15 Responses to “Photos 9”

  1. Ctari Soldat Says:

    Must.Go.Back.To.Russia : P

  2. Mikaleon Says:

    Oh dear, a Russian women studying french…

    *Melts into puddle*

    (Mind you, I am French-Canadian, maybe I should go and help this woman)

  3. Mikaleon Says:

    Oh and I forgot,


  4. rw_man Says:

    Hi Mikaleon,

    Thanks for joining us…

    Yup.. No doubt.. If you actually met her you would certainly melt into a big sloppy puddle..

    Keep in mind that she also studies English and German too!

    She’s truly one heck of a little Siberian Princess..

    And an even better friend too..

  5. Mikaleon Says:

    Whoa, A reply already?

    Well, Thank you for your comments.

    I’ve been lucky to have lived abroad North-America and met delightful Italian women.

    (Edit: I’m not trying to fish for sympathy, I’m just trying to give an insight of my situation with women in north america)

    Mind you I just turned twenty, moved out of the house and I just started to see the REAL NORTH AMERICAN Corporate world. Learned the so called “Plight” of the women in the workforce.

    Raised by a divorce mother and a father with a Clearly radical Feminist (new) wife. (This woman clearly has a anger management issue, spares no time insulting my father, my brother, me and all other men in the world whenever she can and she DARES to demand that I call her a Lady.)

    I lived my own way through high school, voiced my own opinions and dressed the way I wanted basically your run of the Mill Geek and also had plenty of women ”friends” (Who some thought I could be gay and actually presented me to gay men).

    NOW what I wanted to say was, Thank you for you MEN of Reason for the WARNINGS and with SOLUTIONS when it concerns matters of women.

    All the decent kind-hearted women out there are already taken.

    Anywho what I meant RW, is that you bring hope to our generation of men. Maybe I will be single for a few years, but If I can manage to meet one of the wonderful ladies… It would be worth it.

    Studious women stimulate by brain… Something very important if one wishes to live with me, and I will also be glad to return the favour 🙂

    Mikaleon “A very angry Man”

  6. rw_man Says:

    Hello Mikaleon,

    I appreciate your words very much. Please spread the word and this will only serve to help you to achieve your goal of finding one of these ladies for yourself as well.

    And by the way.. Introduce your step mom to some of the articles in this site for fun! 😉

  7. Mikaleon Says:

    Quote “And by the way.. Introduce your step mom to some of the articles in this site for fun!”

    I am going to drop by my father’s place for christmas and God knows my father likes to look at beautiful women. I’ll leave this as a favourite website on my father’s computer. Maybe he will take a hint. (Knowing how controlling my step-monther is… she will see it as well) lol as a joke.

  8. Canuck Says:

    Re: the girls of Siberia. GL… Stop it. You do know that men who see this can lose their minds, yes?

    Re; #1… Stop it. You’re horrible! And those are blue eyes, not grey? Stop it!!!

  9. rw_man Says:

    Poor guys losing their minds from these pictures???

    I’m sorry I’ll try not to post any more photos in order to protect your collective sanity..

    Wouldn’t want to get you guys into a car accident or anything.. 😉


  10. Canuck Says:

    GL… I drive unprotected Babe! But I do admit to momentary lapses into sanity.

    And don’t expect that we will ever forgive you!!! Mister!!!

  11. Calvin Says:

    Wow. They are all so beautiful. I really have to get out there and try. Hopefully sometime soon.

  12. WK Says:

    I believe French was once a language of the Russian aristocracy… the czars and wealthy spoke French… it was a symbol of affluence and higher education… My Russian fiancee’s mom speaks French rather well… there are many Russian words that are actually derived from French words…

  13. Marc P Says:

    I live in Canada and I speak English, German, Spanish, French fluently…and learning Russian (and doing very well with it 🙂

    I melted when I saw the girl with the French Vocabulary booklet.

    Who is she? Kto oHa? 🙂

  14. rw_man Says:

    Hi Marc,

    Here name is Masha and I can understand why you melted when you saw this photo of her. You can see another great photo of her at the bottom of this page here.

    Masha is not quite up to 5 languages yet.. But she does quite well with English, French and Russian.

    She hails from the rugged northern oil town of Surgut.

    She and her mother have struggled through quite a lot early on but in-spite of these challenges Masha is just one of the sweetest most glazed-sugary-candy-apple-caramel type Russian Girls you will ever meet in your life.

    To say that she lights up and raises the energy in any room would be a huge understatement.

    It’s been a real privilege to experience her Aurora Borealis like personality and glow.


  15. PaulM Says:

    Oh Yeah….one word of advice for the guys that show up at the airport headed for Russia “Cause I’m a gonna get me some of them thar Russian girls.” Don’t wear your cowboy hats, rodeo belt buckles and cowboy boots. Don’t get drunk at the hotel bar and yell “yee hawww” at the top of your lungs. (Russian women can find lots of loud drunks right at home.) DO be soft spoken, gentlemanly, SOBER….you know…a Gentleman. Russia is NOT a brothel. Treating the women there as if they are all dying to be with you…well, can get you in a LOT of trouble. If you are looking for prostitutes, save yourself some money ( Moscow is EXPENSIVE !). There are plenty of prostitutes in the US.

    I’ve been coming and going in Russia for a long time. PLEASE save yourself some grief and do not build on the “loud mouth american” stigma. There are a lot of BIG, DRUNKEN RUSSIAN GUYS, that don’t like BIG DRUNKEN AMERICAN GUYS. I’ve never had the experience, but there are certain members of my crew that found the Russian Clinics and Jails to be less than “hospitable” (I was told it made the New York Jail look like the Marriott) , and the Embassy will NOT provide you with legal council and/or bail. Just BE NICE !

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