe that it is a significant factor. Most of the people I know who travel to and throughout the FSU don’t see it as the people there are much worse off than many places here at home. It is also often noted that the women of the FSU make do much better with the resources that they have available to them which only further endears me to them.
      You also might re-read my statement about chemistry. I never said that chemistry does not exist or that chemistry is some sort of fantasy. I said that NA women equate “chemistry” directly to “looks”. Chemistry is something that develops in a relationship when people find out that they bring out the best in each other, grow with each other, compliment and improve each other. Love at first sight is a wonderful thing. I’ve experienced it, too. I long for something like that to happen again. But that doesn’t necessarily have any connection to chemistry in a relationship.
      As far as what I replied to about true love verses security, again, my words had to do with the comment you made about “a survey in a leading men’s magazine that concluded that the majority of American Women when offered a real “true love” relationship over financial security prefer the real love relationship by something like a 3/1 margin” and in a nut shell I say that the magazine survey is complete crap.
      Not that you say it is true or that you believe it or anything else about you.
      Those magazines exist because advertisers make them exist. The real life value of a survey that is bought and paid for by any group hoping to present a favorable view of their agenda is about equivalent to the amount of fish entrails that one could wrap in their pages. I said that the majority of NA women wouldn’t recognize the truth about such things, “if it weighed 500 pounds and hung around their neck.” That is a statement that I stand behind 100%. They answer those surveys the way that they think they should answer them. All of the magazine surveys and talk show psychobabble in the world can not refute the fact that more than 60% of NA marriages fail within 5 years. That isn’t because NA women (or men) are 3 times more interested in a “true love relationship” than anything else.
      Security is the most important thing to most women anywhere in the world. That is a GOOD thing because they are the nurturing, loving, care giving central pillar of a strong family unit. They must be security minded in order to maintain a family while the male is out there pounding down the income to provide that security. At least that’s how it was for most of the time that man has walked the Earth.
      Now, however, divorce for profit has become a recognized form of sustaining a livelihood for NA women. Just ask an IRS agent. Women know that the deck is stacked in their favor. It will most likely always be that way because NA is continually sliding deeper and deeper into a socialist state with ever more women in positions of power and authority. I personally know more low to middle income divorced women that own their own homes than any other demographic. And when I say own I mean own, as in not having a mortgage.
      As far as being blunt with me about a Russian woman who knows more about other Russian women than I do, well, so do about a hundred million other people, I think. But since I was talking about North American women, I don’t get your connection.
      I have been blessed with many wonderful, meaningful relationships with some pretty amazing ladies over the years. There are amazing women on every continent and I know some very special women right here at home but overall, meeting and getting to know women of character today is far more likely to happen in Europe or Asia. Professionally, personally, casually or whatever, there are some things that I have learned and have seen play out over and over again throughout my life. At 57 I can say without hesitation that the most dignity and self respect I have seen in women has consistently been found outside of the US and even outside of all of NA.
      Try not reading so much into the comments of others, especially things that aren’t there.

      1. wolverine Says:

        I would like to point out that about the survey where women wanting true love outnumbered those seeking financial security by 3:1, most people won’t know true love if it hit them in the face with a 9 pound hammer… Many people seem to think that the endorphen high they get while being around each other is love, and when they no longer get that high, that they’ve fallen out of love, so the ‘love’ in that relationship must have been a lie…
        There are two couples in my life that probably have the best relationships I have seen. Neither one really says that they love the other, just that they respect the other. The thing that I see binding them together is a common objective. They may have different personal goals that they want to fulfill, but none of these goals contradicts their objectives. These people argue between 4-6 times a day, but they don’t call names, and they don’t take cheap shots at the other. They settle things right away.
        About the whole vain NA women thing, I’ve seen this fairly often: In highschool, there are guys that the girls won’t look at twice, because he’s not ‘hot’ enough. They’re too interested in the status that dating the members of the football team bring. 10 years later, those guys they were after in high school are still flipping burgers at mcdonalds, and the guys they wouldn’t give the time of day to are doing fairly well. These same girls are now going after these ‘better’ guys so they can live better. And this is what they call ‘love’.
        I have been on a number of dates where I was visiting with the girl, and she’s kinda out of it, and will ask about my education. I say that I study rich people like Napoleon Hill did. She retorts with somethign to the like of, you can’t get rich, but if you do, be sure to call me… Then they ask about my work, and so I tell them. One of the things I”m involved with is a company that stands to make me a LOT of money. Well, then they get all lovey dovey… Boy do their noses get out of joint when I don’t return their calls, emails, or texts…

