35 Responses to “Photos 13”

  1. Taras Says:

    If average women in Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countris look like these three, American women better pray more American men don’t see these photos. The lady with the brown hair looks a little like a younger, thinner version of my sister….:-) All three of them are nicely attractive too.


  2. Canajun Says:

    Hey RW_man;
    Can you PLEASE tell us all the ages of these lovely ladies? Just for my own selfish intentions at least. They are very attractive indeed.
    Thank you.

  3. rw_man Says:

    Hi Canajun,

    These ladies range in age from 20 to 27 years old. Thanks for participating. They will be checking out this page themselves here shortly.


  4. David Says:

    I hope thes ladies read your blog. They need to know that they are not just ordinary… They are very beautiful. Here in the U.S. these girls could be models.



  5. Canajun Says:

    Please no David. Don’t ruin them. They are unique and unspoiled. Heaven forbid they begin to learn the North American womans way.
    These ladies, as RW_Man says, appreciate a man for what he is, not his paycheck or the future they can steal from him. Leave well enough alone. Pandora’s box should remain closed, da?


  6. rw_man Says:


    It won’t go to their head in the way you think it will so you have nothing to worry about. Beauty and the realization of it is much less of a bad ego thing here then it is in the states. Believe me it’s treated completely differently and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  7. C Says:

    I agree with Taras in comment 1.

    AW are in dire straits, and how it shows!

    They, RW are beautiful though aren’t they?
    But I contend, that a picture is only worth a few words, not 1000 as the saying goes.

    You would have to know these women to say anything more than there apparent beauty.

  8. Benjamin Lee Says:

    I am a 6’5″ Black american male ,55 years old in great shape (Still in the Military). I was wondering what Russian women feel about dating Black Americans. I have been looking at other web sites of tours and have never seen any Black males. I know the Russians are aware of race issues in the US due to me being in the Marines during the cold war. I like to brouse the other agencies and i have noticed a lot of ladies that are very tall and of course very beatiful. I like Tall redheads with green or blue eyes . Please respond . BEN

  9. rw_man Says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    Welcome aboard, as you may have already guessed your success as a Black Man will completely depend on the individual woman.. Are there racial issues here.. yes as is the case in all countries.. can they be overcome? Yes with enough patience and effort in finding the right one where it’s not an issue.

    Now saying that I will also say that the image of Black Men in Russia has changed significantly in the last 15 years due to the Hollywood image of guys like Wesley Snipes, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx and more.. I’ve met more then a few women who would be more then willing to date a Black Man because of this movie star like image that’s been brought on recently.

    Black Men are rare in Russia (not Moscow) so when the local population sees someone people take notice.. Most of this attention has been very positive.. since I have seen local women and men lining up to have their photos taken with some Black American Students who came here a few years back..

    In my opinion this experience is in the majority.. the minority will be the ones that taunt and denigrate etc..

    Bottom line.. I am sure you can find what you are looking for.. But as with all good things in life it will take work, effort and time.

    Cheers! GL

  10. Hero Says:

    Benjamin, see the thread “Completely Random Coolness”, posted on October 28.

  11. Dave Smith in Tampa Says:

    WOW, 13 sets of photo’s, i guess thats what happens when its all work and no play and 3 months of no visits to the site. i better start visiting more often. GL, you are the greatest.

  12. rw_man Says:

    Welcome back Dave..

  13. AlienSkin Says:

    Having viewed the 13 photo galleries, and read your articles, I can see the beautiful women shown there in.

    I have come to the conclusion; they are not a typical cross section. Perhaps they are models, actresses, or, well to do!

    Perhaps i’m biased: be they “drop dead georgeous,” or just “plain Jane.” I have known them both and have always been let down! So why should these women be any different?

    I have worked all my life, made fortunes and lost fortunes; all for the want of the illusive, “love of my life!”

    Age is all in the mind, I am well over the Hill and far away; people are shocked when I tell them my true age, They always think I’m 10-15 yrs younger.

    Oh, being physically challanged does not help, either!

    I want people to take me for what I am: not what they think they see! A hard bitter cripple.

    True, I do have a shell of Steel. But I have a centre of marshmallow, a heart as big as the sky, I’m a gentle, true friend; though I do have a sting in my tail, being a scopio,

    So why should these women be any different?


  14. rw_man Says:

    Hi AlienSkin,

    Thanks for joining us.

    None of these women are models. I’m not kidding.

    If I saw them for the first time I’d be thinking the same as you.. but that is until you come here and see it for yourself.

    As far as how are they different?

    Well there are 140 posts on 2500 comments on this subject so there is plenty you can learn here.

    Again welcome aboard.. and please tell your friends..


  15. AlienSkin Says:

    Thx for the welcome and comments you expressed.

    Sure there are beautiful women all over the world; having travelled through most of Europe, U.S.A. strange not Canada! Far East, etc.

