Feminist Censorship at Work
Scroll down to see an image of the Banned Award from Aug 7th, 2006 which was removed the following day.

Please read the Editor’s initial positive commentary about “Russian Women the real truth” and then read how quickly his tone changes in the discussion thread below.

If you would like to see this Award re-instated please contact the editor of BESTBLOG on WordPress HERE.

Also you can track the latest developments of this issue with the links below. Be sure to read all of the associated visitor comments below these posts as well.


(to learn more about how the feminist can stop you click here)

Update – Oct 9th, 2006 

A little bit of nice redemption.   We made the WordPress Top 10 Hotblog list.  Maybe we are back in the running.


14 Responses to “Banned Award”

  1. Dennis Moser Says:

    Borderline obscene ???? To who ?? There was nothing obscene on this site untill the other 50% of the population submitted crud and inflamitory subject matter.

    What I find obscene Michael, is your weak spined character.

    I bet dollars to dounuts you cruise over to this site more often then you are willing to admit.

    You can be categorized as a closet blogger. I wonder what else you do in the closet so the other 50% won’t be repulsed by you.

    If you are so needy of the other 50% acceptance, that you are so easily coerced into an act of blatant discrimination. I am sorry for your pain.

    Michael, you really need to get some self respect. This representive of your 50% is disgusted and ashamed of you.

    What is you parents phone number? I want to call them and tell them about the weak kneed failure they produced!

  2. rw_man Says:

    Hi Dennis..

    I know it’s a bit of a confusing scenario isn’t it.. there’s more to this story but you get the gist of what’s going on here..

  3. Canuck Says:

    Your fight against the feminazi’s…

    nomarriage.com is nomarriage.com because so many men are disgusted with Western women–who are the products of the feminazi movement. In other words, your site, comments and supporters are not a band of subversives, but, rather merely a tip of the huge majority of real men who are left to try to find impossible happiness from the socially subverted Western women–socially subverted by the feminists. This is truly an East V. West values and power struggle. Now, even the politicians are either frightened by the “f****s” or in political bed with them. So, who now represents social normalcy? Vote with your feet.

    What philosophy promotes extreme feminism? When you discover this you will understand why lesbians like Melissa Ethridge just thanked “My wife and ‘my children'” during a 2007 Oscar presentation. How did we go from 1950’s West to having our children adopted by these people? The answer is the philosophy/religion which undermines social normalcy.

    Imagine you and your Russian wife have your family of, say 2 young kids. You die tragically in a car accident. You have no family except your own. So, applications are made by Melissa’s friends to adopt them so that your kids can be raised by a “loving” family(?). Etc., etc. And all along we were told that they simply wanted a life without social persecution.

    One of the many reasons to seriously consider voting with your feet. I love the people and values of Russia so much that I am now changing countries. I can no longer stomach the litany of social nightmares and the war against personal and social normalcy which exists in the West.

    Why can only Melissa’s sista’s and brotha’s parade nude in downtown wherever in the West, protected and coddled by my police, when straight people would be arrested or denied the permit or otherwise prosecuted under the full letter of the law? Again the answer is extreme feminism and the philosophy/religious values which promote it all the way down your throat–under the guise of the broad banner of “human rights”.

    Same with anything else on their agenda to undermine social normalcy. Essentially, all such legal underpining, as “human rights” is nothing more than the legalspeak for the war on social normalcy–paved by the illusion that it’s all about creating a just and fair society.

    In some political circles, when you want to reduce a mountain to dust, you employ a legal and social tactic known as “steppism”. A little at a time until your agenda changes social normalcy to an alien philosophy.

    Your j/chr society is taking your common sense normalcy and making it civilly illegal. They are massively funded, and, yes, there is a broad social war, on every conceiveable social issue–including your site which piques the deep-seated feeling among normal people everywhere that the West is terribly, terribly socially nightmarish.

    So, expect the assault against your site to become more aggressive, the more that normal Western men and women voice their deep inner voice of social normalcy.

