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  1. DLS Says:

    Thanks for the photos. Viewing from the USA, it is nice to see that there are still some pretty women somewhere in the world. What would a ‘typical’ Russian woman consider acceptable for an age difference? 5yrs, 15?

  2. rule62 Says:

    DLS – don’ worry about age, most likely she won’t. Russian women are concerned about you – are a you a decent man who will be there when the chips are down. Someone she can depend on in the long haul.

    My experience (despite the hammering in the US media) is that they are NOT ‘gold diggers’ but they would like someone who could support three people. Support means food on the table and a roof over your head.

    A general statement and of course it will vary but I have found that is generally true.

    I am 43, and engaged to a 26 year old (she turns 27 in a few weeks).

    I have dated women in Ukraine from 19 – 24 and found there is a BIG difference after about 23 or 24. I think it has been mentioned on this site, add 10 years for the purposes of maturity starting at about 23. I found that younger than that and we didn’t have anything in common. They were fun to look at, but it is nice to talk about things you are both interested in. So, personal preference.

    I would say don’t get hung up on age, go for the person.

    I look at women in the US who have this two year range, ‘I am only interested in someone plus or minus two years in age’ and laugh. Especially as they get older. They are delusional.

    And thanks for the pics man! Keep ’em coming.

  3. rule62 Says:

    Got to add one more thing, we American men are so beat down – don’t worry about what she finds acceptable. If you see it and you like it, go for it – she’ll let you know if your interesting to her (and you will be).

    Then if she is interested, this is the hard part for us – court her. You have to watch some movies from the 1950s and earlier to see what that is about. It is a lost art back there in the US.

    I have found it to be a lot of fun – treat her like a princess – she will be yours forever. My experience with amerikan womyn is the opposite. Treat them nicely, court them and they will heap scorn on you. In Russia it is the opposite.

    It is a hard thing for us to get our heads around, but I love it! And it is such a shock for us American men to have kindness and appreciation for the other person returned to us.

    You have to break your head out of the current state of dating in the US and it isn’t easy, but once you start you learn forgotten skills and it is FUN!!!

  4. rw_man Says:

    Hi DLS,

    Listen to Rule62.. He’s got it down.. Change your paradigm about women completely when you deal with these ladies. You come here to court a woman and to become a classic man once again. I’ll be writing another post on this soon in terms of how to do all of this.

    Cheers.. GL

  5. Hero Says:

    Quote (Rule62)

    “I look at women in the US who have this two year range, ‘I am only interested in someone plus or minus two years in age’ and laugh. Especially as they get older. They are delusional.”

    I agree 100%. Why in God’s name would an 18-year-old girl consider a 24-year-old man “old”?!
    And I’m incredulous when I read personal ads by 40-year-old women who won’t consider a 45-year-old man, or who are even holding out for younger men.

  6. QuietRebel Says:

    Thanks for your tips. I’m looking forward to the post of courting.

    For any of you old-timers, I’m just 23. I am really tired of those useless modern movies from Hollywood. I don’t watch movies anymore because of those garbage. I just want to see classic family-oriented movies with real men and fathers and mothers taking care of family and kids. This kind of movie is extremely rare here in the USA.

    So, Do you know any good movies from 1950’s that reflects classic men and how they court women? I’d like to see good examples of men and how they court women.

  7. Julian Says:

    1950’s classic men? So do we have to be like John Wayne? No sissy metro types?

  8. rw_man Says:

    Hi QuietRebel..

    Look no further then John Wayne my friend..

    James Bond in the form of Sean Conery and Timothy Dalton as well run a pretty decent second..

    Strong, in-charge, and cultivated..


  9. Max Says:

    Quiet Rebel

    Get out every single Carey Grant movie you can lay your hands on!!!

    You basically cant go wrong with these!

    Go to Amazon and type in Carey Grant for some good boxed sets!

  10. DLS Says:

    Thanks for the tips and insite. I’m 45, grew up on John Wayne, Cary Grant, etc. My folks (solid country types) taught me to be a gentleman. Not a wimp, but also not white trash. I’ve learned that treating the local american females like ‘ladies’ is a lost cause, and I end up being treated like a chump or jerk. To you-know-where with them. If there are still females in Russia that are Ladies, and don’t look down their noses at men who behave decently, then I’d best learn some Russian.