    Russian travel was and may still be retricted, in the “Cold Days,” permission, would and possibly still be required, for travel.

    Being an American and living over there, do you feel the “Restrictions,” are still there, or, have they gone!!

    So, I say again; why are they so different?

    Looking at the “images” of the Gorgeous women on the site. Suppose, just supposing, I was able to come to Russia: what would the chances of a guy like me meeting with some of the women shown here? I do not lie, when I say there are several I would like to be introduced to.

    Life sucks, at the moment!

    People offten ask me, because of my situation, do I pray, to which I say, “Yes!” They then ask, “Does He answer.” My reply is, “Always.” Before they enquire further I add, “It is the same answer all the time: No!”

    In certian aspects of my life I am very lucky, in other aspects, forget it!!


  16. rw_man Says:


    Those days of travel restrictions are long gone.

    Given all the material that is on this site.. How do you perceive them to be different? Different from what or who? I don’t know where you are from so why don’t you give it an attempt and see what you think the differences may be and I’ll try to clarify that for you.

    In terms of “meeting” women like this anyone can easily come over and see women all around that look like this. There have been more then a few comments from guys who have been to Russia to verify this.

    But the question is are you here to enjoy the sightseeing of beautiful women or are you after something more substantial?

    As with all important things in life if you want a relationship with someone special it always comes down to the level of work you are willing to put into it. And especially when it comes to this there are simply no shortcuts in my experience.

    Please do not get fooled into believing that this is a piece of cake especially if you see thousands of pictures of these ladies on the internet. There is significant bridge building which needs to be accomplished on both sides culturally.

    So if you are serious about moving forward on this you can contact me offline at

    Good Luck AlienSkin..

    I hope this blog and my comments are useful to you.


  17. Invisible Says:

    I just stumble upon this site and out of curiousity i see the picture of Russian girls. All I can says is if you guys love Russian girls go for it, especially Americans!!!! They are literary wanna get out of their own country!!!! Becoz in Russia men and women are really EQUAL!!! They have to work the same tough jobs as men, getting the same pay as man and suffer the same really tough condition as men.My friend has always travel to Russia and he say it is sad to see a beautiful girl working in the construction sector with the men.working as bus ticket issuer with the men, working in the military with the men and all the jobs are getting the same pay as the men.shower your love to these girls rather than spoil girls and don’t be abusive to them, because this is the reason they don’t want Russian guys. It is better that you guys take them as your wife rather than letting them becoming prostitutes and indirectly you all are saving them

  18. rw_man Says:

    Hi Invisible..

    Thanks for the comment.

    Beauty, Grace and Strength are the themes here.

    And yes that’s why we love them so..


  19. Danny Says:

    They are all beautiful, but I love natural redheads.

  20. rw_man Says:

    Hi Danny,

    We have more blonds and brunettes then red heads in Russia .. Sorry..

    You’ll just have to go try a different country 😉


  21. Hero Says:

    I think the length and thickness of a woman’s hair is more important than the color (as long as it’s not grey).

  22. Luke Skywalker Says:

    GL, I am about to go to class, but before I do, I have two things to say:

    a.) Comment #13 by “dating” is spam, because when you click on it, it takes you to this weight loss site that has nothing to do with anything, and the comment has nothing to do with anything, either.

    b.) The Russian lady in the second photo is really beautiful, and so is the one in the third picture. You are right, they could be models.
    I would like to hear more about them.


  23. rw_man Says:

    Thanks for spotting the spam.

    #2 is a friendly, talented and aspiring cinematographer names Katya. Very down to earth.. Kinda of a Russian Earthy Girl in her own little way.

    #3 is a friend of mine and a professional photographer named Nastya. Classic Siberian girl who is very visually oriented and more on the shy side of the equation.

    Both girls are very artistic and both girls look a heck of lot more beautiful in person then in these poor camera phone photos. Or in other words.. the photos here DO NOT do them real justice.


  24. Luke Skywalker Says:

    Wait a minute….
    Even more beautiful in person? Well its obvious that that must be the case but…

    Even from the camera phone pictures, these girls are two of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. In fact, they are so beautiful that when stuff has gotten me down, what I’ve often done is gone onto your website and looked at those two, because they really brighten up my day.

    I really really want to see a lot more like them when I go to Siberia this summer.


    PS: If I find any other spam on your site, I’ll tell you. Looks like even the “Overactive Spam Filter” doesn’t catch it all.

  25. rw_man Says:

    Yes Luke it’s true..

    The these girls are TOTALLY more Beautiful and Stunning in real life then in these photos which I consider to be below average representations of who they are physically.

    I’m sure someday you will see for yourself. 🙂


  26. Tracy lee Says:

    beautiful girls, most russian woman, and very well manered i dated a few, no complaints, in fact i am really feeling them.
    I do poetry/spoken word and hope my travels brings me back in the arms of a good russian woman i can keep forever……….they love the attention and sexual unselfish dedication from a brother like me.

