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I think the most impressive thing is to hear her actually speak. Looking at a picture is one thing, but to get a sense of who she is spoke to me the most.


Well as finally promised we are posting more videos of Mascha answering some earlier questions that were submitted from an earlier post.

Thanks to all of you for being patient..

But most of all thanks to Mascha for volunteering her time and energy for all of us.


I’m happy to announce that our lovely friend Mascha has returned.

She’s looking forward to communicating with all of us again with her interesting insights and charming commentary.

It’s great to have her wonderful personality back.

Not to mention her ability to grace this blog with such sublime beauty.

Feel free to give her a friendly hello.

In the meantime here are some long awaited photos to see…



Our lovely Mascha will be back soon.

I thought this might be a good opportunity for you to present her with any questions that you might have about her or her background as a Russian Girl on the comments section below.

I’m sure she’s looking forward to this..

So let’s see what kind of interactive adventures we can have here.


Ok I’m slowly working my way back to spending more time with you folks.

I’ve been busy getting Mr. Newexpat into the Russian groove so to speak.

He is finally situated into a nice place and has had enough time to take a good inventory of his new surroundings.

I could go on about the little adventures we’ve had in relation to this…  But the bottom line is this..

I think he’s happy..

And this is something that you will get a chance to learn for yourself since I’m pleased to announce that Mr. Newexpat will be contributing some posts to this blog periodically.

His experiences and perceptions will be valuable because they are fresh and coming from a Man who has just literally stepped out of one world and into the next.

So go ahead and fire off any questions directly to him about his time here so far.

And of course please give him a round of applause for making it here, welcome him aboard and “spread the love”.

Hey GL,

I thought of something while tending bar the other night. American girls, I’ve noticed, have grown more and more “okay” with making out with other girls (and other forms of intimacy)… I see it all the time in bars, clubs, and on TV! Why do you think this is, and is it prevalent among females in Russia? Seems like just one more of the un-lady like qualities of american women… They are all warped! Interested to hear your thoughts.

Rock & Roll,

Hi Will,

Yes.. This IS an interesting subject.. And actually it’s quite a deep one too. We won’t be talking about Russian Women with this post so much but it’s still important to better understand what Feminism has done to our Culture in the US and Western Countries. Because once we do this we can really appreciate what Russian women offer us that much more.

So accordingly I’ll need to break this up into a few parts in order to give you the real deal. Cause as always what you see on the surface reveals much about our society and the part we choose to play in it..

So please bear with me as we start with this..


Hello GL

I went to Russia last year to meet a very special girl. She is 37 and I’m 53 now. I had the best time of my life, and I have found the girl I want to marry. I still remember the places we went to, and the good times we had. I also remember the night before I had to leave her. As we were laying next to each other in the dark, my arm around her, I felt the tear drops falling. She didn’t make any sounds, but I know she was hurting. She says she loves me very much, and I love her too. She also tells me that if I can’t wait for her, I should find someone else closer. I don’t want any one else. All I want, is to be with her. Could she be telling me that she doesn’t want to wait? I hope not.



Because of the latest incidents concerning the BANNING of our BESTBLOG Award on Aug 8th there has been a number of comments and new developments that are especially noteworthy in how they relate to the Feminist wanting to prevent Western Men from finding true love overseas. I have decided to post a few of them in this round of Q&A 004

rw_man, if you do talk with Michael at BESTBLOG and he happens to give you an actual answer as to how your blog “could be considered borderline obscene”, please post it. I’d like to know just how badly logic is tortured in his mind.



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