  11. rw_man Says:

    Well Howdy DLS!

    Yup.. Speaking some Russian would be a VERY GOOD thing..

    Also your Gentlemanly instincts will come in QUITE Handy over here. The local girls will totally appreciate the fact that you as a foreigner will already know how to treat and respect them.

    (so in my best John Wayne voice..)

    Saddle Up Pilgram.. We are making a Posse’ 😉

  12. Tatiana Says:

    Hi, men and guys of US. What a pleasure to read these words about us, russian women(even I am Belorussian). And what a surprise for me to know that there is a place in the world where women don’t just enjoy of being with a great tender guy but trying to treat him as “NOTHING”. I wish our men value our NORMAL attitude the same….
    And I absolutely agree that our women don’t care about the age…. Personality – this is the way to make her in love with you! Be nice and just be yourself! We don’t need supermen, we need just to know that someone in this world take care about you and Respect you… And if you add some romantic – this is the top of our happiness!
    So go ahead! Try and you’ll feel the difference!
    Tatiana – girl from Belarus

  13. WK Says:

    Hey Gents!
    If any of you are interested in hearing some Russian music and SEEING the beautiful women who sing it, check out THIS!

  14. QuietRebel Says:

    WK, you are making my day! 🙂

    I love that film! Keep on sharing about Russian girls.

  15. QuietRebel Says:

    Hi Tatiana,

    Welcome to the website! Thank you for sharing your tips.

    Regular readers of this blog are American and Western men. We are quite upset and angry at rude and hostile treatments from American and Western women. No matter how nice or caring we are to them, we keep getting awful and rude treatments from them. We really want to feel loved and being respected for who we are and what we offer to women like yourself.

    Again, really pleased to have you being here. Please share this website with your friends. That would be eye-opening for your friends. There are full of nice and decent gentlemen here who love to respect and being nice to women. They just want to be loved and respected for who they are and what they offer.


  16. Joe Says:

    Hello DLS – Don’t worry about age. I am 45 and my Ukrainian fiancee is 22. The rule about adding 10 years to a Russian/FSU women’s age is most definately true. I met my fiancee on If you don’t believe, go to the website and you will see my testimony posted. It is the first one listed. It boggles my mind that so many American women are so picky, shallow, and narrow minded. They are delusional. Just look at the American dating sites. If you are a shorter man like me, you have little chance. I am only 5’7″ and my Ukrainian fiancee is 5’8″. I say, go for it and look at the heart. You will not be sorry.

  17. rw_man Says:

    Hi Taitiana 🙂

    Thanks for your warm comments. It really makes my day when girls like you write and let me know how much you like this site.

    Please share more of your impressions and experiences. Would love to hear about them.


  18. wolverine Says:

    Could you tell me a bit about the girl in the second photo??

  19. rw_man Says:

    Hi wolverine,

    Young lady in the 2nd photo is a real doll and she is also named Lena.

    She is an aspiring singer who could easily kick butt on American Idol. She’s got a great deal of talent, charm and sex appeal and she actually goes to a professional music college. She’s 21 and loves old American Jazz classics from all the great female singers of that time. In this photo I got a chance to hear her singing some of them and it was a special moment indeed.

    Again this photo does NOT do this lady adequate justice in real life.


  20. Sarah Says:

    Hi, I love your site. I’m a girl from the U.S. I know this is a pretty old post, but I still had a comment to make (if you even get a chance to see it).
    I know I haven’t met these specific women in the U.S. that these men are talking about… but I know a lot of women who act in a calloused way because that is what they are: calloused. There is a softer person underneath. They have become jaded for the same reasons that these men have become jaded. We are all products of a shallow society that seems to afford nothing but hurt… I was raised to be skeptical of men who treat you nice… I was taught to be suspicious because I was told they wanted something and then afterward, they would leave you high and dry. I now know this is not true for many men in this country. My husband of a little over 2 years has worked very hard to convince me of this and now I find that I actually *do* enjoy romantic things. I love them! Anyway, my point is this: is there a chance that we all just need to let down our guards a little bit? We all know we have these walls. Some with thicker ones than others. I know I’m waxing philosophical here and just going on and on. I know I’m possibly being a little too idealistic… but anyway.
    BTW, this is a great site – I’m not knocking it, by any means! Keep up the great work, and yes, these ladies are indeed beautiful. All the best to you.

