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John Perkins is a most interesting man.

He is the author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and he essentially blew the lid off of how our secret economic, and political foreign policies are used to subdue and control emerging 3rd world economies.

Although I try to avoid politics in this blog I think it’s critical that all of us wake up and educate ourselves as to how our world really works. Deep awareness is the only way we can enact real change.

When you go beyond the intentional propaganda of “Main Stream Media” you end up discovering that many things in this world appear on the surface to be “good” (such as Socialism, Feminism or World Bank Development Loans) because they are supposed to “help a disadvantaged group” but end up being rolled out for quite the opposite purpose.

They are the stealth tools for overt control of our society.

In this blog I’ve paid particular attention to the Evils of Modern Feminism simply because it’s a social, political and economic movement that is designed to steal traditional feminine identities away from Women and demonize Men.

Both Men and Women have genetic predispositions and  traditional roles that have served the relative stability, growth and happiness of humanity since time eternal.  So one of my goals has always been to expose the real Feminist Agenda and warn women that adopting a belief in Modern Feminism is a futile and mostly tragic exercise in self-denial.

So how does a guy like John Perkins fit into all of this?

Well his life story reads like a spy thriller where he was working for the dark side trying to infiltrate 3rd world cultures and exploit them for Western economic domination.  His entire life to this point was dominated by the ultra masculine roles of conquest and the seductive spoils of victory.

(click the above link and listen to his story.. I promise you won’t be disappointed)

But at some point he had a spiritual awakening and realized that the cultures he was trying to subjugate also held the keys to personal and global transformation.   (I can certainly relate to this.)

And in the case of the following video, these native people also had an important prophecy about the feminine spirit..

First Mel Gibson.. (Yeah yeah I know he’s not married to his Russian girlfriend.. yet)

And now Mickey Rourke..

Always nice to know that some Hollywood types are understanding something many of us already know.

Well Congratulations Mr. Rourke.

I’m sure you will find great happiness with your new beautiful bride.

Rourke to Russia, with love – New York Post, Dec 8th 2009

Reformed Hollywood hell-raiser Mickey Rourke is making plans to wed Russian beauty Elena Kuletskaya in Russia this spring, sources tell Page Six.
Rourke, 57, has been dating stunning blond model Kuletskaya, 24, for several months and popped the question to her over dinner last week. The star has told friends he’s planning a Moscow wedding in April.
“They haven’t booked a venue or made any solid plans. He just knows he wants to do it in April, and he’s been asking what is involved in a traditional Russian wedding ceremony,” a friend of Rourke said.
Kuletskaya reportedly dumped Russian pop star Dima Bilan for Rourke, whom she’s been tutoring in her native tongue for his role as Russian villain “Whiplash” in the upcoming “Iron Man 2.” She and Rourke have recently canoodled their way through New York and Europe. She was dripping in diamonds as she accompanied Rourke to pick up his GQ Man of the Year award at London’s Royal Opera House in September.
In Manhattan last week, the lovebirds went puppy shopping to replace Rourke’s beloved dog, Loki, who died right before the Oscars.
Rourke has already hit it off with his mother-in-law-to-be: our spies spotted him giving Elena’s mom the star treatment a while ago at The Bank at Wonderland in LA.
It will be the third trip to the altar for Rourke, who cleaned up his bad-boy image and revived his career with the 2008 hit “The Wrestler.” He and actress Debra Feuer ended their eight-year marriage in 1989. Rourke later said that his role in the steamy “9½ Weeks” “was not particularly considerate to my wife’s needs.”
In 1992, he wed “Wild Orchid” co-star Carre Otis. He was arrested for beating her up in 1994, but they stayed together till 1998.
Rourke’s rep didn’t return our calls.
(read the original article here)
54 year old Mel Gibson and his 39 year old Russian Lady, Oksana Grigorieva

54 year old Mel Gibson and his 39 year old Russian Lady, Oksana Grigorieva

Clearly there are many obvious reasons behind this.

However there now seems to be a real evolutionary purpose as to why our instincts work in the way they do.

And perhaps this is the most important reason of all because…

Our genes naturally drive us Men towards younger women in order to promote a LONGER life.

Now i’m sure subconsciously we all realize this.

Because as a friend of mine once said.

“Being with a young and beautiful woman forces you to stay young yourself.”

(And give the night and day physical differences I’ve seen in him because of his relationship I’d have to concur.)


Funny how some “important” things in life so quickly take a back seat when you find something you’ve always been looking for.

In the case of this particular Gentleman from India something certainly hit him hard enough to change his life completely.

This is something a few of us out there can certainly relate to.

And although he’s having a few challenges in chasing his dream I’m sure he and his lovely new family will pull through.

Because after all that’s what love really is.

Love Gets Bollywood Star Stranded In Russia

Enchanted by a Russian beauty, an Indian actor decided to trade in his Bollywood career for marrying his sweetheart and leave for her hometown, only for him to end up near-destitute.


If any of you Gentlemen personally know a Russian or FSU Woman..

Then TODAY is the day to once again extend your deepest adoration and to make her feel like a REAL Lady.

