God I love it..

But I certainly feel sorry for the poor bastards who find themselves faced with this most dangerous Ukrainian Secret Weapon…

I don’t know where this photo came from..

But apparently this is some type of military day parade showcasing a squad of lovely and sexy Ukrainian Ladies in “full dress” and in marching formation.

Hmm I think it’s time to take a “vacation” to the Ukraine sometime soon..

Any of you guys been there and seen anything like this?



Have you ever had the pleasure of being in the presence of a lady who just oozed with Sexual Chemistry?

Did you ever try to figure out just what her magic formula was that so easily sucked you into her charms?

Maybe it was the sly smile she laid on you when she first walked into the room.

Maybe it was a flirtatious coyness combined with a body language that commanded you to “come hither”.

Or maybe it was just the fact that “you knew”…

…that “she knew” EXACTLY what she was going to do to you…

Along with specific how, when and where’s too…

In any-case if this ever happened to you then I’m sure that you will not likely forget this experience anytime soon… if at all.

So on that note let’s just say that these photos are dedicated to that theme.



I know this might be hard to believe…

But you will not believe just how many Beautiful Girls I’ve met here who DO NOT believe that they look like models…

My friend Snejana is a classic example of this.

Incredibly modest with her self-image and completely bewildered by the fact that I would want to grace this blog by taking photos of her.

She asked,

“Why would they want to see me when I see so many beautiful girls in American films?

I simply answered,

“Just wait and see for yourself..”

Well Gentlemen it took a long time to convince Snejana to share her lovely presence with us but I believe that a little patience has paid off.

If you agree with this assessment then by all means please chime in and let’s hope that this isn’t the first and last time she pays us a visit.



I didn’t quite know what to do with these photos of some previous ladies that you’ve already seen here..

But I’m willing to bet that you Gentlemen wouldn’t mind it at all if I still posted them.

Cheers.. 🙂



Well I’ve finally decided to sit down and spell out the important things that you should know in knowing how to interact with a Russian / FSU Lady that you wish to have a relationship with. 

Over the following days and weeks I will introduce some valuable information for you to absorb and hopefully take to heart. 

Now from my own personal experience I know that the decision to bring a traditional Russian lady into your life is a profound experience.. 

And I believe that the most important thing you need to understand is this..

This is NOT about finding a woman who can completely accept you for “who you are”.

Now I know this may sound harsh but there is a great deal of truth in this..

I say this because I’ve met a significant number of Western Men who FAIL to understand that the process of successfully bringing a woman into their life..

Requires CHANGE and HARD WORK..


.. and LOTS of HARD WORK.

And most men TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE how much effort is required to succeed.

Now on one side of the scale you may have Mr. Socially Unacceptable making a futile search for a “desperate woman” who he hopes will “easily” accept him.

And on the other side you may have Mr. Analytical looking for the step by step play book that he needs to follow in order to win the heart of a special girl.

Well in both cases nothing could be farther from the truth..

Sure you could pick up the latest Men’s Health or Maxim Magazine and read all about the “right techniques” that you “should” use to improve your love life..

And yes..  there is probably some value in between those glossy pages..


There is a much deeper goal which needs to be accomplished first.

And that would be to firmly establish your IDENTITY as a Traditional and Real MAN.


OK Gentlemen think back for a second.

When was the last time any of you guys actually saw a truly EXOTIC WOMAN?

(And No I’m not talking about the sexy fantasy art they put on video game covers either.)

I’m talking about the Real Deal.

I’m talking about an Exotic Woman who comes from an equally Exotic Culture.

An Exotic Woman who could simply sway a certain part of her body in a serpentine-like way and instantly put any Man before her into a spellbound trance.

An Exotic Woman who actually causes Men to seriously calculate the pros and cons of selling their souls in return for the burning touch of a wanton blaze of primal glory.

Or in other words an Exotic Siren who could instantly make anyone of us Guys have a sudden urge to yell out…


Well I’ve had the privilege and “adventure” in actually meeting such a woman.

And when it happened I suddenly realized why we Men have had a long standing tradition of comparing women like this to BOMBS.

Very Big Bombs..

High-yield, Bunker-Busting, Thermo-Nuclear ones..

In any case I never dreamed that I would someday end up personally thanking Genghis Khan for his unique contributions to Russian History.

But then again I never knew what a Tartar Girl was like until I encountered this..


Mascha is out of town right now but I had the opportunity to tell her about how gracious you have been in appreciating her videos.

Her response?

Well let’s see..

  • In spite of her face turning a light shade of red..
  • Or the absolute surprised look of disbelief that came from her eyes of blue..
  • Of maybe even her non-stop giggling that reminded me of being back in grade school..

I think it’s safe to say..

That you really made her day.

Now I have a strange observation to make but I think it’s a fitting one given that I was just the messenger and on the receiving end of her “response”.

So here goes..


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