  21. rw_man Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Welcome and thanks for your great comments,

    If Women in the US have any chance at all at “seeing the light” then that needs to come from more Ladies like yourself.

    The creation of a toxic, suspicious and callous attitude towards Men is a direct result of Cultural Marxism and Feminism. This just didn’t happen by accident because there are always those who seek to gain power in the wake of decay and crisis.

    And as I’ve said many times before in this blog..

    Men may be the initial targets but women end up being the ultimate losers in this “war between the sexes”.

    Can you imagine what your life would be like if you decided not to open up your heart to this man?

    You were one of the lucky ones because you still managed to reach this point in spite of the long term anti-male conditioning you went through. So in my book you deserve credit for coming to terms with this and taking the current approach that you do.

    I’ve mentioned before here that there is no such thing as Love without Vulnerability (ie a willingness to trust).

    And this is especially true for Women. I’m certain that all Men instinctively know this at a genetic level and this is what we automatically look for in any future wife so it’s crazy for American and Western Women to shun this feminine side.

    Thanks again for you compliment Sarah and please spread the word.

    Cheers, GL

  22. Luke Skywalker Says:


    I read your comment, but ultimately these women have only themselves to blame if they act “calloused”.
    Although I believe that region and society do indeed plat a role in the formation of a person’s identity, it is important to remember that this is only a partial role, not a total role. Thus it is an oversimplification to state that the reason that these women are jaded is because they “are all products of a shallow society that seems to afford nothing but hurt…”. The other half of the story is that they continue to choose to be jaded, and (in many cases) even to enter into a state of denial when faced with the truth which would un-jade them.

    And now we come to your main point:
    “is there a chance that we all just need to let down our guards a little bit? We all know we have these walls. Some with thicker ones than others.”

    This sounds good on paper. Could it happen? Maybe, but having lived in the West for 20 years (all my life), and after seeing such little progress in this direction, I’m not betting all my chips on it.

    As a matter of fact, I’m not betting any of my chips on it, because I already know that there is a place on the other side of the world** where people to a large extent have already “let their walls down”, so why gamble on a group of people that has had their walls up since before I was even born and seems to have no intention of ever taking them down.

    **Endnote: And I’m not just spewing hot air here. I may not have been to Eastern Europe or Russia, but I have talked to many people from Poland over the internet. In fact, there are websites where you can play internet games with Polish people (I meant to make a post on my blog about this, but I kept forgetting). And they constantly astonish me with how nice they are, and how much their “walls are down”. I know that it’s only games over the internet, but still there is a very noticeable difference in their behavior and the behavior of people from the West when I chat with them and on the games. Again, I have more in-depth stories to tell about this on my blog when I get a chance.

    –Luke Skywalker

  23. Luke Skywalker Says:

    Edit: “I know that it’s only games over the internet…”

    Should read: “I know that it’s only games and chat over the internet…”

    I both play games with them and chat with them.

  24. Craig Says:

    “I know a lot of women who act in a calloused way because that is what they are: calloused.”

    “I was raised to be skeptical of men who treat you nice… I was taught to be suspicious..”

    I think these two observations go straight to the heart of what feminism has done to women. I’ve observed this my whole life, but only recently seen it consciously, for what it is. I’ve never heard it said better. Thanks, Sarah!

  25. Hero Says:

    Sarah, most of these American women who get damaged by bad men have no one but themselves to blame. There are plenty of respectable men in the U.S.A. for women to date, but instead most attractive women go chasing after sociopaths because they’re interesting and mysterious and entertaining. Then those women have the nerve to complain that there are no good men left. 😡

  26. Taras Says:

    It’s worse than that Hero. They get mad when men whom these women ignored earlier refuse to clean up the mess they made for themselves. I understand very well why men do not want to raise another man’s kids. Why should men who do the right thing be expected to raise some sociopath’s demon spawn, who will be the next batch of sociopaths and criminals?


