18 Responses to “Photos 8”

  1. Hero Says:

    rw_dude, you are right, I can’t read faces at all. I’m constantly getting fooled by people who look kind but are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. rw_man Says:

    I understand because I didn’t get an appreciation for that until I got here myself. Good area to study because it all says many things..

  3. WK Says:

    I majored in Communications, so this is extremely fascinating to me… It is remarkable what can be ascertained from what is not said. That holds true for face to face communication and written communication – we communicate things everyday without any intention of doing so.

    It’s really cool stuff. Google Communication Theory – you’ll gain some very valuable insight!

  4. CHAZ Says:

    I am in the early stages of researching the possibility of finding a Russian wife. What is the general perception of Russian women with respect to iron clad prenuptual agreements?

    Once bitten twice shy!!

  5. DLS Says:

    Oh to be twenty years younger!

  6. rw_man Says:

    Hi DLS..
    Here’s something to chew on..
    These ladies will make you feel twenty years young.. trust me on this one.. Cause I’m not boasting. Their energy really does rub off on you in the best possible way you can imagine..
    Take care.. GL

  7. Taras Says:

    I dunno CHAZ. Since the vast majority of Russian women are far more family oriented than the average American women, a prenup probably isn’t needed if you want a family too. And there is no such thing as an ironclad prenup here anyway as far as men are concerned. It seems to me Russian women would find the idea at best strange, at worst a serious insult. That is not to say there aren’t gold diggers and the like out there, those can be found in any country. I doubt you’ll even be thinking of one if you stayed with her in Russia. Here in the States, that is another story.


  8. Dennis Moser Says:


    Hey, brother from a differant mother,:) DO NOT… allow a couple of decades to stop you.

    I have found women from countries ,other than north america, … sincerly … appreciate our maturity, education,and nonassuming self confidence. Those personal traits along with the fact that we, as a group of men, treat them with respect and partners are usually in sharp contrast from what they have experianced in thier own country.

    Belive me when I say we are a rare and sought after commodity.

    DSL, it is a brave new world!! 😉

  9. rw_man Says:

    Great Point Dennis..

    To often our own qualities as Men are buried in all of the noise.. But in reality what you say is very true on a general level. When women are treated like commodities in their own country they are very appreciative when they receive genuine respect and attention from a Gentleman.. The fact that you are a true Gentleman in their eyes opens up a whole new world for them as well. And it’s door they will want to open wider.

  10. Edison's Medicine Says:

    Having cruised through this site and now that I’ve had chance to get to Know RW_man a little bit better (since we have exchanged mail and are both from California)

    I’m really starting to get the feel for this!

    I wish I didn’t have so much going on right now, or I would be booking a “SIGHT” seeing tour after taking this “SITE” seeing tour!

    I’m going to use this situation as positive reinforcement, for the positive action of reaching my goals and promises to my partner
    in business. After all, a kind and loving “Russian” woman would respect that.

    After this mission that I am about to embark …I firmly feel that I will deserve to meet one of these beautiful “Creations of God.”

    About a year or two ago, I was trying to get out of a relationship with a much younger woman because of all the complications and she couldn’t believe what I was saying to her…

    It was a shallow relationship and I knew it from the start…

    I know now, and especially after talking to the RW_Man… that I was wrong for being involved.

    Yes there was some gratification of a sexual nature, but I ask YOU…

    Is that all there IS?

    My answer is’s nice, but NO!

    So So Shallow and I plead guilty and now I have suffered for my crime and have received my punishment.

    My punishment being that I don’t have number THREE as my companion right now tonight which is Saturday here in the states!

    After all I have achieved and all I have conquered I only have my regrets to deal with!

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a woman with home values, that didn’t want to party all the time, and look hotter than her friends and spend all of YOUR money on cloths and booze and clubs?

    Could I go get sex right now by making a couple of calls to pretty girls I know?

    Yes I could! But now that the RW_man has made me a believer… I wouldn’t do it if I had a gun to my head!

    Look at the natural beauty of number THREE on this Page…and the sincere smile..

    The girl I mentioned, in which “she couldn’t believe what I was saying to her…

    She said things like, “but I so pretty”

    “Everybody wants ME!” I get gifts!

    Men ask me out everytime I am out with my girlfriends!

    She screamed whats WRONG WITH YOU!

    I said… “maybe it is me”

    She screamed again…”JUST TELL ME!”

    I said, I can say it in four words and then I have to go!

    She was looking around and tears of frustration were welling up in her eyes and I could tell this was a new situation for her.

