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I came across some old article that confirmed a lingering suspicion I’ve always had about Feminist, Cultural Marxism and Communism. 

I’ve often said that Feminism and Communism were just two heads on the same monster since they both aggressively pushed “forced equality”. 

But paradoxically I could never figure out how Russian Women with their backgrounds so deeply rooted in the Soviet tradition and history still managed to keep their feminine identities and traditional nature so completely intact.  

Well it turns out that the USSR had their own disastrous experiment with Feminism early on in Soviet History and they knew better. 

Check out this piece by Dominic Lawson from the UK Independent.

In the early years of the Soviet Union, there was a genuine attempt, best described in Ferdinand Mount’s The Subversive Family, to apply Marxist thinking on the family. Lunacharski, the Commissar of Education, declared that “Our problem now is to do away with the household and to free women from the care of children … the terms ‘my parents’, ‘our children’ will gradually fall out of usage, being replaced by such conceptions as ‘old people’, ‘children’ and ‘infants.’

This, claimed Lunacharski, would enable the transition to “that broad public society which will replace the domestic hearth, yes, that stagnant family unit which separates itself off from society. A genuine Communist would avoid such a permanent pairing marriage and would seek to satisfy his needs by a freedom of mutual relations … so that you can’t tell who is related to whom and how closely. That is social construction.”

The consequences of this policy were exactly as they have been in the “social construction” we now see in parts of our own inner cities: social chaos, abandoned children and a rapid rise in venereal diseases.

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union soon began to abandon the Marxist approach to family life. New laws were introduced to compel divorced parents, not the state, to contribute towards the maintenance of their children. Divorce itself was made more difficult and expensive.

Trotsky, who had been in the forefront of the anti-family experiment, became a scapegoat in this as in other matters. Now he was denounced as “an enemy of the people, who with his followers covered the family in the USSR with filth, spreading the counter-revolutionary ‘theory’ of the dying out of the family, or disorderly sexual cohabitation, in order to discredit the Soviet land.”

Starting to make the connection here?

The USSR basically realized that Feminism could be used as an excellent weapon to destabilize their enemies in the West and especially with the United States.  (more…)

“May you live in interesting times..”

– A Chinese Curse

My Friends,

We are currently witnessing growing tears in the fabric of the United States of America that does not bode well for the long term prospects of it’s sovereignty nor for the ability of its citizens to freely obtain Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

I personally started to see the writing on the wall for these current events nearly 10 years ago and a significant part of my decision to expatriate 5 years later was due to the growing momentum I was witnessing in the orchestrated destruction of our traditional values and freedoms as Americans.

Its important to note that all of us have different internal alarms which serve to alert us to the potential hazards within our environment.

And unfortunately in our “modern” world these hazards to our well-being are quickly multiplying and creating greater waves of destruction against our financial, emotional, and physical health.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that any of these hazards can easily manifest like a cancer and spread to the point of lethality not just for ourselves but for our society as well.

My own personal alarm started to ring with the realization that we were the first (and maybe the last) generation in the entire history of our species to blatantly violate our natural imperative as Men and Women to find love and symbiotic cooperation with each other.

To our own demise we are callously rejecting the tender aspirations of stable families which form the very core of any solvent society.

I’ve been a witness to the “War of the Sexes” since the 1970’s and have had a deep sense of dread in seeing Cultural Marxism rise up and take it’s most prominent form in Radical Feminism.


Masha's Friend Rita from Siberia

Masha's Friend Rita from Siberia

Check out this article.

Ky. Woman With ‘Too Short’ Dress For Mall Hires Lawyer
College Student Asked To Leave Mall

RICHMOND, Ky. — A 20-year-old Kentucky college student who was kicked out of a shopping mall because her dress was too short has hired an attorney.

Kymberly Clem, 20, attends Eastern Kentucky University and said the incident happened on Sunday when a security guard approached her at Richmond Mall and asked her to leave because of complaints about the shortness of the dress.

“I felt humiliated because not only did he embarrass me by making a scene, but he actually followed me out of the mall as if I stole something,” she told the Richmond Register. “It’s hard for me to understand how I could be disrespected so much.”

Ironically, Clem had bought the dress the day before at the very mall she was kicked out of.

The mall manager was not available for comment Monday.

Clem said her lawyer was looking into legal options.

(click here for original article)

When I read articles like this I just thank my lucky stars that I’m in this part of the world and don’t have to deal with any of this craziness.

As you can see from the lovely photo of Rita above.  When the weather is warm Russian girls LOVE to wear short dresses and take every opportunity they can to enjoy the limited sunshine they get during the year.

In fact it makes me want to deliver the following message to the American Ladies back in the US.

Attention American Women.

Quit being jealous of other women who eat less and stay in shape and have the ability to proudly show off their beauty, health and natural feminine confidence in themselves.

I know you may have a hard time believing this but this style of summer dress is completely the NORM here.  And yes it’s SEXY and these girls have absolutely no reason to be ashamed of their beautiful bodies whatsoever.