  27. Sarah Says:

    Wow… I’m so surprised that my comment got as much response as it did. Pretty cool, I guess. BTW, sorry there are no paragraph breaks in my comments, I have absolutely *no* knowledge of HTML! Luke Skywalker: You’re absolutely right, the idea sounds great on paper but has little to no effect on real life. And I realize that over the course of the past few years of my life I’ve swung from one end of the spectrum to the other, but I still believe that anything worth fighting for takes a lot of work. I know I’m getting way off topic here, and this will be my last comment on the subject (promise!) unless someone has a specific question. Everything like this takes small steps: one person at a time. I mean, I changed, didn’t I? Granted, I’m only 21, but I came from a truly difficult background (one that I’d really rather not talk about) that should make me one of those sociopath-lovers and yet somehow I’ve managed to realize that not everyone is like that. That the majority of the people in this world have good intentions. Okay. Sorry, I guess I do tend to go on and on, don’t I? Hero: I guess my point is that not everyone is the same and that some people do deserve second (and third, and fourth) chances. I have a lot more to say on the subject (and related subjects… heh) but I figure it doesn’t matter unless you really want me to tell you about it (and also the fact that I’m typing waayy too much here). Anyway, thanks for the replies.

  28. rw_man Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You deserve much credit for going through the “transformation” that you have in order to reclaim your femininity for yourself. And for you to do this at 21 is especially noteworthy.

    It’s not easy stepping outside of the mainstream.. and trust me I know about this.. but your level of happiness is much greater for the long term.

    Feel free to express whatever it is you wish to in this blog. It’s not like we have space limits on our site 🙂

    The optimism I see that you carry for yourself and others is always always welcome here.


  29. Taras Says:

    Sarah’s right on the mark with her observations. As a society, we’ve become very calloused towards each other, and we’re seeing the results in dysfunctional, unhappy men and women who cannot function as men and women. Their souls are blighted, their hearts are as hard as stone.


  30. Sarah Says:

    Thanks GL. =)

  31. dennis Says:

    Hi guys and gals. I’m dying reading this blog. My question is: how do you meet an attractive Russian woman in NYC. I had a realationship with an attractive Ukranian woman for nearly 3 years. She was 14 years my junior and beautiful but got tired of my ambivilance about having a child. She also was very jelous of my relationship with my existing daughter (12 y.o.) from a previous marriage. We loved each other but it was far too stormy (try not to romanticize how easy it is to live with someone from another culture) to commit to a second child. I adored her for her “aliveness” and beauty but I secretly wished to tame her a little. Anyway that’s over and I’m in NYC. 52 y.o., shy, 6’1, muscular, An R.N. by profession. You would think there would be a local dating service as I can’t afford the time or expense to have a date in Russia. dennis

  32. Chris Says:

    I have been through two marriages? Do they care about that? Also I am working to try to get back on my feet from the last marriage, and I sick of the American woman oh how they treat you, and I know if had a Russian woman she would treat me good? But if you bring them home to America what happens then? DO they get home sick and year later want to leave because they cant bring their family here? I dont want to live in Russia, I have been there in MOscow and it very corrupt their and they would love to try to extort money from if they dont have their passports, and visia’s on them. So tell me how do I get the 1 I want over here without going there? I would go there but I know how it was 1997 in Moscow. Email and tell me what you think.

  33. Canuck Says:

    ” I sick of the American woman oh how they treat you” … “I dont want to live in Russia”, Chris

    Apparently not sick enough.

  34. Michael Says:

    Photo #2 the singer from Moscow is adorable, love the dress. I wish I could find something here like that for moya milaya dorogaya. I took Tanushka shopping at the mall this week. She looks great in those wild tiger prints. They go along well with her personality. 🙂 So much fun! She loves to tease me as she tries on dresses. Standing near the changing room at her request (protecting her from would be intruders) I couldnt help but notice how those monday night belly dance classes have given her tighter abs. No complaints here. Stunning beauty with gorgeous green eyes and a body to die for, and she’s mine! Someone pinch me, make sure it’s not a dream. Maybe I should post a photo?

  35. wolverine Says:

    Ahh Michael, Please do. Fotos of beautiful women are most welcomed here. 😀

  36. Michael Says:


    I will have to ask GL how I do that here.

  37. rw_man Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Go ahead and go to Flickr or Picasa and setup a photo sharing account.