    I will support you from a distance, while fighting to keep Russia free from the Western social plague which, so clearly produces the girls of our dreams.

    I ask you, who bring them to you, to the West, to guard who and what your Eastern girls and their children are, and against this social and civil plague. Do not relent. Teach them that social and civil normalcy are not instinctive values which can be defeated by “steppism”.

    You must institute the political/legal devices which advocate for all which appeals to your social common sense. Normalcy is not a social dark ages value system. Your and my values, which oppose all the excesses of feminazism, are our connection to God as we know it, with or without religious backing.

    Watch the assaults against the anti-feminazi’s become more and more vicious, the more that the values of normalcy, now only found in the East, challenge their “steppism”. Do not recant or remounce that which is fundamentally merely social “normalcy”.

    Happy to have found your site. Bonsai.

  4. Canuck Says:

    Great allies… http://www.canlaw.com

    Seek our “global” allies. And please keep in mind that many who support social normalcy are not English speakers. Link or fight one against the many–everywhere.

    And number 2 and wonderfully clear from the current links–real men and real women are natural allies when they are “real” and “normal”.

    Feminism is neither real nor normal. And neither is the philosophy which advocates it.

    Why not develop the international languages links? Normal/real is normal/real everywhere. Our enemies already use this political tool. Better to use this tool against them, instead of silently allowing international advocacy to be systematically used against us.

  5. Luke Skywalker Says:


    It has been several days now, and all of my and your posts on Digg, including the ones against feminism, are still up. It seems at this point that they and any future posts will be up indefinately.
    In addition to this, a sizable group of conservative people (mostly classic GOP conservatives) is beginning to see me as “one of their own”. The icing on the cake is that this bloc is really quite good at covering for each other in a variety of different ways. (i.e., sticking up for one another against socialists and liberals who throw bombs at / vote down their group members’ comments.) Consequently, if anything happens to our posts (for instance, on account of a future feminist censorer) I can probably convince this group of people to throw their friend (me) a bone by retaliating in our favor, which they should be able to do quite effectively.

    Another piece of icing on the cake is that some of them love to read our antisocialism and antifeminism articles.

    Therefore as far as we can tell, all past, present, and future threats to your ability to be on Digg have been neutralized.


    Now we are going to focus on Phase 2 of Operation: De-Censorship, which is getting you back on BestBlog.
    Perhaps we should write a petition to put you back on BestBlog, put it on Petitionspot.com, and give our supporters a link to it. What do you think?


  6. rw_man Says:


    Thanks for checking back in with Digg to see what’s going on. I’m happy to hear that you are networking with other political and social conservatives who can help to broaden your reach and impact.

    Keep up the great work..


  7. Luke Skywalker Says:

    Actually I’ve been doing some thinking, and I actually think that it will be more productive to focus on Phase 3: Getting you back on Hotblog first before focusing on Phase 2: Getting you back on Bestblog.

    Now Phase 3 will be a daunting task, but maybe perhaps less daunting than convincing Michael and the gang to put you back on their blog after they’ve had you off for so long.

    Now I’m going to say right now that you were probably right when you said that there may be nothing we can do unless we have a sympathizer in WordPress’s parent company (which we don’t.)

    But it IS possible to have at least a partial victory in Phase 3. Now, to do this, we will actually use a strategy that I first mentioned more than a month ago. I will get my blog consistently up on TopBlog, and when people click on it, I already have half a dozen things on that blog telling people to go to your blog. Additionally, in my site description, I will have the words “Please Also Visit https://russianwomen.wordpress.com/
    So whenever people see the TopBlog page and see my blog on it, they will see that as well.
    Now in order to get my blog on TopBlog consistently, I will work very hard on getting a big network with other bloggers. As you mentioned, this is probably the best way to get a consistent source of viewers.

    Putting a thread about the blog on a large forum is an OK way, and Patriot has definately shown us the effectiveness of this strategy, but it is unfortunately not a viable way for a consistent source of viewers because although threads on these forums drive a huge amount of viewers to the sites (as you yourself saw), they die down quick. Also when I have tried this myself, I found that mods and members of large forums are often ornery, and my stuff has gotten deleted within 5 minutes every time.