But if you are ashamed then please do something about it and don’t take it out on them.

Now I can only imagine what it would be like to walk around an American Shopping Mall with one of these lovely ladies in tow.

Do any of you Gentlemen or Ladies have an interesting story to tell in relation to this?

Kathleen Parker has finally done something that is long overdue.

She is a conservative columnist who has just released a book called “Save the Males”.

In “Save the Males” she pretty much highlights all the relevant points of the Men’s Movement knowing full well that she will be attacked quite relentlessly by her feminist sisters.

What she talks about is nothing new for any Men like ourselves doing our best to spread awareness and change the feminist tide that is so determined to sink us.

But nonetheless she’s a brave woman putting forth the same message because she has the foresight to realize that if traditional Men go down in flames..

Then ultimately so will Women.

I’ve read several articles and interview by her and its interesting to note that one of the key reasons she decided to write this book and join this important crusade is because she has 3 sons and realizes just how hostile our modern culture is towards them.

I feel that the Men’s Movement has hit a pretty important milestone with her book release.

I realize that there are many Men who have championed this cause for years but if Western Women are to truly adjust their attitudes and beliefs then their inspiration will most likely have to come from within.

So here is another serious red flag being hoisted from within their ranks.

Also important is the fact that she’s getting serious press coverage because of it.

Good for her.

Good for us.

Here are some links to follow.

Notice the defensive and hostile tone some feminist reporters have taken with her.

The popular MRA blogger Pete’s Patriarch seems to have taken deep offense with my advice that Men should pay for the bill when they are dating Traditional Russian Women.

It was slightly funny because he actually goes so far as to question my “true gender” and wonders if I’m a “Mangina” or not.

He has some pretty crude but amusing things to say about your truly which you can read here.

In general he wants to imply that any Man like myself who take the initiative to pay for the bill on a date is actually weak and “sucking up” to women.  And on the more outrageous side of things he goes so far as to suggest that this is merely a cheap attempt to “pay for sexual favors”.

Well I think it’s best if we stop the rotation of this sad attempt at spin and set the matter straight.

I’m just going to re-post the comment I made on his post here so all of you can understand what is happening and you make your own call.

Hello Pete,

I’ve been called lots of things in my life but to accuse me of being a “Mangina” is hilarious especially given the pro-men advocacy that both you and I take so seriously..

No worries.. call me what you will.. doesn’t bother me a bit.. My readers might enjoy your little slant on me as well.

In anycase Pete I’d like to say that I believe you are making a very significant mistake by applying your western norms of “equality” to every girl in the world. Especially to the Traditional Girls in Russia or the FSU.

You took pains to take some quotes from some of the more materialistic women that exist in Moscow which is where my source article came from.

Your first mistake is a very common one in thinking that Moscow represents Russia culturally..

Most Russian folks will tell you that “Moscow is not real Russia”. They say this because it’s a huge cosmopolitan city with the largest cost of living in the world.

So any quote taken from some well off “wealthy” Russian Woman there is going to distort the truth behind what I feel the majority of TRADITIONAL Russian and FSU Girls are like..

I’ve been living in Siberia for over the last 4 years Pete so I know what I’m talking about… So I kindly suggest that you listen..

Pete here’s the deal.

And again I’ve seen lots of American and Western Men make this same extremely common error just like you have.

You are probably taking every experience and information that you have about Feminized WESTERN Women and are trying to apply the same “defensive standards” to Traditional Russian or FSU Women..

This is no different from playing with square blocks all of your life and then trying to fit it into a small round hole that you’ve never seen before.

The TRADITIONAL Women that I’m inspired to blog about absolutely DESERVE traditional respect and chivalry from all Men.. ESPECIALLY Men who desire to date them..



I just got done reading a pretty disparaging article about how big the Russian Mafia Online Dating Scam Industry is…

And it’s NOT a “Pretty Picture”…

Even if the entire scam process itself is launched with thousands of images of beautiful women floating around on the internet.

You’ve already heard the stories I’m sure but here’s what a major British Newspaper, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Thousands of people, including many lonely and gullible British men, have lost large amounts of money after entering into correspondence with women on websites, naively beguiled by their warm words, suggestive chat and the sexy pictures they attach to their emails.

When they were asked to send money, which the women claimed was needed for British visas or to buy tickets for travel to Britain, the men readily agreed.

They never saw the money or heard from the women again.

In a final humiliating twist, they found out, usually far too late, that many of the sensuous “women” with whom they had been corresponding were actually men – part of one of the many sinister Russian mafia rings making a fortune out of such scams



As you should know by now there is nothing more vile or disgusting to me then to see the term “Mail Order Brides” being propagated on the Internet and within our own Culture.

NO WOMAN by virtue of her country of origin deserves to be labeled as a cheap commodity to be traded or sold.

This is ESPECIALLY the case for the Russian and FSU Ladies that I have come to adore and respect with all of my heart.

In my mind this term is far worse then any racist slur that can be directed towards any group or nationality.