    Then go ahead and post a link here to your page. Be patient if it goes into the cue because links on comments are automatically targeted for spam but I check my spam filter constantly.

    Also once you put up your photos please do me a favor and post a link on your new site back to this blog. 🙂

    Thanks GL

  38. rw_man Says:

    Michael, Your admiration for the lovely singer you see above is well justified.

    She is a very kind, gentle and open soul.

    I was especially taken back watching and listening to her sing American Jazz standards in a smokey little music club while she made acoustical love to her microphone.

    She could easily be a classic torch singer in an elegant and sexy dress while a big band backing her up behind her just like in all of those old movies.

    Ahh yes.. the stuff of life..

  39. Michael Says:

    Ahh yes, “she made acoustical love to her microphone” would love to see that! I have a flickr account all set, I will post some pics soon. I should ask for permission first tho, she might be shy about that. I’m probably a little over protective too.

    I admire musicians. I am a musician myself, singer, songwriter and teach guitar and bass. I want to come to Moscow again and visit some good friends. I did an acoustic set on live radio Moscow back in 97 and 99′ and did an interview. It would be great to come to Siberia as well and meet Tanushka’s mother and 17 year old son. She just spent the Summer there and doesnt want to go back for a while. She loves it here in San Diego. What city are you in GL?

  40. Michael Says:

    lets see if this link works for Michael’s photo’s

  41. wolverine Says:


  42. Michael has wings Says:

    Yes, wolverine, I honestly do know how lucky I am this time around. She has a heart of gold, so gentle and easily satisfied with simple things, like when I make her coffee or chai and add just the right amount of sugar and creame…. who ever thought something so easy would make her so happy. And the kiss she gaveme after I sang her first love song to her, talk about a walk in the clouds! I didn’t land on my feet for days. I just wrote her 3rd song and sent it to her email. “I belong to you” Maybe I’ll get another one of her “russian” kisses. 🙂

  43. rw_man Says:

    Michael obviously you are a lucky man.

    Your lady looks like she wields a very big club of love that she can obviously knock you out with so that you only see stars.

    And it looks like that is happening now to you 😉

    Again congratulations, GL

  44. michael has wings Says:

    GL,, we all have good days and bad days. I guess today is a bad one. I am so addicted to this woman that I go through withdrawals when were apart. Amazing the effect she has on me. No, she hasn’t got me wrapped around her finger, All she has to do is look at me with that “look” – her beautiful green eyes speak volumes without words. She calls me her cuddle bear and that does it to me. I knew I was in trouble the minute we met.

    She works in a elderly care facility and has to stay on 24 hour shifts, so she sleeps there, wakes at 5 Am to care for these old folks. Then by 7PM she is exhausted and goes to sleep. From Friday night through Monday I don’t see her and it gets to me. Besides that she is in school 3 days a week so, you get the picture. We don’t see enough of each other. I’ll get a call from her when she is at school or she emails me, how all she does is sit and think about me and “can’t concentrate on her work and this boring book” I love it,, but just like anyone, when we are alone, we miss our lover.

    I can’t wait till she gets her new job and we have a normal life together.

  45. Ceiver Says:

    michael has wings,

    your relationship with your lady sounds like one I read on Rexpats blog. You guys are very blessed.

  46. socon Says:

    Ceiver… I was thinking the same thing when I read Michael’s post.


  47. carl Says:

    well, i did it. in june i traveled to russia (the urals) and married. i am 56, she is 49. we ‘chatted and spoke over a pc cam forover 2 years before i went. now i am going through the legal hoops of getting her here. russians are wonderful people on the whole. very real people. not boastful at all. if a russian says she can sing ‘fairly well’, it means she sings very well. etc. try to stay away from moscow. i feel very lucky. as said several times above, american women are delusional.

  48. rw_man Says:

    Congratulations to you and your new bride Carl!

    Very happy you decided to take the jump. I believe you chose very well with a woman who wasn’t to far apart age wise from you. Please tell us more about your adventure to the Urals and what your new romance was like. 🙂

    Again Congratulations and thanks for letting everyone here know.