  78. Richard Says:

    Great post. You have exposed the key in most of our relationship dilemmas.
    It is definitely clear to me that knowing what LOVE is has escaped the modern, NA woman completely.
    I totally agree with your description of the “high” which so many people today refer to as love, when in fact it is nothing more than basic animal lust. I’ve heard people in their 20s and 30s tell me that they’ve been in love “many times” but that the love died after a few months.
    “No my young friends, you were NOT in love”.
    It is also very easy to see that we have both experienced the “chemistry effect” in our lives. In high school I was invisible until I made the football team and then all of the sudden I was part of the crowd. After leaving football to pursue other interests, I dropped off the “nicer girls” radar screens. Then I got a very hot 66 Nova and all of the girls seemed to know me again. That was one of my earliest “chemistry” experiments. Updating that scenario to now, I recently opened two profiles on a popular dating site. One profile had no picture for the first few months and I got ZERO responses. The second profile had a snapshot of me at a baseball game, ready to bat. The second profile got hits that were mostly from older women and a few close to my age. Then I added a picture to the first profile. It was a photo of me next to my Plymouth Prowler. Same data inside the profile but now I get dozens of hits each week and from a wide range of ages and locals. Hmmm.
    While all of this is hardly a scientific study, and surely doesn’t compare to a published magazine survey, it says everything that I need to know about how shallow and vain modern NA women are, as well as what THEY consider “chemistry” to mean.
    Love is a living things which must build and grow and mature with time. Chemistry is a bonus to love; something that accentuates what is already there, making it even better and more meaningful. People can be in love while having no real chemistry together and people can have chemistry together without ever falling in love, but when those two things happen together within a romantic relationship, it is a bond that will never be broken even by death.

  79. WARREN Says:

    TO RICHARD and WOLVERINE: I think we are finally getting to the crux of this three-way on NA Women. When I was in High School (I’m 58) Guitar “Jocks” were ‘COOL’. Since I played in a rock band and did part time studio work I had my own type of attraction for the girls. As you have well pointed out (Richard) this is not real ‘Chemistry’. Real chemistry involves the “love at first sight” phenomenon. It is real. Any one who has ever felt it will testify to it and only someone who has experienced it can know how irrational it truly is. It doesn’t take days or weeks or even hours. It literally happens in minutes. I will again refer anyone who is really interested back to the books I mentioned in my 2ND response. Legitimate Science has started to recognize it’s reality and have done many studies on it. The foremost expert has gone on record with the bold proclamation that she can predict with near certainty which relationships will have any longevity based on just the first few minutes of a meeting. She will also tell you that true Chemistry will not guarantee the survival of the relationship because there is another set of chemicals in the brain that cement the bonding of the relationship that serves to hold the couple together throughout the years of trials and tribulations. Strangely enough it is the same chemical that is released in the mother immediately following childbirth and as any Lamaze mother knows who has tried childbirth both ways it’s onset is powerful and immediate (my ex and I talked about this at length with each other and to others in our group). Neither of these experiences fit the definition of Love although they can certainly be part of it. I want to add only two more comments to what I said in the previous posts. I am looking for a Russian woman because I feel the odds are greater that I will find one who has not been raised by the American Feminists. I don’t believe ALL or even MOST NA and Canadian Women are ‘shallow, selfish, egotistical, maniacal AND dishonest’ but many are; That these women are also found just as readily in Russia/Ukraine (you could add ruthless to this list) and if I am not very, VERY careful I will wind up with the very type of woman that I was trying to avoid (See ANNA’s posts especially #’s 28 and 30). I would like to add a couple of remarks and pose a question as far as the ‘financial security’ aspect.(It is even more pertinent in today’s economic climate). Would either of you want to be married to a woman whose main reason for being with you is your ability to make money? Please understand I am not in any way trying to degrade or ridicule you or the idea. As has been pointed out, you both seem to believe this is not only universal for the woman but also a genetically inevitable consequence; Almost like some type of animal instinct: Survival of the fittest type of thing. I really would just like to know where you’re coming from that’s all. I will tell you something about myself and then close my somewhat verbose post. I was married for 19 years to a woman who finally one night in the midst of a heated argument admitted that the only reason she married me was because she was sure I would take good care of her; That actually, she never really loved me in the first place. This was after 3 children. During the last years of our marriage she threatened divorce almost monthly. I believe she did this because she had used me as a safety net to build a successful career managing a chain of travel agencies. I did take good care of her. She just didn’t need me anymore and as she said; She didn’t love me anyway. She was approaching middle age and she was running out of opportunities to experience life AND love. I cannot begin to tell you how this hurt me because I truly loved her and it was this admission that made me give up and give in to the no-fault divorce she wanted. You see, this is not merely an academic question. For me, It’s the substance of reality. So, would either of you really want a woman who, if she HAD to choose, would choose financial security over love? I can tell you without ANY hesitation. I want a woman who loves me for me and doesn’t see me as a walking wallet. I want to know from the word go if we are at least on the same page with this one. It will of course be up to me to determine if she really knows what love is AND if she really loves me. Oh, one last thing; My ex was one of those ‘love at first sight’ things. It doesn’t always last but it sure kept ME going for a long time! My BEST REGARDS TO YOU BOTH!