(These women also love to pamper and make each other feel beautiful on this day too.)

So pick up that phone..

Send those emails or ecards..

Or just simply arrange a nice romantic evening together.

Oh and don’t forget the flowers and chocolates too.

They really love that.  🙂


“May you live in interesting times..”

– A Chinese Curse

My Friends,

We are currently witnessing growing tears in the fabric of the United States of America that does not bode well for the long term prospects of it’s sovereignty nor for the ability of its citizens to freely obtain Life, Liberty or the Pursuit of Happiness.

I personally started to see the writing on the wall for these current events nearly 10 years ago and a significant part of my decision to expatriate 5 years later was due to the growing momentum I was witnessing in the orchestrated destruction of our traditional values and freedoms as Americans.

Its important to note that all of us have different internal alarms which serve to alert us to the potential hazards within our environment.

And unfortunately in our “modern” world these hazards to our well-being are quickly multiplying and creating greater waves of destruction against our financial, emotional, and physical health.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that any of these hazards can easily manifest like a cancer and spread to the point of lethality not just for ourselves but for our society as well.

My own personal alarm started to ring with the realization that we were the first (and maybe the last) generation in the entire history of our species to blatantly violate our natural imperative as Men and Women to find love and symbiotic cooperation with each other.

To our own demise we are callously rejecting the tender aspirations of stable families which form the very core of any solvent society.

I’ve been a witness to the “War of the Sexes” since the 1970’s and have had a deep sense of dread in seeing Cultural Marxism rise up and take it’s most prominent form in Radical Feminism.



Unless you want to wait another year or more to roll around until you finally travel to Russia or the FSU..

Then NOW is the time for you to get your affairs in order to take the big jump.

Spring has come early and the weather is perfect right now for your excursion.

Travel season is upon us and the window of opportunity for suitable weather is from now till the end of September.

The girls here are very happy to start their seasonal change of clothes away from all of their layers of winter ware.  So the happy parade of jeans and mini-skirts are already out in the open.

And believe me you do not want to miss one of the greatest wonders in the world and not see these women at their peak level of beauty, sexiness, and enthusiasm.

They are certainly proud of it.

And if you are able to pay us a visit and see this for yourself..

Then you will be too.


I’m very pleased to see the following article in Bloomberg after all of the slanted and biased press that Russian and FSU Women seemed to have been getting for such a long time.

March 28 (Bloomberg) — When Nick Wilsdon met his Russian wife, Anna, on the Internet, friends teased him about his mail- order bride. Turns out, he was a mail-order husband.

Three years after first exchanging e-mails with Anna on an online dating site, the Web designer from England’s south coast made the 2,200-mile trek to Ivanovo, Russia’s “City of Brides.” He and Anna are now expecting their first child.

The Ivanovo region has the highest ratio of women to men in Russia, a legacy of the Soviet textile mills that imported female workers from across the country. The city, which once helped marriage bureaus recruit young women for foreign spouses, is now enticing residents to stay and raise families. That’s fuelling a baby boom as Russia struggles to stem a population decline.

Now it’s great to see coverage like this about a particular Russian city but keep in mind that Ivanovo is not the only place with a large ratio imbalance of Women to Men.  You can travel most anywhere in the entire FSU and easily witness this for yourself.


Greetings Everyone,

I’ve been especially impressed with the quality and depth of the latest discussions being initiated by some of you.

You individuals have deep insight and important points to convey in your posts and I of course greatly appreciate all of the wisdom that you have to share collectively.

For example, these last few threads related to the disastrous consequences of competition within a marriage is quite valuable and I’m sure large numbers of our readers will benefit greatly from the various points made.

We are getting a growing number of comments posted and I may not be able to answer all of them in a timely manner since I’m trying to focus on providing as much quality content for you as possible.

Please do not think that I’m ignoring anything that’s said here because on the contrary I’m glued to my PC following every aspect of this blog just like many of you it seems.

Because of this I feel a special responsibility to move this site forward as much as possible and that simply means that like all of us I have a little prioritization to do.

In the meantime many of you are stepping up to the plate and taking up the slack with your own written inspirations which I enthusiastically encourage you to do.


I completely understand that traveling to Russia or the FSU is NOT the easiest thing in the world to do.

Everyone has commitments to their studies, work or business and I know that it can be very hard to step off the fast moving treadmill of life in order to seek love and adventure halfway around the world.

These problem are further compounded by the obvious logistical issues associated with time, money and lack of local knowledge.

Or in other words..

Once you step off the plane for the first time you might be asking yourself.

“Well I’m in Russia.. What the hell do I do now?”

Well Gentlemen relax..

Because everyone goes through this and this is why they call it an “adventure”.

And this is why anyone who actually comes out here deserves some respect in my book..

You guys obviously know that you will NOT be taking the weekend trip to Vegas.. or the 4 day vacation special to Hawaii..

You will be traveling into the mostly decaying remains of a once proud and fallen socialist empire.

You are taking a time machine into an enigmatic past along with all of the intrigue and mystery that goes with it.

And you take this chance of a lifetime in the hopes of meeting a woman who inspires you and makes you “feel alive”.

So with this in mind..


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