    Cheers.. GL

  49. carl Says:

    thanks rw_man.
    the town (city) was ufa, on the steppes of the urals. very green with alot of forests. many many birch trees. unlike some of the barren steppes. i am from ohio and love nature and so does my bride. her sister and freinds were wonderful. the food was fantastic. most are poor but very proud. my bride is a twenty year veteran english teacher. she earns approx. $150.00 a month. a medical doctor earns $180.00 a month. every one has two jobs to make ends meet. i was accepted well by 99% of the people there. i was only there for 12 days. it was all i could afford. i was there in june. the marriage was planned months in advance and the total cost (party and all) was about $800.00. a date is given by the state for marriage. you either marry or you don’t. we had 3 days to make up our minds. it only took 3 hours. i could go on and on. lets just say, i want to draw social security as soon as i am able and retire there. also there are wonderful small villages very close by where the people are even warmer yet. it is sort of what america was like 50 years ago. very little crime. half the police do not carry guns. i shopped 7 or 8 immigration lawyers before finding a great woman attorney. be ready to wait at least 8 months. i spoke to 2 congressmen. all of the attornys will tell you that the chances of your bride coming here on a fiance’ visa or getting married there and applying for this type of visa are the same. we did not believe this. the congressmen said we were correct. if you want to have the most positive chance of having a russian bride, marry her there, then go through the legal hoops. i think so anyway. one last thing, for many reasons you will enjoy more freedom in russia than here. russian people have always liked american people, remember we were allies in ww2. they wear yankee baseball caps and so on. however, when the wall came down in 89 or 90, instead of helping them, a bunch of carpet-baggers went over and swindled them. keep this in mind. russians are far from foolish people. they still like us, but not as much as before. please be a polite respectful beautiful american. all will be fine.


  50. Shane Says:

    The woman in photo #3 on page 7 seems like she is very outgoing by the look she has on her face. Very bright smile!

  51. martin Says:

    hi i just found this site had several russian ladies e,mail me thro dating sites in the past some scammers but some great ladies to i love them all the ones on here seem really great very attractive

  52. Darren Says:

    I am really enjoying the opportunity to read the things that you have to say. My biological father is married to a Russian lady and she believes I could find a wonderful Russian lady too. However like a gentleman stated earlier, we american men are beat down from the broken promises, verbal and non-verbal lies to your face and behind your back american women. Reading the great things that you have to say about Russian women really perks up my attention, however knowing where to turn or where to go or what to do is a total different question. I have plans of visiting Russia soon and really don’t know where to go to meet some women and hopefully create some new friendships in my search for a wonderfully devoted wife in the next few years. Any suggestions?

  53. kate Says:

    i don’t know where you guys are meeting women in the US but I can assure you there are plenty of women looking for a man to treat them right and will return it.

    Maybe it’s because I come from a different culture but I find the American men I date to be somewhat cold, passionless, and focused on their careers and ‘finding’ themselves. Basically assholes and jerks who don’t return the love and passion I give.Way too restricted in showing affection in any way, don’t appreciate you, overly critical and self absorbed. I would like a loving family, home and an relationship built on equality, passion and love but I can’t picture an American man being capable of that. They want to be close but not too close and certainly don’t want the level of intimacy, passion and love couples in my culture have.

    in highschool a friend once told me to never date an American man because they don’t know how to treat women and I’m starting to believe she’s right. My grandmother is 20 years older than my grandpa and they’ve been married for like 50 years, my father is 12 years older than my mother and they’ve bee together for almost 30 years. I’ve yet to meet an American man willing to commit that long -especially since there’s so much emphasis on differences in age, what does it matter if you’re in love, with a good person and you find them attractive-and yes they still love each other and are best friends with benefits. And yes i’m straight- i looove how russian women dress and am looking for inspiration. the sartorialist focuses too much on french women.

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      Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days you’ve undoubtedly heard about the FBI arresting 10 so called Russian “spies” in the US. The highest profile member of this band is Anna Chapman, a 28 year old “Femme Fatale” originally from Moscow but currently residing in New York up until the time of […]
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    • Comment on Is Pregnancy a Tragedy for Modern American Women? by Richard July 16, 2010
      It would be very hard for me to look at the number of children available for adoption in Russia and buy fully into your statement that "A practice of giving a child away for adoption absolutely doesn’t exist in Russia" and "Russian women will be ashamed to do this". For people in NA to adopt internationally, Russia is one of the top […]
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