    But nevertheless, these forums do provide some use, and eventually what we are going to do is to get a “forum specialist” to take care of this situation, and to put threads about our blogs on popular forums. It takes a special kind of finesse to do this, since our blogs are (unfortunately) tough sells to most forum admins.

    Anyway, back to the main plan. I am going to create a very extensive network of links with many bloggers: antifeminist, MRA, and even those that aren’t.

    And to be honest, it’s going to be a huge project involving getting links from something like 375 other blogs to my blog. Because the average blog that links to me is giving me something like 2 referrals a day (some blogs more, some blogs less, depending on size of blog). I am calculating this from the fact that on the day on which I got onto TopBlog because of Patriot, I had around 750 referrals. Now, I still have a little bit of Spring Break left, so if its going to be done, it will have to be done now while I have time.


  8. Burke Says:

    Stick to your guns; it’ll all work out for the best.

  9. Calvin Says:

    I would challenge the people who banned GL to read this post. Show or send this to them. Let them ponder over the real issue at hand.

    The very first amendment in the Bill of Rights grants the freedom of speech. This was the very first amendment! It was so important that our founding fathers saw the need to establish these rights because they remembered the corrupt fascist censorship of speech, religion, and of the press in Europe. There were people in power back in Europe who found some of the beliefs and opinions of their people offensive, so they forced censorship on the masses in every facet of life.

    “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime . . . .” — Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart

    Censorship is the war machine of the fascist regime. Fascist ideology is flawed by nature and only a flawed ideal needs to protect itself by silencing all opposition. Fascists will justify totalitarianism not by changing their flawed ideology but by hiding their ideology in semantics. They will tout their way as truth and the only truth. They will claim that all opposing views are bigoted, and fancy words will humanize the inhumane. To a mislead people it was ok to enslave blacks because they were N-words and inferior to whites. It was ok that Hitler and the Germans killed millions of Jews because the Jews were evil. Fascism is a disease that infects the masses. It pollutes and deludes what is right and wrong by twisting words into a web of deceit. Only a fascist concept needs censorship, and it indeed reflect a lack of confidence in the base ideology protected by fascism.

    The loudest voice are not always the right ones, and sometimes the man doing the right thing is the only person standing. GL’s website does not contain violent or graphic sexual content, and at most he disagrees with a flawed fascist ideology called Feminism. Anti-feminism needs to be differentiated from misogyny in that Anti-Feminism is the hatred of the ideology not the woman. If anything GL and myself have an admiration for woman in their purest form; the way that thousands of years of social and genetic evolution created them to be. Instead of listening to the loudest voices against GL, he should be given his right. Censoring him is a great insult to modern society and our basic human rights. By censoring him you insult the readers by assuming they cannot decide for themselves to believe or not to believe what GL is writting.

  10. I got a feeling eventually my blog is going to be banded or censored as well!

  11. Byrdeye Says:

    Feminism = lies.
    Free speech allows truth.
    Therefore, feminism is anti-free speech because they are anti-truth.

    You will see this time and again on the net with Stalinist comment moderation, MRA blog deletions and heavily thought-policed “safe spaces.”

  12. Dawn Says:

    Byrdeye, regardless of the truth of your premises…that is an invalid logical argument if ever I saw one!

    x is y
    The group ‘Z’ includes not-y
    Therefore x is not-Z

    Socrates is ‘a man’
    Humanity includes ‘a woman’
    Therefore Socrates is not human

  13. John Says:


    I think that Byrdeye meant:

    Let feminism = x, truth = y, and free speech = z.

    And his argument then becomes:

    If (since) x does not include y, and z does include y,

    then x does not include z.

  14. RAB Says:

    John Please don’t try to explain things that make logical sense to women who pride them selves on feelings of femnazi pride rather than logical common sense. If us guys are not worth your time Leave us alone. We are much happier without you in our lives. thats why the average unmarried man lives longer Only in the US 🙂

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