20 Responses to “Photos 3”

  1. Edison's Medicine Says:

    Ok I cheated and went to the next page!

    You know I just signed a 7 figure contract in August…but I think I want #1 as my Chief Executive Assistant!

    I think there are some administrative tasks that she could do effectively. Like never leave my side and we could work over… and over, and then some more overtime!

    Plus I have been hoping to spend quality time with…someone with her obvious good looks, for the rest of my days…which may not be much longer if I stay on your site another minute!

    I really have to go this time… I feel like I have been wasting my entire life now!

  2. QuietRebel Says:

    Be careful, Editor Edison. Don’t let your ego hurt yourself. If you let show your ego, you could attract any gold diggers that can hurt you in the long run. Remember that Russia has its own share of gold diggers, but the number of decent girls are greater than here in the USA.

    Please don’t go after them just because they just look so beautiful. Please don’t let their beautiful appearance cloud up your judgement. They can be deceiving.

    Please put all of your ego aside, and take time to learn their culture, their ettiquette and their upbringing. If you want to attract good, decent and beautiful girls like those, just be a good, decent and strong man with excellent ettiquette and manners.

    Another thing… please don’t turn those good and family-minded girls into whores and prostitutes in your workplace. I have seen all of this crazy behavior in the corporate America. It’s caused by managers with so huge ego. Women are being promoted and earn higher salary based on how many BJs they give.

  3. Taras Says:

    Wow, those are incredibly pretty young ladies. What’s most noticable to me is how natural their smiles are, not forced like many people here. I shudder at the thought of what egomanical men can do to young women such as these. This Editor Edison sounds like one to me, let’s hope he’ll learn there’s more to Russia than an opportunity to make money.


  4. Edison's Medicine Says:

    Well being in the music business, and having been involved since before I even could shave… I have to say, a point may be well made about the ego. As much as I hate to admit it.

    I had the decision on what records got played for a couple of decades and I always saw myself as a nice guy, but now I remember round filing a lot of records and not spending much time listening to them, but saying I did, as the Program Director of the Radio Station.


    Now I am depending on people adding “MY” record and taking the time to listen to it to get it added. Although, I already have a deal for airplay…you never how long the record will be played or what station will add it.

    So now, I am on the other side of the business. I do feel I treated people well. I always knew you better be careful who you step on…”on the way up,” because you are sure to see them on the way down.

    That statement is so true! I have done well by living by those standards and I am “OK” today because of it.

    But I can’t deny the ego…

    And as far as this statement:

    “Another thing… please don’t turn those good and family-minded girls into whores and prostitutes in your workplace. I have seen all of this crazy behavior in the corporate America.”

    I have some “GUILT” there because you have me on that one. I could deny it, but why lie now. If I’m not honest with you and myself…really what good am I? Who would
    ever want to do business with someone like that?

    All I know is I have learned my lesson!

    I was always “too busy” climbing the ladder
    to “smell the roses”

    My Fault! I had my chances, but I just couldn’t shut off my motor.

    I must be an “OK” guy though, because my DOG loves me and everyone I meet says he is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen.

    He is a SNOW DOG and his name is “BUBBA”
    He looks like and ARCTIC WOLF but he is an Alaskan Husky. Pure White! Long Hair…

    He actually stops traffic, and he got me my last TWO girlfriends…

    He has a thing for blondes…

  5. themirror Says:

    Once again I’m shaking my head as #3 mystery woman goes unappreciated. Heh .. not now though.

  6. chris anthony Says:

    Man, am I in the wrong country! These ladies are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  7. rw_man Says:

    Hi mirror and Chris..

    Chris my thoughts exactly.. hence my arrival here.. hope to see all of you soon in this side of the world.. 😉

  8. siberianow Says:

    I would like you to tell me more about Mascha, who is the first girl in this series of photos. What kind of flowers are those that she is holding?
    –Luke Skywalker

  9. rw_man Says:

    Funny you should mention Mascha Luke..

    I just spent a lovely afternoon with her yesterday just catching up on things while going for a walk and hitting a local cafe.

    Mascha is one of those girls that will give you a bad case of cavities if you hang out with her too long.. It’s simply because she is too Damn Sweet! 😉

    Her photo here is truly an accurate reflection of her bubbly, optimistic and energetic personality.

    Unfortunately I don’t know what the flower are but they remind me of Cherry Blossoms and they have an incredible fragrance.. And that is why Mascha probably gravitated to them the way she did on that beautiful summer day when I snapped this pic..


  10. siberianow Says:

    GL, do you think that one day I’ll be able to marry a Siberian girl that is as cute, beautiful, bubbly, and sweet as Mascha?

    Please say yes,
    –Luke Skywalker.

  11. rw_man Says:

    Luke I don’t see why not because if you really decide to do what it takes to have an “F-15” in your life and to position yourself appropriately then yes. You alone determine that and not fate..

  12. Top_gun Says:

    Hello I am really impressed for putting everything on this website. I am really tired looking girls through web sites. After spending so much time, what I found. 90% out there god digger and wastage of time on these web site. Could you please suggest me any genuine web site or help me out. I am looking for serious relationship. I am not game player. I am not that kind of person. Would you mind if you can give me some suggestion. Most of the girls here comes with baggage in US. I am not looking for 20 year old either. I am looking around same to my age around 27 to 30.
    I would appreciate your time and looking forward to hear from you ..

  13. cls 1965 Says:

    Yes, these ladies are indeed very pretty, but guys you should realize how different eastern european women are to western women. It’s nice to look at their picture and marvel at their beauty, but suppose you go there and find a woman, and bring her back to your country and marry her. You are going to be here eyes and ears for she will need to learn a whole new set of customs, etc. I know how alot of guys are here in the U.S., and how they are about time put in a relationship and commitment. So, really think about that the next time you fantacize about Natasha, Elena, etc. I don’t mean to be negative just trying to put a realistic spin on it really.

  14. rw_man Says:

    Hello cls 1965,

    Please read through my entire site. You will see that the last thing I would ever promote is telling anyone that this is an easy process. On the contrary I try to promote the idea that this is a worthy goal.. and all worthy goals in relations to Russian Women or FSU Women are in my view worth every bit of the effort you put into it..

    Thanks for your comment.. please chime in with more insight if you wish..


  15. jeff Says:

    what is keeping these women from getting a student visa and coming over here for a little schooling and the chance to meet men in the U.S. ?? just asking……

  16. jeff Says:

    do you happen to know the ring size for # 2 here ?? breath taking. almost speechless……

  17. Baleegh Says:

    First time ever i saw girls on internet who are not in bikini or nude, good decent pics i really like this. This is decency and not nudity. Good Work

  18. stuart Says:

    I live in Russia. I’m English. Who wants to know the truth about Russian women from someone who actually lives there? You won’t find it reading the letters on this website, that’s for sure. I’ve been here for nearly three years. I get around a lot, and see life here as it happens. So ask me, I’ll tell you the truth.

  19. wolverine Says:

    Do tell….

  20. Richard Says:

    Yes, stuart, please enlighten us . . . . . .

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