18 Responses to “Photos 12”

  1. WK Says:

    I know it’s not officially “Womens Day” (which is an actual Russian day of celebration), but in light of this post I think we are all thinking

    Happy Russian Women’s Day!!!!

  2. David Says:

    I would be honored to even call anyone of these girls a friend. Such beauty…….. I think any man would love to honor these ladies…

    Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Edison's Medicine Says:

    I just have one thing to say…

    “I just want my 1:11”
    “I just want my 1:11”

  4. Edison's Medicine Says:

    But… 1:12 ain’t bad!

  5. Taras Says:

    Wow, the young lady in the third picture is especially beautiful….:-)


  6. Ctari Soldat Says:

    Holy moly!

  7. rw_man Says:

    Thanks Guys..

    I know I’m very lucky to be able to call these 3 Girls my friends..

    Wonderful Women.. Wonderful People.. and Wonderful Friends too.


  8. Hayo Says:

    rw_man: congratulations to your friends. We fully understand that you must be one of the luckier men on this planet. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  9. rw_man Says:

    Thanks Hayo,

    It was a strange feeling the first time I walked into this environment for this very reason. I literally walked into a bit of dream world and I think you guys are beginning to see why.

  10. C Says:

    RWs skin quality is much better than AWs.
    And their facial structure is much more appealing to AM.
    RW also have a more pleasant, deep looking expression on their face which I appreciate. They look Beautiful.

    You are a fourtunate Man. Congratulations!

    From C.

  11. themirror Says:

    Ok, well I wouldn’t exactly confirm that RW skin quality is typically better than AW’s. The ones in these photos yes, but not so much otherwise. Sorry, just don’t want one to get too detached from reality there.

    #1 my choice here.

  12. rlinux Says:

    Kate 1:12 does not appear to have teh typical Russia facial features. She looks more caucasan than anything. Eitherway VERY stunnng!

  13. Bob Says:

    The third girl her is just absolutely stunning, such a seductive (and innocent) look! Боже мой, такая милашка!

  14. rw_man Says:

    Hi Bob,

    I was very fortunate to have a chance to associate and to understand her as a fine young lady and a fine person. If you were in my shoes you would very quickly understand that her real beauty is much more then what you see here. Thanks for joining us. GL

  15. Bob Says:

    My pleasure! I, too, have lived in Russia for some time (I’m in the US now though) and I’m a huge fan of Russian women. Like you their appeal to me is a combination of their outer beauty, their subtle yet pervasive femininity, and their moral and intellectual values that are a testament to true womanhood.

  16. SunnyInSanDiego Says:

    I’m wondering if the lady from the second picture either moved to america or has a twin, she looks EXACTLY like a FSU lady that I used to work with. She used to catch the eye of everyone in the entire area when she walked by too…

  17. rw_man Says:

    Hi SunnyInSanDiego..

    If her name is Mila then we might be dealing with the same lady..

  18. PaulM Says:

    Another Tidbit: Russian Women Flirt. Get used to it. It doesn’t mean they are ready to jump your bones…it’s just what they do. Also, they have a tendency to look sad or pouty a lot. After spending 9 years with my Siberian Ice Queen, I am only now beginning to discover that:
    1) It is VERY charming.
    2) It seems to be a practiced art (since
    my teen stepdaughter is now
    developing the same…strange
    3) It is some mystical, magical control
    device they use on their men.

    Many Russian Women can come across as
    “wise guys.” Really, really dry sense of humor. A silly russian woman is just that…a silly woman. Russian women are reserved and refined. It doesn’t mean they are not VERY funny. Just that they are…
    …well…um…wise guys! My lady has the most histerical comments to make…about EVERYTHING…under her breath. her friends, too. They get embarrassed when their comments have me falling on the floor laughing, but it’s why they do it. They love to get reactions from men, and make ME look foolish. (Could it be another mind control device? The plot thickens. )

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