Say hello to the lovely Miss Katya.

Katya is a striking and “bewitching”  young lady from Central Kazakshtan. 

She enjoys studying English and has a great desire to utilize her knowledge to prepare for some future travels to Europe and the US that she often dreams about. 

I met her last week at a friendly Texas Hold’em game that I was invited to.   She was there as a friend of a friend’s girlfriend.. or something like that..

She never played the game before so I was more then happy to teach her the rules and some basic strategy.   Well something interesting happened on the way to counting the poker chips.

First off in the very first hand she ever played she got a King High Royal Flush.  

And keep in mind this is a hand that I have NEVER seen before in all the years I’ve played poker.  

From that point on this 19 year old emerald eyed enchantress proceeded to eventually clean out the 8 other players at the table including myself..   

Beginners luck indeed.  

Or did I just meet Lady Luck instead?

Well in anycase I wised up pretty quickly and realized that I certainly didn’t need to “help” a spellbinding young woman who already held all the cards..

(In more ways then one I might add.)

In anycase she was gracious enough to give me a conciliatory price and allow me to snap some stunning photos of her.

So I guess in that regard..

You and I are the ones who really ended up with the winning hand.