One of our readers was kind enough to submit his own personal statistics on what he went through in an attempt to find a Russian Lady he could communicate with.

He went through one of the sites that operated by selling address and contact information at $20 a piece.

His findings and comments are as follows:


I was just on my marriage agency site, and I just thought I would share some number with you quickly. Out of 47 credits (address requests) here is the final tally:

Women who are out of town temporarily 5
Women who don’t answer emails (invalid email address?) 10
Women who have found someone (after I was charged) 4
Women who refused contact (I was charged anyway) 15
Women who have not visited the site in over 30 days 7

Total 41

This leaves exactly 6 women, of which I am sure I’m not compatible with at least a couple, and the rest are spread out from Kiev to Krasnoyarsk…not the best scenario to meet a few different ladies, from which to choose a spouse, now is it?

Given this experience..

Indeed it’s not..