Well I can’t say I’m surprised..

But its still nice to know that these ladies are getting some positive international recognition.

Ms. Kseniya Sukhinova is practically my neighbour since she come from the gritty industrial city of Tyumen.

I wish this young lady the best and I’m sure that her reign as Miss World 2008 will be a positive one.


(Just in case your wondering here are some other photos from the Miss Russia 2008 contest leading up to Miss World.)


Greetings Everyone,

I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and depth of the latest discussions being initiated by some of you.

You individuals have deep insight and important points to convey in your posts and I of course greatly appreciate all of the wisdom that you have to share collectively.

For example, these last few threads related to the disastrous consequences of competition within a marriage is quite valuable and I’m sure large numbers of our readers will benefit greatly from the various points made.

We are getting a growing number of comments posted and I may not be able to answer all of them in a timely manner since I’m trying to focus on providing as much quality content for you as possible.

Please do not think that I’m ignoring anything that’s said here because on the contrary I’m glued to my PC following every aspect of this blog just like many of you it seems.

Because of this I feel a special responsibility to move this site forward as much as possible and that simply means that like all of us I have a little prioritization to do.

In the meantime many of you are stepping up to the plate and taking up the slack with your own written inspirations which I enthusiastically encourage you to do.



I think the most impressive thing is to hear her actually speak. Looking at a picture is one thing, but to get a sense of who she is spoke to me the most.


Well as finally promised we are posting more videos of Mascha answering some earlier questions that were submitted from an earlier post.

Thanks to all of you for being patient..

But most of all thanks to Mascha for volunteering her time and energy for all of us.


I’m happy to announce that our lovely friend Mascha has returned.

She’s looking forward to communicating with all of us again with her interesting insights and charming commentary.

It’s great to have her wonderful personality back.

Not to mention her ability to grace this blog with such sublime beauty.

Feel free to give her a friendly hello.

In the meantime here are some long awaited photos to see…



This Saturday.. March 8th Gentlemen.

MAKE SURE you congratulate EVERY Russian Woman or FSU Lady that you know and simply tell her the following..

“Congratulations and Happy Woman’s Day!”

(Carefully notice the sincere joy and appreciation that is returned to you with something so simple as this.)

OK that’s the bare minimum to start with.

Now the actual tradition usually has Men volunteering to do the cooking and cleaning for one day along with a affectionate dose of flowers, gifts or a dinner date at some nice restaurant.

But whatever you do keep in mind that for a Russian Woman this day is BIGGER and MORE IMPORTANT then even Valentines Day.

If there are no men around then the women will congratulate themselves with their own little party and sometimes give gifts to each other. This is very typical in any workplace where there are mostly women present.

Any man present in this situation is expected to play the role of the host who will keep their glasses filled and their plates occupied with fruit slices, cakes or other sweets. Vodka, Cognac and Wine are also very popular drinks during this event as well and frequent glowing toasts are given towards each other in honor of these great, humble and incredibly hardworking ladies.


I would like to wish everyone of you Ladies and Gentlemen an Incredibly Happy New Years. 

I’ve had a little bit of time to reflect just how much my life has advanced since I’ve been out here dealing with these incredible women.  

I think the most important thing to contemplate for all of us Men is how much you yourself can grow from the experience of having a special woman like this in your life.  

It’s easy to think about what will “she” do and how can “she” adjust if and when you finally match up and start a new life together.   However to focus primarily on this I believe would be a mistake. 

I truly believe it really comes down to how much you as a Man can change for her.  Because trust me on this guys.  If you find the right one then this is what you will need to do. 

And yes she will benefit from it.. but I believe that you will even more.

A final 2007 note..

Gentlemen make sure you wish any Russian Lady that you are communicating with an enthusiastic Happy New Years too.  This should go without saying but remember that this is the biggest holiday in the year for them and gifts are traditionally given at this time and not so much on Christmas. 

Take care everyone..  May your dreams of love, health and success all come true..


I’ve been on an extended business trip to a different city and I’ve had precious little time to do anything for this blog for a while.  However I had a little breather to catch up and answer some comments and I’m also posting some additional pictures of one of my lovely friends Anna because one of our readers requested it.  




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