  27. Lee Says:

    Sweet Jesus.

    Most of these girls are Super-Models here in California.

  28. rw_man Says:

    Hi Lee..

    I’m originally from California so all I can say is..

    Ain’t that the TRUTH brother!


  29. rw_man Says:

    Lee one more thing,

    I just checked out your site.. Most of what you say I agree with but I believe you need to put in some notable exceptions for many of the Women over here.

    Also instead of taking the position of “Don’t Marry” I’d like to suggest that we all take the position of “Taking Back Marriage” and re-establishing it’s importance for us Men and Society at large.

    Telling people the bad things to avoid in life is one thing..

    Helping them to find the good things is a completely different story.


  30. Canuck Says:

    The global population seems already to have answered this question of the waning popularity of “today’s” marriage.

    The popularity of the ancient and more longstanding practice of cohabitation increases. Why?

    The manipulation of the after marriage laws[read purview of very nasty Feminazi’s] and the general lack of dedication to it in the first place.

    From a non-romantic and practical point of view when the laws entirely benefit the girl; then, why wouldn’t the girls be for it? Even, and especially, the Feminazi’s. “Heh, if it doesn’t work out, gut his assets, keep the children only unto her, and seek a lifestyle you can continue to become accustomed to.” A paid vacation for those signing on for the shortterm.

    From a philosophical point of view from men nervous about veiled intentions, they ask, “Can she not love me without a marriage ceremony which fairly can be described as mired in the seemingly intractable and ever-present threat of divorce during bumpy times?”

    Today’s girl asks, “Why not?”

    Today’s man asks, “Is the simple taking of my family name worth the risk, cuz I don’t see any other benefit, including family taxes which have likewise been altered to gut my family’s income?”

    Today’s result. Marriage philia and phobia and the battle over his commiting what is not in his best interests. I speak not of the original intent upon its incipient, historical dynamics.

    In the end it again comes back to feeling the love and what best serves both.

    The West would have to become entirely philosophically and socially reworked. Whereas the Eurasian version, can be seen firsthand. The laws regarding the 65% asset split in the case of children for a man in Russia with some assets often engenders non-disclosure of his full worth.

    The West has no more penalty for the party breaking the “eternal” bond.

    Finally, the desires and purposes of the general Eurasian marriage mindset seems to stand independent of the not-so-wise marriage laws–generally speaking. In other words, if anyone can truly understand what is lifetime commitment, it would not be a Feminazi; but certainly then a “good” Russian girl.

    So, better to defend, defend, defend this socially unique mindset and encourage the same in others, than to, at this too politically early stage take on that same task while Eurasia is itself increasing under outside[Western] pressure to “modernize”.

  31. Lee Says:


    Where do these women live?

    I know that Mocba and Sankt Petersboro are a haven of Super-Models, with AW attitude.

    So in what city in the great Russian expanse do these ladies live?

  32. Lee Says:

    rw_man Says:
    June 14th, 2007 at 2:50 am

    I just checked out your site.. Most of what you say I agree with but I believe you need to put in some notable exceptions for many of the Women over here.

    Well, Russian Women are not Western Women, yes?

    So the entire essay does not apply to them.

  33. Victor Says:


    Ever since I was in collge I have always been attracted to russian and ukrainian women. I majored in Computer Science and there were several russian and Ukrainian students there that had girlfriends and/or wives that were absolutely beautiful and amazingly faithful to their significant others. I am a 6’4″ muscular former fashion model. My ethnic background is half black and half native american. I was extremely skeptical about even thinking to dating a ukrainian or russian woman because I figured my race would be an issue. As soon as I posted my pics on several trusted russian dating sites I recieved hundreds and hundreds of emails. I was litteraly blown away and the curiosity these women had. Many of them simply curious and some of them send emails letting me know I am their number one choice. I actually recieved an email from the administrator that I had the most popular profile on the website. So tell me, would it be like this if I were to visit the Ukraine or Russia or just internet curiosity of a number of lonely ukrainian and russian women?

  34. Latinguy Says:

    Hi folks

    I have been to Russia, Ucraine and Belarus several times. I have latin origins and I have to say that people with dark skin are not seldom exposed to racial issues in those countries.

    Especially black students have a hard time and some of them only leave the appartment in groups and will go only to certain clubs where they will not get in to trouble.

    I think though russian girls generally prefer black men than men from arab countries. Black men are seen more as easygoing while men from muslim countries are perceived as been very possesive.

    The society in russia/ucraine is very homogenic, so if you look a little different local people will spot this very fast. If you are dark skinned and particularly black skinned and wanna go to Russia make sure you have good friends to be with and get to know the “safe” places and the “no-go” places.


  35. Latinguy Says:

    I forgot something very important. If you plan to go to Russia, learn some basic russian!

    I know, it’s a pain in the ass, but this will definitely make things much, much easier over there!

    So long

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