    Luckily for me I was in a fast car with the motor running and she was leaning into the drivers side window with her low cut blouse trying to get some extra persuasion.

    I put the car in reverse, but had the clutch in and I could see her face go from disappointment to anger as I said,

    You ain’t down home!

    I backed out and screached off !

    I could see her giving the worldwide gesture that we all know in the mirror.

    I can tell by her smile…


    That is a genuine smile, like a blue sapphire that is perfect and sparkles!

    The real thing! That what she is!
    So I am going to go off to war again in a figurative manner…

    When I come back with a victory at hand…

    The first person I call will be the RW_man

  11. rw_man Says:

    Welcome Brother E!

    Welcome to the “Church of Divine Women”..

    Come forward brother and offer your personal testimony at the alter of love..

    Purge yourself of sin and misery by confessing to your fellow Brothers about your embrace with the Daughters of Satan!

    Come and nourish your Soul on the luminous smile of a heavenly angel by your side.

    Raise your hands towards the sky and reach for the light of redemption Brother! Pray for your worthiness to be touched by a sweet angel from above such as this.

    And if she takes your hand and blesses your soul in the bosom of her heart.. then go forth and multiply Brother E!

    And when you walk this path of rightousness Brother E.. help your fellow Brothers to SEE THE LIGHT and to find their way HOME!

    Halleluya and Amen!

  12. C Says:

    I agree with what hero said in comment 1.

    It is not about telepathy, or reading ones mind through facial expressions upon first appearances.

    Get to know them, obviously choose wisely.
    However here in America, Men hardly get any facial expressions out of women who are walking around other than disgust or a look of concealed fear or hatred. And if an AW does smile at you it is because she knows you are a “sucker” for a “face” a look, then she takes advantage of those guys that are bamboozled enough to make this mistake.

    I hate the mood swings and the inconsistent attitudes of AWs it is disgusting, digraceful and overall apalling to me.

  13. Lokie G Says:

    This may never be read since I just found this site and I am responding to a string that is a bit dated…but since I found the site quite interesting, I thought I would put my 2 cents in the hat. I must first head off debate by stating that I am NOT a lawyer, not in the legal field, nor a “burned” causualty of divorce.
    Referencing CHAZ’s inquiry about prenuptual agreements (Sept 29 2006) and rebutting response from TARAS (October 1st 2006).
    Any person (male or female) that has a large difference in income in relation with prospective spouse should ALWAYS protect themselves with a Prenup.
    Discounting 3rd world relationships and countries where freedom is restricted: divorce is a very real possibility (more than 50%).
    And despite any cultural or genetic superority of Russian gals…the quote (MADE BEFORE THE DECLINE OF WOMEN IN WESTERN CULTURE DISCUSSED ON THIS PAGE EXTENSIVELY) holds true…”Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Even if the scorn is NOT deserved must be added.
    Anybody and I mean anybody that tells you than any regional group or certain racial group doesn’t need this protection is darn dense.
    I’ve seen too many friends and acquaintances financially ruined by American AND Internationals to stay quiet.
    The most natural (pre- Political Correctness) attitude is Prenups are like health/life/car insurance. You take out a policy and hope it never sees the light of day. You make them, and forget about them. BUT if the worst happens…you are prepared.
    Any other thinking is not just negligent…but stupid.
    That’s off my chest, and I will say I like the site…but you can’t control who visits and spouts nonsense.
    Take Care & Have Fun,
    Lokie G

  14. Kirstin Dion Says:

    K, I don’t really knwo what all of this is about but the Siberian girl is amazingly gorgeous. E-mail me if you know her. I’m not a lesbian but she has interesting features.

  15. rw_man Says:

    Hmm, strange request… your not a lesbian but she has interesting features and you want to “know” more about her?

  16. E-277 L-112 Says:

    I find something so stunning and breathtaking, yet quiet and reserved about the girl at the top of the page. Just curious if you had any other details about her to finish the picture I have painted in my head.

    By the way, is there much of a shot for guys in the “finishing up undergrad” stage of their lives? Do Russian girls date younger men, or is it tradition to date older? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I presume since most of the men my age are finishing military service, the girls aren’t used to having that age group around.

  17. rw_man Says:

    Hi E277,

    I agree with you on the photo. I honestly don’t know who she is but I believe her image is one of the unsung hero’s of our collection here.

    She was just a beautiful girl riding the “MaShreKa’s” or Mini-buses here on a very cold winter day and I luckily had a small pocket camera with me and snapped what I consider to be one of the most honest portrayals of true siberian womanhood I had seen up to that moment.

    I’m very glad you took notice of this photo in the way you have.

    Cheers.. GL

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