It should be completely obvious that ANY COMPANY that wishes to market itself by using the “Mail Order Bride” Term is trying to paint a fraudulent and deceitful picture as to what is required to create a successful marriage and family.

Worse yet..

I firmly believe that any Company that uses the “Mail Order Bride” term is trying to attract the worst possible candidates for marriage on both sides of the ocean.

They are doing this for the sole purpose of maximizing their subscription fee sales by giving false hopes to the widest number of Men possible.

This is a very destructive business model that will only lead to more broken hearts, cynicism, and soul killing loneliness for countless numbers of people.

Any company that uses “Mail Order Brides” in their marketing is giving you the biggest RED FLAG possible to avoid doing business with them.

So on that note here is a simple top 10 list from Google of companies that promote themselves in this manner. There are numerous more as you can see from the total site count and you can easily do your own research to find the rest.

I kindly urge you to respect these ladies and most importantly to respect yourself as a Man by refusing to play this game and not falling for this degrading trap.

Thank You..



Now normally I try to keep things on a tame level when I feel like I need to hand out a healthy dose of criticism towards American Women.

But when I received a viewer comment yesterday about Western Women it just really clicked and the reality of it refused to lie still.

Now if you remember in our previous post “NEWS FLASH! Beautiful Russian Girls in the Mainstream Press” I took offense with Anne Applebaum’s contention that most Russian Women only became beautiful when they acquired enough money and free access to fashionable products to transform themselves from

“Unglamorous Assembly Line Workers”…

into the

“extraordinarily, unbelievably, stunningly, and gorgeous”…

…Russian women that she saw from the mid 90’s on.

One of our readers graciously wrote in the following comment about this state of affairs from his vantage point.

Women in the West are NEVER going to want to see these (Russian) women coming their way.

They will marginalize them any way they can. If it weren’t for the Sharapova’s a Western man might believe them, but you can’t deny the picture you posted (of her beauty) and noted the (lack of) clothing and make up.

Western women WANT to make this about materialism, it is the only value they appreciate.

They WANT to believe that clothing and make up can cover the distance between what they have become and the obvious stunning beauty that is available in the FSU.

I am around single women’s groups a lot, and they detonate if the subject of women from anywhere comes up.


Now when I read this it was easy to be reminded of the American Women back in my own life who had demonstrated these unfortunate characteristics all too well.

I was even thinking about sharing some personal examples of this when I realized that there was a much more simpler and vivid example I could use that everyone should instantly recognize and still drive home the point.

An example of a Woman that we all know who also possessed a toxic brew of VANITY and ENVY directed towards other women.

So does anyone know who this lady is?



As if we needed anyone else to state the obvious right?

Well let me just say to our new journalist friends..


So let’s see..

The last time I Googled up “Russian Women” there were only a few sites that got returned..

How many you might ask?

Well how about 7,790,000

Gee.. maybe something MAJOR is going on here and some of our friends in the press are a little slow to pick up on things?

Or worst yet..

Maybe some particular Western female journalists are still in denial about the real reasons behind the tremendous popularity and interest that’s being directed towards our lovely Russian & FSU Ladies?

Well I think that’s certainly the case given the “threatened” sounding tone of the following article in Slate.



Federal lawsuit charges parts of the Violence against Women Act are unconstitutional.

Attorney Roy Den Hollander filed on February 14th, a suit in the U.S. Southern District Court of N.Y. attacking sections of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and other U.S. statutes for violating the Constitutional rights of American men who marry alien females.

The defendants are the United States of America, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Executive Office of Immigration Review, No. 08 CV 01521. Roy Den Hollander is the sole plaintiff. Hollander has also sued in a New York State court to have Ladies Nights declared discriminatory in New York City nightclubs and bars.

The VAWA infringes American mens rights to freedom of speech, freedom of choice in marital relationships, right of access to deportation proceedings, procedural due process, and equal protection under the law in violation of the First and Fifth Amendments to the United States Constitution. The unconstitutional statutes, enacted at the behest of the feminist lobby, create a fast track to permanent U.S. residency and citizenship for alien wives or ex-wives of American husbands whenever the alien female alleges abuse.

Once she mentions the magic words -battery- or -extreme cruelty-, the Government institutes secret, -Star Chamber- immigration proceedings to determine whether the citizen husband is responsible, and, if yes, grants the alien female permanent U.S. residency. The American husband or ex-husband receives no notice of the proceedings, has no opportunity to defend his name, and the Government’s findings of abuse are based almost exclusively on what the alien female says.

The feminist lobby created the statutes in order to deter American men from looking overseas for wives. If a marriage to a foreign wife does not workout, the alien female can falsely and opportunistically accuse her American husband of -battery- or -extreme cruelty- and he will have no opportunity to prove his innocence. The husband is barred from the proceedings that are conducted behind closed doors and any evidence that the Government might receive from him is discarded. So not only is the husband presumed guilty, but he is not even allowed to prove differently.


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