Good Habits

Olga is a new friend of ours who also happens to be a fitness nut.

(Shouldn’t we all be as well..)

She’s recently graduated from her university where she studied English and she’s ready to see what the real world is like.   Aside from a 4 day a week fitness routine you can also see that she is a real softie for cats..  (aren’t we all..)

Masha introduced her to me and I thought she was a very sweet girl so I asked her to share some of her photos for all of us to enjoy.


First off..

I’d like to wish a very special Happy Valentines Day to all the Lovely Ladies I know who read and enjoy this blog.

You know who you are and you certainly deserve all the Romance, Love and Joy in the world.  🙂


I’d like to tell you Gentlemen that if you haven’t already done so then please make sure that you also give your most heartfelt Valentines Day wishes to every Russian or FSU Lady you know.  

Because I tell you they really deserve it.

Valentines Day is also highly celebrated in Russia and the FSU. 

And as you can guess every Russian Woman’s dream is to receive a special batch of flowers, cards and of course chocolates..

So Gentlemen make sure you go out and make some lucky lady’s dreams come true.  🙂

Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone back in a time machine about 50 years.

One day you’re in your home town, and gore-tex, raggedy jeans, army pants, and thong revealing low riders are the norm.

A few days later and ones over here observing the billowing skirts and slinky dresses abounding in copious quantities.

From a mans perspective, where would you rather be?

It’s like in the west the attitude is to choke off as much femininity as possible, excepting exceptional events like weddings or formal occasions.

In the attempt to be individualistic, the women in the west seem to have ironically developed a style that for all the world mimics the stagnant shapeless clothing of something from an older Communist China!

Or they go overboard with revealing clothing to attract attention .. except it had better be the right guy giving her the attention buddy or else.



If you want an Interesting Girl.. Be an Interesting Guy..


If you want a Incredible Relationship.. Make sure you know what it takes to have an Incredible Relationship..

And the list goes on and on..

So besides the obvious.. why are these points so relevant in your search for some incredible woman on this side of the world?


It’s because I can see a clear difference between the Men with the right magic who have successful relationships..

And the ones that don’t.

So what is this magic you ask?

It’s called..

S A C R I F I C E..

So let me elaborate..


Well the beautiful and shy lady that I talked about inWhy It’s Hard for Russian Women to Show Feelings” is finally on her way to New York and Miami today.

There’s an interesting story here because of how she decided to “prepare” herself for this trip.

Aside from the excellent progress she’s made in practicing her English… She must have still thought that the US is populated with millions of beautiful models running around because she said that it was necessary for her to “look her best” before she arrived.

Now keep in mind that this lady is about 5 feet 7 inches tall with a perfectly proportioned muscular body due to the fact that she swims 2 kilometers 5 days a week. Her nearly waist length blond hair along with her jade green eyes and high cheek bones would easily get her into the finals of any beauty contest in the world..

Or into the Playboy Mansion..

Even with all of these “attributes” she still told me that she wanted to lose 3 extra kilos (6.6 lbs) so that she could comfortably walk around Miami as she says in her summer clothes (or lack there of).

So when her surprising words finally registered in my brain.. my face must have dropped off the table and bounced on the floor as I said..

Woman are you Crazy?!
Why in the Hell do you want to lose any more weight?


From L.D.

I took the train home last weekend. A four hour ride, I was sitting close to 6 young college girls, some were cute to look at, until you hear them talk. Once they open there mouths, zero attraction. There minds are just trash, and these are girls in university? Everythings about, money, power, control, complaining, there jokes were all about bashing other people. Re: boyfriends, North American girls are always looking for “the better deal”.

About halfway through the trip we stopped to let people get off. A bunch of girls were getting off, it took a few min’s for them to depart; I noticed something different about them, different energy, very patient, very happy, constantly smiling, being nice and polite to each other (respectful). Just as they were walking off the train I could over here what they were saying; they were eastern European or Russian. That’s why they had a different vibe… very calm, relaxed energy… that’s what I’m looking for… a very calm, kind, respectful but sensual girl that’s always smiling and quick to laugh.


Today I overheard one of my married lady friends named Lena talking with her girlfriends about how much they love to watch “Desperate Housewives” and “Sex in the City”.

I was contemplating a good cry in my coffee as I thought to myself..

“Oh No..”

“The Cultural Assimilation of Russia has just reached another milestone. All of these perfectly wonderful women are about to get ruined with another volley of Anti-Male Hollywood propaganda.”

“We are all DOOMED..”



Watching a Russian Woman eating a meal is like a ZEN Meditation exercise in..

P A T I E N C E . . . .

(now breath deeply.. and say.. Ooooooommm)

Now the 1st thing you notice.
Is just how precisely but SLOWLY she uses her fork and knife to work with her food.

The 2nd thing you notice.
Is the Microscopic amount of food she actually places on her fork and SLOWLY lifts to her mouth..

The 3rd thing you notice.
Is just how SLOWLY she chews on her food and the number of times she actually chews on it.. usually about 10 mouse-like nibbles before she FINALLY swallows it.

And finally the 4th thing you notice.
Is just how much she goes into STEALTH NINJA mode while eating.. Or in other words she waits till you are distracted or talking before she SNEAKS a bite out of her food.


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