14 Responses to “Photos 6”

  1. Edison's Medicine Says:

    Hey RW_man,

    Number two on this page is beyond “SWEET!”

    She appears to be nothing less than heaven on earth…

    I only pray that I live long enough to find out!

    I DO BELIEVE in Russian women… I DO ..I DO..I DO!

  2. QuietRebel Says:

    The number two really reminded me of American girls of the 1950’s with her hairstyle and face.

    I remember seeing a picture of one American girl from 1950’s, and she really looks like that one. Man, time really has changed a lot.

    Thank God for Russian girls!

  3. rw_man Says:

    Congratulations Guys..

    You just discovered who the mystery girl is behind this post..


    Now do I do a good job of describing a girl or what?


  4. themirror Says:

    #3 : So cute. And her glancing downward with a light smile .. says a lot.

  5. wolverine Says:

    I would love to hear more about #1. She looks like a girl I used to know.

  6. rw_man Says:


    No 1 is a pretty good friend of mine named Zarina and she’s originally from Kazakhstan and very proud of that fact.

    She is Russian and Tar Tar and she’s very well kept, calm and devoted to her family. She has an openness and curiosity about the world that is just absolutely refreshing.

    She was actually the first person I ever met from Kazakhstan and taught me much about that country. When she decides to get married I’m sure she will make a very devoted and loving partner indeed.

  7. wolverine Says:

    What city does she live in?? How old is she?? Is there any way that I can contact her?? I have been thinking about moving to Ukraine to teach English as a Second Language. Do you have any advice??

  8. rw_man Says:


    You will need to consult with me on this issue offline via my email at


    And yes going to the Ukraine to teach English would be a good thing to be exposed to ladies like her I’m sure. GL

  9. wolverine Says:

    Email sent

  10. Paul Says:

    which ladies are single here??

  11. Lauren Says:

    I have to say, as a naturally slender girl, a lot of people assume I try my hardest to keep my shape (which is similar to the girl in photo 1). I don’t “try,” it’s the way I am, although I accept that that may change when I have children in the future. Anyway, it’s nice to see these women in other countries where a slender figure is very common and accepted as beautiful, not “underweight” when compared to the heavier women more prevalent here in America.
    However, my skin is not as smooth and glowing as these women in your photos. Is it the air; the food? Or is it some ancient Russian potion I’m missing out on? 😉
    Thanks for your website and I hope to learn more about (and from!) traditional Russian women.

  12. rw_man Says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Welcome aboard.

    It’s really funny or sad depending on your position.. But I’ve also heard from many Russian Girls who have been to the US that American Women accuse them of being anorexic or too thin.

    So your story is unfortunately too true as the very norm for what is healthy looking is being distorted to the “plus” side of the equation.

    Well I think that more then a few things in the US are going to be radically re-adjusted with this coming economic crash. This is going to be cold turkey for a lot of people.

    Russians have a long tradition of eating lots of fresh home grown vegetables especially cucumbers and tomatoes. Greasy foods for the most part are minimal so it doesn’t surprise me that you actually noticed how clean their skin is.

    Anyways it’s always a pleasure to hear more from traditionally minded and beautiful ladies like yourself. Thanks again. 🙂


  13. Taras Says:

    That’s because they’re jealous of Russian women and the fact Russian women give a damn about their own health and well being. Concepts that all too many American women seem to think are nothing more than male chauvinism.


  14. Kisha Says:

    Thats quite funny because all the skinny women I met rarely had any eating problems. Most of them ate a lot and regulary. What is sad though is that the image of “the slimmmer the prettier” is imposed so violently nowadays upon almost everyone disregarding their body types and constitution.
    So many times I saw girls not bigger than UK size8 complaining about their “love handles” and “flabs”. Our media is full of images altered in photoshop, imported with beauty mags from the west. And they just scream “Want to be attractive? Shed at least 5 kilos!”
    And thats why so many Russian teenage girls worship anorexic icons like Kate Moss and buy into skinny=beautiful=successful lies.

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