  80. Richard Says:

    I certainly understand the things you are saying, even the ones I disagree with. I am in much the same boat as you.
    Back in high school I turned my attention away from sports in favor of making a career out of my photography, and I also played bass in a rock band. My relationship opportunities changed and most often they were short lived flings.
    By the way I turned 57 last week, so we’re even in the same age group.
    When my marriage (the second one) ended it was made clear to me that it had been based entirely on the financial status that I had to offer. And she was a very definite ‘love at first sight’ for me. I first saw her standing in a foreign airport and made several on the spot changes in plan to end up sitting next to her on a bus without even knowing where the bus was going. She spoke some English and I basically knew how to order beer and find a bathroom in her language. We became very emotionally involved in a very short time, even though her first impression when I got on that bus was almost as if I was a stalker or something. With all of that I still do not agree that this is ‘chemistry’ as in the sort of chemistry we are speaking of in deeply meaningful, long term romantic relationships. On that subject we will just have to agree to disagree.
    My perspective on the state of mind surrounding and engulfing the modern NA female is the exact situation which you are trying to avoid in your next relationship. That being the ultra liberal, anti male, feminazi mentality. That mentality is far more prevalent in NA than in any other region on Earth. I say that from my experience, not from any long term psychological studies. I don’t rely on much compiled data unless I know well the authors of that data. We have an overabundance of statisticians waiting to fill any sheet with numbers based entirely on the outcome desired by the sponsors of the study. That’s the Oprah Book Club kinda’ junk and no intelligent person should put any stock in it. My travels along with my personal and professional relationships give me a much better view of what people really mean when they talk because I can see first hand if they are just saying something or actually living their words. When I say that the ‘majority’ of NA women are as I’ve described them it is because I meet and interact with them daily and comparing their words to their lifestyle, they have left nothing to hide.
    We have both been around long enough to know that integrity is a dying concept in every walk of life. I think more so in romance than almost anywhere else simply because the selfishness overrides all else for today’s NA singles. Immediate gratification, self satisfaction before giving any consideration to the other person, leaving with a sense of victory; these are all common earmarks of modern relationships. I see it in my work, I see it in my counseling and I see it in the ever building statistics regarding divorce.
    A 24 year old woman recently told me that she had been in 20 serious relationships in her life. To be honest I still can’t believe that “she” believes what she said. At that age I had been in TWO serious relationships and one had lasted for 3 years. What’s more, I am still in close contact with that woman I was dating for three years back in the early 70s.
    As Wolverine said, most people just don’t know what love is. But therein lies part of the dilemma for us; what yardstick can we possibly use to accurately measure the quality of a modern woman if they have no clue in the world what it is that we are seeking to share with them? Men of our maturity should be like bars of gold to a serious woman of character and dignity, but where are those select few women who fit that bill? The ones I know who are like that are all good personal friends, married to other good personal friends.
    In NA we are fighting to find a rough diamond at the bottom of a muddy, murky, worked out gravel pit.
    To answer your question about wanting to have a relationship based on your bank account, the answer is a resounding “no” but that’s been my point all along. There are few women left with enough dignity and self respect to actually WANT a true, loving relationship. (despite what they might say) They almost ALL want the picture perfect jock hubby that’s in management at his daddy’s company and can afford to buy every little trinket and toy that she desires. It is exactly my point; that I don’t (and no thinking man would) want any woman like that. That’s why I have stayed single for the past 8 years. Believe me, single is only my preference because of the complete lack of integrity among today’s NA women. I’ll take alone over another decade of deception and selfishness from a partner.

