Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone back in a time machine about 50 years.

One day you’re in your home town, and gore-tex, raggedy jeans, army pants, and thong revealing low riders are the norm.

A few days later and ones over here observing the billowing skirts and slinky dresses abounding in copious quantities.

From a mans perspective, where would you rather be?

It’s like in the west the attitude is to choke off as much femininity as possible, excepting exceptional events like weddings or formal occasions.

In the attempt to be individualistic, the women in the west seem to have ironically developed a style that for all the world mimics the stagnant shapeless clothing of something from an older Communist China!

Or they go overboard with revealing clothing to attract attention .. except it had better be the right guy giving her the attention buddy or else.

Even then.  There’s no joy in watching many a western gal ploding forward with a manly gait.

Oh and by the way.. don’t get caught looking either.  Then it’s scowl and an open frown against you.

What a relief then to gaze as the ladies over here floating by in their totally entrancing walking style here.

There’s the retro-classic 50’s style skirts which are worn proudly and for everyones enjoyment including hers.

Honestly.. one wants to just stop and applaud. 

The make-up is rarely overdone, the hair just so, and this elegant creature just drifts by like a dreamy scene from an old Fellini movie.

But my personal favorite is the the modern cut dresses.


These are more tightly fitted, and very well fitted at that.

They can be cut above the shoulder, or another personal favorite is when I see it just below the shoulder.

The lower skirt stays quite tight to the body and ends about half way between the knee and top thigh.

I gotta tell you.. dresses like these powerfully light a mans imagination.

The form is suggested with the closeness of the fit, and the cut shows just enough to totally entice.  That’s what gets a mans attention.

Low riders? Yawn.

Been there… done that..

But not any more…