I just read a great post from Mr. Rule 62 and he said the following,

“We are so beat up and bashed by feminist nonsense. I feel like an alien every time I go back to the States now. “

Well Mr. Rule 62.. I know EXACTLY how you feel about feeling like an Alien in your own country! Nothing like Feminist Political Correctness to ruin a Man’s day with.. or life..

Feminism is a POTENT Adversary in many ways. And in some key areas I would even consider them a “Worthy Adversary”.

Why in the world would I call them “Worthy” you might ask?

Because of this..

They Ingeniously CONTROL Our LANGUAGE and Our Thinking.

You see if the Feminist control the language that we speak in our society then they EASILY control the Society itself!

Let me explain this with a little history..

During the dark ages of the Soviet Union ANY RELIGION or SPIRITUALITY WAS COMPLETELY BANNED by the Communist State. Churches, Synagogues, Temples or any place of worship were either outright destroyed or condemned. Marxist-Leninism was the only belief allowed. In many ways it was it’s OWN RELIGION. A Religion of complete obedience and subservience to the power of an all powerful state. God did not exist.. because Marx, Lenin and Stalin were all cunning enough to realize that any belief in God would be competition for the belief that they themselves were Gods. We define this today as a “Cult of Personality”.

Any normal person would recognize this as a hellish nightmare come true. Since the Soviet State was so threatened by the idea of “God” they were ruthless and absolute in their desire to ban the very concept of God or the Human Soul. They EASILY did this on a public level by DEFINING and CONTROLLING the language that people were allowed to interact in.

Any Person who DARED to believe in God or Spirit was labeled either SUPERSTITIOUS, STUPID, or INSANE.

Years of Propaganda films were effectively used to manipulate public opinion to create a sense of deep shame for anyone who even spoke about God. Very public examples were made of religious believers being hauled off to receive “Psychiatric Treatment” for their “Mental Illness”. MILLIONS more were simply thrown into the Gulags which was an inevitable death sentence or just outright killed..

SO EFFECTIVE was the control of language through the “labeling” of people that 2 different social classes emerged. “Educated” and “Proper” people believed only in the State… While un-educated people believed in stupid superstitions such as God. This is the exact phrasing they used by the way. Even today 15 years after the collapse of Communism there is hardly any open discussion of spirituality or relgion in this society among the people. You have no idea how many YOUNG people I’ve met who have a carry over attitude from these days. YOUNG people who still believe it’s stupid to talk about such things. Or young adults who have literally said, “NO Way I don’t believe in such things!” to each other and to me personally.

And people wonder why this country is self-destructing demographically..

If I’m bringing up a very dark subject it’s for a very good reason.. As I’ve said in an earlier post.. Feminism is a very prominent branch from this root of terrible evil. It’s ideologies are variations of a Communist Utopian theme and it’s methods have frightening similarities to what was once done here.

Feminism has greatly succeeded in also creating a deep sense of SHAME for any man who DARES to reject them and exit their circle.

“You are a Loser!”

“You can’t find a girlfriend or a wife in your own country!”

“You obviously are an Awful man since you are rejected by any women you meet!”

“What is wrong with you?

“You are not a REAL man”

“Foreign women are desperate green card hounds!”

We Men most likely find ourselves shutting up instead of having to constantly fight and defend ourselves from this barrage of criticisms and “group think”.

We Men find ourselves needing to justify or apologize for our every move especially when it comes to Women.

Sound familiar? It’s all around us and usually your subconscious just says.. “to hell with it.. it’s not worth getting into a fight over.”

And in many ways you are right.. because most of the time it isn’t worth it to spend the energy.. especially when you believe that you are mostly all alone in thinking this way as a MAN.

But at that moment a part of your soul and a part of a free society has been lost.. And I believe on some level.. most of us men understand this and silently despair..

Gentlemen.. We have all been through this in one form or another.

We can choose to play defence to this for the rest of our lives and ultimately lose..


We can go on the offense.. kick some serious ass.. and win BIG for ourselves, our families, and ultimately for society itself.

I know in my heart and soul that finding yourself a traditional loving & supportive wife is the most potent tool you have to combat this.

It’s that easy.. because this IS the solution.

Or to put it in another way..

Your happiness and joy as a Man is a stealthy all weather GPS guided high yield NUKE against the Fortress of Feminism..

And I know Damn well that the Feminist know this too.

So therefore, they will do ANYTHING they can to prevent you from gaining this either by squeezing the relationship market shut with political or legislative action or by pulling the “mail order bride” card out on you.

If we Men cannot stand-up to their attacks then we should just hang it up and wait for our number to be called to be admitted into their Gulags. Humiliating and demoralizing prisons which are cleverly disguised as things like non-objectionable restraining orders, child protective service investigations, financial disclosure interrogatories, mandatory sexual harassment & anger management workshops, and the list goes on and on. Within their fortress, these are all the weapons at their disposal and you cannot win fighting it within their walls because it is all designed to sap your strength and bleed you to death no matter if you cooperate or resist.

No gentlemen to me it is very clear. The only way you can win is to first find sanctuary in the loving arms of a woman who nourishes your soul and allows you to regain your strength and self-awareness. And with that ever increasing strength and clarity you will ultimately have no fear to take on the world. Deep down inside you know that this is what you were meant to be as a man. And if you think about the hero’s that you looked up to as a kid (or even now) I’m sure you will recall a man like this.

For me that hero was and forever will be Ronald Reagan.

I have studied this great man’s life and the great things he did for our world and I’m always awe-struck as to how he did it. How did he boldly know the future and how to get there when it seems that everyone said he was just a stupid old washed-up 2nd rate actor who worked with Bonzo the chimp. When they were screaming in the streets of Europe, New York and Washington DC.. screaming bloody murder that this man was about to lead us straight into the Apocalypse of World War III. Where did he get the courage and the fortitude that he seemed to so effortlessly wield against the endless onslaught of those who would do him harm including a nearly successful assassin? How did he deal with the un-imaginable pressure of literally changing the world at such a key moment in history?

The more I studied him the more I realized it was because he had one HELLUVA wife behind him. Nancy Reagan was his rock, his loving muse and his soul-mate. He simply had no fear because Nancy was always behind him.. Always loving him, always protecting him, and always there for him.

Ronald Reagan was once quoted as saying,

“You know in my position I am often in the company of many people.. perhaps millions that I need to reach out to.. But the only time I really get lonely is if Nancy leaves the room..”

When I gained this insight I realized that of all things life has to offer.. This is what I wanted the most..

And I believe you do too.

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