  81. wolverine Says:

    Warren, In a word, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To address another point, I understand that Russian women can be cutthroat as well as some of the things NA women are, but I have seen much lower levels of narcissism there, making it more attractive to at least go look…
    I have friends among russian and ukranian girls who we definitely know that we wouldn’t work together as a couple. our goals are too different… 3 of them at least type in almost perfect english.
    One suggested to me that just talking on the internet is useless (like GL does as well), and ones best bet would be to move to Ukraine, Russia, etc., and teach english.
    If girls become interested, just tell them that you are doing the best here that you’ve ever done, and you think you’ll maybe move around, teaching english 6 months here, and 6 months there, etc. But, you have little intention of moving back to your home country… (I’m very close to that point anyways) However, leave a back door open by asking a question like this only once, “If I for some reason absolutely have to move back to my country, would you be ok with coming with me?”
    Over there, an english teacher’s salary is not worth bragging about. You can live on it, and maybe save a bit of extra money, but, it’s won’t provide high standard of living. If she’s fine with that, and wants to build a life together, and your chief aim is in line with hers, and your goals don’t contradict hers, pull the trigger.
    If you’re making money from passive sources in your home country, or from investments, DO NOT bring any of that money into the country you’re looking for a girl in. Set up a VPN that you can track all that stuff from, so no trail is left on your computer. Manage your investments, and check out investments, etc and invest with that money you get passively, but don’t let it be seen. Even go as far as setting up trusts, etc to keep this stuff out of your name in case she tries to find out about you through background checks. All she needs to know is that you have no criminal record…
    I will say that I’m a lot younger than you and Richard. By about 3 decades….
    For any of the rest,…. What Richard said….
    Hope this helps…

  82. WARREN Says:

    WOLVERINE, I think you have helped me to decide my course of action. Evidently you are privy to the same information that I have gleaned from my research on this and have reached the same conclusions that I have. Right now I have two teenagers at home; One of which will be off to college next semester and the other two years from now. Yeats and years ago, before I even thought about marrying a Russian woman, I had a dream that I was living in Russia. I don’t know how many dreams that you remember from all of the ones that you even can recall but I still remember this one so vividly it is like I just dreamed it a few nights ago. I will DEFINITELY look into this as the main goal in my search for a wife. I don’t believe I am as cynical or skeptical as Richard appears to be (although I’m CLOSE). I still think (like you) that my best shot is to look over there and DITTO on what you said about money. I am all of that with the investments and such. We’ll keep in touch so check in on this site from time to time. LATER: WARREN

  83. wolverine Says:

    Of course. Good luck in your search… 🙂

  84. BadgerGuy Says:

    Interesting website. Very glad I found it. Thought Richard and Wolverine had some good comments about NA women.
    I agree and find it sad that even in my own family I see what you gentlemen are talking about. Women who are only concerned with status, money, and they have no clue what a real relationship or “love” is, and I get to listen to them B**** about it at family gatherings.
    Anyway I am turning 31, a disabled vet, and since I can’t serve anymore, I am finishing up college and I want to teach English in Russia. Not because of the women,(now an interest for sure!) but I always was interested in Russia/USSR. Anyway…everyone I talk with was discouraging me and telling me awful things about Russia, the women, etc. Whats funny is that NA women who have never met a Russian woman tell me all the “awful” traits of the Russian Women.
    So in doing some checking thats how I came to this site. So I wanted to say hello to you all, introduce myself, and say I look forward to reading your posts and gaining insight from new people. –Badger

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