American Girls

OK let’s be completely honest here.

We Men are physically attracted to Younger Ladies..

Always have been and always will be..

And this is something that none of us need to make the slightest justification or excuse for because of a very simple reason.

This attraction is completely Hard Wired into our brains.

And there is simply NOTHING that any jaded feminist can say or do to alter this unless of course you actually decide to go into hiding like some poor wimp over some stupid name calling on their part.

Now the evolutionary biologists out there will state that we Men are attracted to Younger Women because we realize that they are still fertile and can bear healthy children etc..

Well I think that’s all nice and good but in reality the things I’m sure we notice most are the way Beautiful Younger Women LOOK, SOUND and make us FEEL.



Growing up in the US I have vivid memories of being brought up in a culture just filled with serious talkers.

At times it just seemed like everyone was trying very hard.. often too hard..  to be their own Marketing or PR agent.

Now of course I know that in our freemarket system of living and doing business it’s often imperative to represent these titles in order to get ahead. But I believe that something important got lost in translation especially when it came to how American Men and Women communicate to each other.

No where does this deficit seem to be so obvious as to when I listen to the general population of American Women talking.

Part of me wants to be just outright cynical and characterize it as  just a bunch of blah blah blah..

But this post deserves a better explanation so I will state that the biggest problem I have is with the actual VOLUME (both in word count and decibel level) and the often unpleasant egotistical ATTITIDE that many of these women “try” to “express” themselves with.

Now if you are from the US and you’ve never been to Russia or the FSU it would be easy to think that this style of “womanly” banter is just the natural state of affairs for the female species.  However once you arrive here you will begin to notice that the local beauties walking around here have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way of carrying themselves both appearance and conversation wise.


I think you Guys maybe right.

Even if there are more available Women on the US East Coast I’m sure there are other obstacles to contend with in relation to finding someone you can be more attracted to.

I saw this Graph and decided that it was worth posting for you to ponder over as well.


Now I know that there is no data here separating Men from Women so I’ll just assume that the split is roughly equal.

But obviously I think we are on to something “BIG” If 30 percent of the US population has a Body Mass Index greater then 30 which by the way is considered to be in the Obese Category by the American National Institute of Health.

Keep in mind that this is probably only the tip of the proverbial iceberg since an Index between 25 to 29.9 is also considered overweight. And in case your wondering.. a normal weight range is classified between 18.5 to 24.9.

So aside from all of these numbers..

Are you starting to get the picture in terms of what seems to be a “growing” problem in the Good Ol’ US of A?

You will notice that Russia IS NOT listed on this graph.

Maybe it’s because there’s no figures available.

Or maybe it’s because the slim figures that I see walking around everyday is actually the norm.

In anycase I’ll let you Gentlemen be the judge..

So sound off on what you’ve seen especially if you’ve been to Russia and can make the comparison.

Although I didn’t have accurate figures like what you see below I always knew that something was very wrong with the Female situation in California and especially in Silicon Valley.

Well now I have solid proof.

In any-case I’d be real interested in getting feedback on where some of you Gentlemen live according to this Map.

Would you consider moving to the East Coast, Chicago or Detroit as a decent option given the greater numbers of Women there?

Anyways let me know what you think.

Cheers, GL


I recently had a chance to talk to a charming and statuesque young lady named Natasha who had spent last summer in the US under a 4 month Work and Travel Visa.

She went to Maryland and waitress-ed in a family restaurant which gave her a unique perspective on “the norms” of American eating and dining.

So to put it mildly..

She was completely shocked at the sheer volume of food that could be consumed by a single human being in one sitting.

She was even more shocked when she realized that this National Geographic moment of bi-pedal hunters devouring their “Grand Slam” prey did not limit itself to just the Male Species.

Now she had always heard the classic stereotypes about a large percentage of American Women who are “healthily fed” and run no risk of wasting away anytime soon.

But for any Russian Girl to hear about this is one thing..

To see it for themselves..

Is another thing all together..

Now in the interests of not wanting to throw Russian – American Relations back another 20 years or so…

Allow me to gracefully avoid the stunned impressions of a young Siberian Girl in America and detour around what Natasha described to me about the physical appearance of many of the Women she met..


When I was in High School I think I probably had the biggest crush in the Entire Universe for a girl named Kate Shanons.

Kate was magnificent..

She was quiet and soft spoken.

She was also kind and willing to give a guy like me the time of day.

And this is why I probably fell in love with her..

As fate would have it.. She was also easily the most Beautiful Girl I had ever seen during my 4 years in High School.. if not during my ENTIRE LIFE..

All 15 years of it that is..

If her long curly brunette hair, cobalt blue eyes and petite 5 foot 5 frame didn’t kill you..

Then her elegant and sympathetic smile would..

Right around this time Hollywood released “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields playing the part of a teenage beauty who was stranded on a remote South Pacific island with only another teenage boy to keep her “company”.

Now as much as I dreamed about being stranded on a deserted island in similar circumstances with Kate Shannons that wish simply wasn’t going to come true.

Because Unfortunately I don’t think I was the only young man in that High School who felt that way.


Think back for a second..

When was the last time you’ve actually seen a Woman making clothes?

Or even doing minor repairs with them.

Now I’m sure some of you may know someone who is a skilled tailor but on the whole is this something that you really feel is common with the Women around you?

I’m willing to bet that this is exceedingly rare with most Modern Women and if that’s the case..

Then the ability for Women to make their own clothes is a dying art form is the West.

From my own perspective this is something that I have known ever since I was young as I started noticing old Singer sewing machines being tossed out in the garbage or pawned off as antiques in some garage sale..

Ok.. So maybe somewhere in the Modern Woman’s mind there is a belief which says that making your own clothes can never be as good as buying them at the local department store and racking up huge credit card charges in the process.

Maybe they actually BELIEVE that they look better, sexier, classier, or even more hip as long as they can spend endless hours of window shopping in some mega-mall to find the magic outfit that will turn them into the next hot modeling talent waiting to be discovered by some guy in Paris named Pierre’.

But then again..

Isn’t it going to be kind of hard to pull this off especially if sweats, t-shirts and tennis shoes seem like the constant IN thing for them?

So I scratched my head and started to think..

“Maybe there are more women who actually want to be the next MTV hip hop VJ then I thought..”


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