A very thoughtful reader has introduced me to a great video clip from a romantic European film called Les Poupées russes (The Russian Dolls) .

Now if you’ve never been to Russia or the FSU..

And you’ve never had the chance to actually MEET a traditional Russian beauty face to face..

Then watching this clip may be the closest experience you’ll have to understanding what it’s like.

Because I can certainly remember when it happened to me.

And just like the “poor guy” in this video who has a classic deer in the headlight moment before he gets SMACKED by “Natasha”..

I ain’t never been the same since.

And neither would you.


Our lovely Siberian beauty Lena has a new video and its in high definition no less.

Nothing fancy here.

Just a simple walk in the park that I hope all of you will enjoy and appreciate.


24 year old Anna Sharevich is another eye opening example of intellectual talent from the FSU.

Normally I always enjoy showcasing ladies like her in order to dis spell the various stereotypes that exists about Russian women.

But I must admit the image of a chess playing Russian beauty saying “checkmate” is one stereotype I don’t mind promoting at all. 😉

White Queen In the Spotlight
by Sergei Kanashits

Haven’t you heard of Anna Sharevich?

Sad… Sharevich is quite well-known in Brest.

The 20-year-old grandmaster is sitting in front of me smiling and patting a gigantic cat that feels very comfortable on her laps.

The cat of the best Belarusian female chess player, two times champion of the country, also likes chess. By the way, his name is “Chess”, which means quite a lot. He does not play to any pattern, he just sleeps on the chessboard moving bishops, pawns and showing no respect to queens. No gambits, no Sicilian defense. But his owner does know much about what can be done on the board.


Judging from the photos below it looks like Ms. Antonenko had some incredible and worthy competition to contend with in-order to reach the top.

But with stunning movie star looks combined with a smoldering sultry appeal I can easily understand why she took the top prize.

I’ve known a few great ladies from Yekaterinburg so the fact that she comes from this region makes her that much more endearing to me.  If you’re ever thinking of visiting Russia then this would be a great place to start.    (I’ve even included a few photos from the Miss Yekaterinburg beauty pageant as well.)

Take a glance below and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. 😉


Since I’m always advocating that you gentlemen do your best to actually be in Russia to experience the culture and extraordinary beauty..

I thought it might be wise to pass on a possible way to do it.

Volunteer for a worthy cause.

As it turns out there is an outfit called Cross Cultural Solutions which specializes in matching up volunteers with various programs not just in Russia but internationally as well.

Although this is a noble thing to do I realize that this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But if you are up for an adventure of a lifetime and feel like you can make a difference.

Then this may be the ticket which gets you in and initially settled.

Well if you are a certain Russian author named Mrs. Elena Davydova then the answer is a pretty solid yes.

It seems that Mrs. Davydova has a great deal of general respect for our limey compatriots in jolly ol’ England.

But truth be told..

I think this article could have easily held true for any number of Western Men who naturally have a great deal of appreciation for a traditional Russian Lady.

The article itself was an interesting read.

But if I didn’t know any better..

I would say that the Brits have an even more interesting fixation on Russian Women.

But then again who wouldn’t?

Why older British men make ideal husbands for Russian beauties
by former female Playboy executive
“Elena Davydova argues that British men make much better husbands than Russians, who can be still living with their mothers up to the age of 55”
British men of a certain age make ideal husbands for younger, glamorous Russian women – even if they do have some strange habits, according to a new best-selling book in Moscow.

First Mel Gibson.. (Yeah yeah I know he’s not married to his Russian girlfriend.. yet)

And now Mickey Rourke..

Always nice to know that some Hollywood types are understanding something many of us already know.

Well Congratulations Mr. Rourke.

I’m sure you will find great happiness with your new beautiful bride.

Rourke to Russia, with love – New York Post, Dec 8th 2009

Reformed Hollywood hell-raiser Mickey Rourke is making plans to wed Russian beauty Elena Kuletskaya in Russia this spring, sources tell Page Six.
Rourke, 57, has been dating stunning blond model Kuletskaya, 24, for several months and popped the question to her over dinner last week. The star has told friends he’s planning a Moscow wedding in April.
“They haven’t booked a venue or made any solid plans. He just knows he wants to do it in April, and he’s been asking what is involved in a traditional Russian wedding ceremony,” a friend of Rourke said.
Kuletskaya reportedly dumped Russian pop star Dima Bilan for Rourke, whom she’s been tutoring in her native tongue for his role as Russian villain “Whiplash” in the upcoming “Iron Man 2.” She and Rourke have recently canoodled their way through New York and Europe. She was dripping in diamonds as she accompanied Rourke to pick up his GQ Man of the Year award at London’s Royal Opera House in September.
In Manhattan last week, the lovebirds went puppy shopping to replace Rourke’s beloved dog, Loki, who died right before the Oscars.
Rourke has already hit it off with his mother-in-law-to-be: our spies spotted him giving Elena’s mom the star treatment a while ago at The Bank at Wonderland in LA.
It will be the third trip to the altar for Rourke, who cleaned up his bad-boy image and revived his career with the 2008 hit “The Wrestler.” He and actress Debra Feuer ended their eight-year marriage in 1989. Rourke later said that his role in the steamy “9½ Weeks” “was not particularly considerate to my wife’s needs.”
In 1992, he wed “Wild Orchid” co-star Carre Otis. He was arrested for beating her up in 1994, but they stayed together till 1998.
Rourke’s rep didn’t return our calls.
(read the original article here)
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